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Every high school student sooner or later starts to think about continuing training in one of the universities. Of course, the choice depends on many factors: the success of the student, i.e. the future of the student, his tendency to learn a particular subject, place of residence and so on. But one of the crucial conditions is the name of the Institute or of the University, its credibility and status among other schools.

The Arzamas Pedagogical Institute-is a higher educational institution, which needs no special introduction, as his name is known throughout the country. But to highlight some interesting facts and features of the University will not be superfluous.

History of the building in which the Institute is located

The Arzamas pedagogical Institute named after Gaidar – at first glance, unremarkable three-storey building, built of stone. The house is located on one of the oldest streets of the town, where each building keeps its secrets.

Arzamas pedagogical InstituteBuilt in the early twentieth century, it belonged to the representative of the clergy. However, it is easy to guess that all changed after the revolution of 1917. The clergy was deprived of all the rights and property of rich people were confiscated EN masse. Who was the first owner of this ancient house and that it happened – no one really knows. During the Civil war, the building was the headquarters of the Eastern front the red Army. Then moved a well-known House of Soviets, which in the days of the Soviet Union was in each city. The Institute was founded in 1934.

The Institute's Role in the life of the city and region

The Arzamas Pedagogical Institute in joke to call a General relative. Every family in town is somehow connected with this institution. In addition, the technicalities – it is also one of the most important cultural centers of the city, and the entire southern region Nizhny Novgorod region. This place – a matter of pride. The fact that it is not mediocre peripheral school, and that managed not only to develop in the province, but to surpass other universities in the region, to provide a large number of people with jobs, to promote high education among the masses.

Arzamas state pedagogical Institute today has not only become Alma mater for students, but a separate country with its own atmosphere, infrastructure.

Arzamas pedagogical Institute faculties

Faculties of Armenian state pedagogical University them. Gaidar

Since the Foundation of the Armenian state pedagogical University them. Gaidar, a lot has changed in education, the institution is always quick to respond to these changes. So, today students can enroll in one of the six faculties. Among nih:

  • Estestvenno-Geograficheskii.
  • Istoriko-filologicheskii.
  • Psihologo-pedagogicheskij.
  • The Faculty of preschool and primary education.
  • Economics and law.
  • Physics and mathematics.

In the learning process is implemented by 29 academic programs than is very proud of the Arzamas pedagogical Institute. The faculties of the University today accept students on day and correspondence forms of training.

Arzamas pedagogical Institute named after Gaidar

Branch of the Armenian state pedagogical Institute im. Gaidar

In our days, the ASPI has become one of the largest educational centers of the region, and therefore it is natural that in the course of the reorganization of the education he started to join other educational institutions as branches. Today this is only one institution – the Arzamas pedagogical Institute of Lobachevsky.

This University comprises six faculties and recruiting applicants wishing to obtain specialized secondary, incomplete higher (bachelor) higher education (master, specialist degree).

In fact, major changes after joining this Institute to agpi did not happen. It is worth noting that by combining the efforts still there are more opportunities to improve life, study and leisure of students.

Arzamas pedagogical Institute of Lobachevsky

Helpful information for all applicants

The Arzamas Pedagogical Institute opened every year for hundreds of young people willing to get quality education. Following topics are suggested: “Education and pedagogy" (includes 17 specialties), "Humanities”, “Economy”, “Social Sciences" services”. However, it is necessary to specify accreditation as one third of today its notpassed.

The List of documents to be submitted consists of several units: medical certificate, certificate of graduation and transcripts, and additional supporting materials (direction, diplomas, competitions) and most importantly - a statement about the desire to act.

Special forms of education

For those who have the ability to use an additional training program offered by the Arzamas pedagogical Institute. The correspondence Department is no different from the day and offers the same set of disciplines and departments.

Arzamas state pedagogical InstituteAlso in the Institute there are such forms as the preparatory courses, which are held throughout the year for students in 11th class preparing for entrance. In most cases, these auxiliary classes are to be paid, depending on the specialty price varies.

Once established by the faculty of pre-University training. In Arzamas pedagogical Institute also have the opportunity to obtain additional professional education.

Since this establishment is on the government's balance sheet, then teacher training are allocated public places. However, their number changes every year depending on staffing requirements.

Arzamas state pedagogical Institute

Leisure and accommodation

The Arzamas Pedagogical Institute has about 2500 students. Most – nonresident inhabitants, so from the very beginning raised the question of housing the visitors. Today at the disposal of students 4 buildings of dormitories, which are located in different parts of the city, but close to agpi. It is a building of several floors, with all amenities. Order in the hostels maintained as internal “authorities” (the elders, the commandant), and is controlled by commissioners from the University.

Arzamas pedagogical Institute for correspondence coursesSubordinate To the agpi sanatorium “Youth”, as well as the power plant of the University.

Ratings and reviews

Naturally, each institution will flaunt your achievements and positive aspects, in order to attract talented students. In order to avoid confusion, netizens have created a platform on which to discuss all the interesting moments with students.

Arzamas pedagogical Institute for correspondence coursesInteresting to look at statistics. They demonstrate what place in the Russian education system is the school:

  • In the General rating of Russian universities agpi 486-th of 1531.
  • In Arzamas agpi is in first place among all three universities in the city.
  • If only the educational institutions, agpi them. Gaidar is on the 28th place among 98 others.

The Entire list of documents and necessary information can be obtained from the admissions office, which is located at the address: Arzamas, Karla Marksa street, 36.

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