Ivan Homeless: the prototype of the character from the novel "Master and Margarita"


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“Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov-the most mysterious work in the Russian literature of the XX century. Each of the characters worthy of attention. Reread the novel can be infinite, finding in it each time something new. Of particular interest is Ivan Homeless. Critics put forward different versions about who was the prototype of the hero.

Ivan homeless

Mediocre poet

Who is Ivan Homeless? In the first Chapter the character appears in the eyes of the reader not in the best shape. As a member of Massolit, he in the ill-fated day occurs at Patriarch's ponds with the Chairman of the coveted organizations – Berlioz. In conversation with this man Ivan discovers his boundless ignorance. And with the advent of Woland is acting very stupid, which leads him ultimately to Stravinsky's clinic with a diagnosis of ‘schizophrenia’.


Over the course of the novel Ivan Bezdomny is gradually changing. The main reason for the change in his views – meeting with the main character, which took place in a mental hospital. The master and Ivan Homeless spend long hours in conversations about the cowardice of Pontius Pilate, the execution of the criminal Yeshua Ha-Notsri, a love affair between hero and Margaret. And most importantly – a mysterious neighbor tells Ivan about his misadventures associated with trying to publish a novel.

the master and Ivan homeless

Enemies of the Wizard

Members of Massolit – representatives of the literary elite – a new friend, Ivan is not very fan. And he has reason. Their fault the novel is not published. He burned the work which for so long had created. And they are guilty in the fact that the Master is in the clinic for the mentally ill. He made several attempts to publish a novel was nothing left: no name, no name, no future. Ivan Bezdomny in the novel “Master and Margarita” is a typical representative of the elite of the literary world. And the world that hated not only the hero of the novel, but the author himself.

Alexander Bezymensky

In the early twenties in one of the best Moscow theater held a performance of the play “the days of the Turbins", which had a stunning success. But the author had a lot of detractors. One of them – Alexander Bezymensky, active Komsomol activist and poet. Between him and Vladimir Mayakovsky once the scandal broke, which was later satirically depicted by Bulgakov in the novel “Master and Margarita”. Homeless abused Sasha Ryukhin and called him a mediocrity. According to this version, the prototype is Ryukhin Mayakovsky, Ivan Homeless – Bezymensky.

the master and Margarita Ivan homeless


At Patriarch's ponds Voland predicted to the poet crazy. Between this fragment and the novel Maturana “Melmoth Outlander” you can draw a parallel. One of the characters in the novel English writer meets a man who sold his soul to the devil. He, like Woland, Bode him stay in a psychiatric hospital, while calling the exact time of this event. The hero's name is Stanton and he is one of the alleged prototype of Ivan Bezdomny.


A Lot of philosophical drama by Johann Goethe borrowed Bulgakov in the creation of the novel “Master and Margarita”. Ivan Homeless, by the way, has characteristics that indicate a Student – character in the work of the German poet. The main similarity – confidence. Goethe's Student disregards the opinion of his teacher, Mephistopheles, that grievously tormented. Ivan Bezdomny has the temerity to say Woland is about his non-existence. Besides rude, rude and generally behaves in an inappropriate manner. With the devil so to apply you should not. But because the punishment Ivan goes to the clinic, “to ask the Professor what schizophrenia”.

Ivan Bezdomny in the novel the master and Margarita

Other versions

The Prototype of Ivan Bezdomny, or one of them, I believe Ivan Stray. This poet belonged to the entourage of Sergei Yesenin. He was a well known figure in Moscow literary circles, had a reputation as a Joker and jovial. Popularity brought him no merit in literature, and friendship with the great poet and involvement in fights, which staged the famous "pig and kicker". In favor of this version, perhaps, speak only fight in the restaurant. Something similar gave Homeless after the death of Berlioz to the “Griboyedov”.

The Prototype of the hero of Bulgakov, I think even some members of the literary Moscow of the twenties. The most common version says that the authorthe cult novel created the image of a mediocre poet, impressed by the personality of Demyan Bedny.

The Most implausible – this is what the prototype of a Homeless person is Sergei Yesenin. It is based only on the stay in the hospital Bulgakov's hero. The great Russian poet, as we know, visited these institutions several times. However, this ends the similarity, which can be Yesenin, Ivan Bezdomny. The characteristics of this character indicates primarily on the lack of poetic gift. The man in literature was by accident. He writes on the ordering and makes it mediocre. This Homeless man is recognized and the Master during their nighttime conversations. This image has nothing to do with the great Russian poet, who, in addition to the unique talent, had also extremely painful feelings. By the way, some bulgakove think of Sergei Yesenin prototype by the Master himself.

Ivan homeless characteristics

To Decipher Bulgakov's novel can be infinite, than diligent and engaged researchers for over half a century. But the work of a writer – is primarily a reflection of his life experience. And because the events or people known to him in life can not appear completely or partially in the pages of his immortal work.

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