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History Kesem Sultan amazingly combines dense historical fabric with a subtle touch of fiction. Historians studying the customs and Chronicles of the Ottoman Empire, have different opinions about her impact on the Sultan. However, no one doubts the existence of this amazing woman who went down in history under the name Kesem Sultan.


This woman is one of the most influential figures in the history of the Ottoman Empire. After the death of her husband she shall enter into the political struggle and for some time actually ran a huge state. In a country where Islam is the state religion, and women to obey the man, this rise was dizzying success. Will try to collect those crumbs of real information, based on which you can create the impression about the biography of this amazing woman, which set off their beauty and talent the Ottoman magnificent century.history kesem Sultan

History Kesem Sultan begins at the turn of 16-17 centuries in Bosnia or South – on the Peloponnesian Peninsula. At that time the slave trade was not considered something special – the vast territory that covered the Southeast of Europe and North Africa, this activity was just another one direction – a troublesome, but very profitable. There is no extant information on what exactly causes the young Greek woman was a slave – whether it was captured in a violent RAID on the lands of others, whether sold for debt or just were born in slavery. One day, she was one of the huge slave market as a live product.


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In those days, the duties of eunuchs were not only to maintain order in the female part of the Muslim home. He also had to regularly visit the slave markets in order to find the most beautiful and healthy girls. So the future Queen was in the harem of Sultan Ahmet 1 – thus began the history of Kesem Sultan. In the new environment, she received not only a new position but a new name. It became known as Mahpeyker, which means "moon-faced". kesem Sultan life story is a nickname she received because of his smooth round face, which the poets could compare with the appearance of the full moon. But the nature of it was not smooth – it revealed the talent of organizer and leader. For it in the harem she was given another nickname-Cesem. On the Ottoman Turkish language was the name of the sheep leading his flock. Another etymology of the word – welcome, my love. According to the legend a new nickname slave of the Sultan.

The Wife of the Sultan

The Young Greek had managed to become so essential to the Sultan that he soon married her. History Kesem Sultan made a new round. During their marriage she was a faithful and dutiful wife, and tells how Islam woman. Ahmed 1 have not lost interest in new wife – in the marital Union were born four sons and three daughters. Contemporaries describe this woman as an intelligent, insightful and talented, much-loved Ottoman ruler. Despite the complete love Ahmed 1, Kesem Sultan was not the first favorite of the Sultan, nor the mother of his firstborn – she did not enjoy great influence at court. In General, their marriage was quiet and prosperous. But that all changed after the death of Ahmed 1. the magnificent century the history of Sultan Kasem

A whirlwind of intrigue

In 1617 the old Sultan dies, the chief ruler of the Ottoman Empire were to occupy the closest relative of the Sultan. Now known as get rid of the winners in this race from their less-fortunate brothers – frequent death among the offspring was taken as a pattern, not the exception. Kesem the Sultan assured her husband's brother in his obedience, and he did not kill his son Ahmed 1, infant Murad. Fortunately, the new king possessed neither mind nor health, and soon died very successfully. Prematurely died and the successor – Osman II. To justify himself and prove his innocence in the death of the Sultan, Mahpeyker had to appear before the judges, but influential friends and relatives have done their job, and the widow was acquitted.


History Kesem Sultan made a new twist – through numerous intrigues, bypassing the firstborn son Ahmed 1, she was able to provide his twelve year old son a throne, the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. But actually all power was in the hands of Mahpeyker. Until 1632, she actually ran the country and enjoyed great support from influential individuals.kesem Sultan history of the Ottoman Empire

Second attempt

When Murad became an adult and was able to take his father's throne, Mahpeyker modestly withdrew into the shadows, content with the role of Valide. But in 1640 after the death of her son she again tried to organize a coup and overthrow a minor Mehmed, who at that time was only eight years old. But enemies were too strong – and in 1651 died Kesem Sultan.

The History of the Ottoman Empire would be incomplete without a description of the reign of this woman. It was her careful advice required a victory Ahmed 1. A significant rule as Regent was marked by several successes in foreign and domestic policy of the Empire.

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