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Spelling adverbs-in the spelling section. Difficulties in the correct use of the letter this part of the question there are often. Define writing adverbs – the subject of this article.

define writing adverbs

The Prefix “”

One of the most common misspellings – separate writing of adverbs formed from adjectives or pronouns and with the end -him, -th, -d, -Ki. If in such words as in Russian, in other words, students rarely make mistakes, in other cases difficulties even adults.

Define writing adverbs appropriate in the presence of the prefix “at”. Examples:

  1. Do, everything you do should not be criticized?
  2. Good, this essay on the work of Alexander Kuprina need to be completely rewritten.
  3. She hugged him Friendly that he is not liked
  4. In French in this aristocratic house said even the maid.
  5. She was like a cat: walking Cat, her movements were distinguished by softness and incredible flexibility.
  6. He Still came back home at dawn and all sorts of questions wife chose not to answer.
  7. The Girl went to the apartment of the future stepmother and proprietary looked.
  8. She visited the pool three times a week for years, but learned to swim only dog.

It is Important not to confuse such cases with such words as little, long, less, more.

define writing adverbs examples

Possessive pronouns

You Should also name examples, which are, as a rule, in works of art. Define writing adverbs used if the parts of speech formed from possessive pronouns. Examples:


Fundamentals of management

Fundamentals of management

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  1. The Poet loved the creativity of Dovlatov's prose, and therefore the highest praise from his lips were the words “It sounds Seregina”.
  2. It in everything imitated the sister. Even mother argued Her.


Define writing adverbs also occurs when these parts of speech have the prefix “on” and is formed by two bases. But this does not mean that such words should be placed two spelling sign. The word social-Democrat is spelled with a hyphen. The adverb form of this noun and the prefix “on” will have only one spelling sign. Examples:

  1. They held meetings as they had thought, Sozialdemokratische, but because – shouting socialist slogans and loudly arguing about the issues of the labor movement.
  2. Father and grandfather it was a non-commissioned officers. He also had this rank. And therefore always behaved UnteroffizierAnd have played a lot of cards and starts an affair with singers from cabaret.

define writing adverbs table

The Prefix “”

Define writing adverbs, examples of which are given above, involves the use of the same sign. But there are dialects consisting of several particles and two or more hyphens. For example: in the twenty-fifth, hundred-thirty-fourth.

The simplest structure known to all. Define writing adverbs (spelling rule is included in the program in the seventh grade) is always used in the presence of the prefix “in”. Examples:

  1. First, the student missed the examination.
  2. Second, for the semester, he had not attended a single seminar.
  3. Third, he failed the exam again.

The Particle “”

Define writing adverbs (table of rules and examples presented below) is appropriate in such words as once, somehow, somewhere, from somewhere, somehow. Examples:

  1. Somehow it seemed to him that if he leaves today, I'll lose her forever.
  2. Somewhere is the cannon and bursting shells.
  3. Once he came home furious and expressed to her what haunted for many years.
  4. They tried their best to hide from the public everything that happened in the house, but Somewhere, despite all efforts, still leaking.

define writing adverbs rule

The Particle “or”

With a hyphen are written as adverbs from anywhere, ever. Examples:

  1. Vasiliev – the most gifted student of all, Ever she had.
  2. May Anyone and played this role, but the Director needed an actor of this nominal type.

continuous and define writing adverbs table

Other incidents

Together or separately are not written in dialect, with affixes “some”, “something”. Writing such parts of speech can only be definem. Examples:

  1. Ever you will remember these words.
  2. She wrote the essay Somehow.

With a hyphen, write the words formed by repetition. Examples:

  1. He clearly remember that night light in her room was burning in the evening Barely.
  2. In his new book was a bit of flattery, Bare lies, and loads of pathos.
  3. The Boy was spoiled, completely unadapted to life, and in seven years he could not tie his shoes Criss cross.
  4. Mother Tight-natugo tied girl top coat thick woolen scarf and sent into the street.
  5. Gradually he learned to write in German simpleuncomplicated phrase.
  6. Unexpectedly came to visit his beloved aunt deep in the Saratov villages.
  7. Hearing these gross and unjust words, the father advised him to go Away.
  8. Rhyme or reason such serious decisions are not taken.
  9. In math class he has since sat Quiet-smirnAnd even sometimes answered the questions of the teacher.
  10. Somehow they were able to perform this task, the three of us.

The article set out the rules and explanations to the theme of ‘Fusion and define writing adverbs". The table below contains information in a more concise form.

Adverbs with the prefix po-Adverbs are formed from adjectivesDialect, formed from the noun and preposition
Adverbs with the prefix in-Complex adverb
Adverbs that are formed by photorenameAdverbs of place
Adverbs with the affixes, or any

Adverbs that are formed from the root words

On the mountain – a word of technical terminology. Spell the adverb always with a hyphen.

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