The Climate Of Anapa. What is the climate in Anapa - dry or wet?


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Anapa is located in the South-West of the Krasnodar territory. The city is washed by the Black sea, in this unique natural setting offers ideal conditions for a great stay. The climate of the Anapa this helps.

The Beaches in Anapa of sandy and pebbly. The seabed is gently sloping, smooth for a hundred meters from the shore. Thanks to the water well heated. Anapa offers a wonderful stay surrounded by the amazing variety of nature.


Vacationers want to know in advance what the climate in Anapa: dry or wet? This is especially important for people with various diseases of the respiratory system, seeking to improve their health. In the city is temperate-continental, gradually turning into a Mediterranean climate. The resort area is divided into three areas, each of which has its own characteristics.

Among the other resort cities of the coast Anapa allocates a large number of Sunny days (280). Weather characterized by the presence of the devil steppe, sea and mountain types of climate. This allows the bathing season lasts from late spring to mid-autumn. In summer, the air is not heated above 35 ºC during the day and cools down in the night below 20 ºC. Water in the sea swimming season is heated in the range from 20 to 24 ºC.

The Sea, located close to town, promoting the reduction of summer heat. It affects the distribution of precipitation by time of day: their big part drops out in the night hours without disturbing the beach in the daytime.

climate of Anapa


In the winter months the climate of the Anapa surprises in the form of storms, sea not covered by ice crust. At this time of the year accounted for 8 of the 10 hurricanes that formed in the area of the city. Possible occurrence of thunderstorms, accompanied by large amount of heavy rain and hail. However, their duration is small.


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The Mists in the winter time – rare. Their probability is comparable with that for the middle band of the Russian Federation in this time of year. Clear days sometimes last for weeks on end. In the winter here can be effectively treated with marine clean air.

December is characterized by a temperature level 6-11 ºC. the Amount of precipitation at the rate of about 50 mm. the First two months of the year marked by the abundance of clouds and even snowfall, which melts in a matter of hours. Their number is about 40-50 mm. the Daytime temperature is kept at 4-8 ºC. the Winter weather in Anapa much softer than in many regions of Russia.

what is the climate in Anapa dry or wet


Before the March, we can feel that winter has receded. The first month of spring enables you to enjoy the sun and wonderful weather. The air temperature is at the level 5-10 ºC, water – 8-10 ºC. In March in Anapa is about 30 mm of precipitation. The city begins to move away from winter and prepare for the new holiday season.

What is the April Anapa? Nature and climate are similar to the cool summer. The air is warmed to 10-15 ºC, and water – up to 12-16 ºC. the Amount of precipitation corresponds to that of the first spring month. The current atmosphere requires a break from winter worries. The sun still bakes, but gives joy to all living things. In a growing number of tourists who are visiting the sights of Anapa. The whole infrastructure receives visitors: from bars to spas.

In this area, may is considered the beginning of summer, which ends in September. The length of day is 9 hours. The freshness of the air is felt through the breeze that carries him from the sea. The pleasant breeze is felt in the morning. This is the best time to healing by means of therapy the fresh air. There is a large amount of negative ions that have a positive effect on all organs and tissues of the body.

May the climate of Anapa is characterized by warm and Sunny days with temperatures up to 21 ºC. at Night a little cooler, around 9 to 14 ºC. Rainfall is 30 mm. the water Temperature allows you to swim in it, but still pretty cool. A at this time to change their city, not purified from the spring mud, on a warm Anapa, which have already felt the summer.

Anapa nature and climate


In the first month of summer the daytime temperature exceeds 20 ºC and night drops to 16 ºC. a Pleasant freshness of coolness will accompany you sleeping on the streets. At this time you can escape from the sun's heat. Sea water has become even more enjoyable, allowing yourself the most discerning travelers. Its temperature is more than 20 ºC. the Amount of precipitation normally is about 40 mm.

The climate of the Crimea and Anapa can be compared. The described resort city weather conditions reminiscent of the South coast of the Crimea. June – the best time for vacation in Anapa. Tourists come here with children to fully enjoy the sun and sea beaches. The sandy shores here are pretty clean. It's the season of summer berries that you can eat relish: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc. Tourists who prefer active recreation can go fishing in the sea or go on an underwater hunt.

the climate of the Crimea and Anapa

July and August

July meets a tourist hot sun and very warm water temperature which is up to 25 ºC. At this time the beaches are crowded with those wanting to enjoy their summer vacation by the sea. The main danger July – strong ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. To save themselves and their children, use sunblock cream. Required attribute holidaymakers – a hat, saves from sunstroke.

Well there is a contrast between daytime heat and night coolness. Precipitation in July is about 30 mm. There is a chance of showers and thunderstorms. A month notable for the lowest for the whole year the humidity. There are many fruits that are just ripe, at affordable prices.

Weather conditions in August virtually unchanged from July. Mature gourds that are at bargain prices to appear on the market.

humid climate


This time the peak season in Anapa. The daytime temperature drops to a comfortable 20-25 ºC, and at night is slightly more than 10 ºC. the climate is Moderately humid and warm weather relaxing on the beach, on the beaches the number of tourists is not decreasing. In September it falls to 30 mm of precipitation.

Tourists from all over the country collects Anapa. Climate for children and adults, poorly tolerate the heat, shows the city in September. At the end of the month you feel that the summer is over. Solar heat every day is getting smaller, the nights are cooler.

Anapa climate for kids


The Climate of Anapa in October, mild and moderately humid. The air is not heated above 18 ºC. the rainy Month, may fall to 40 millimeters of rain. On Sunny days, which sometimes happens, you can swim in the sea or bask in the sun.

In November, the temperature does not rise above 10 ºC, cloudy days becomes more and more. Rainfall this month is 40 mm. water Temperature takes up to 14 ºC. This period is considered the beginning of the off-season, which will last until early may. The number of tourists drops significantly, people come here only on the tour.


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