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affectionate adjectives for girlsWant the speech was expressive and bright, and everyone, including the girls, you listened, where would you go? Then learn to use adjectives. Some Western teachers of creative writing encourage young authors to avoid the mentioned parts of speech, giving preference to verbs. This is justified in the book, but in life adjectives for girls – a good indicator of imagination and emotional intelligence. How to compliment a girl?

Fall and not get up

The hardest acts the epithet “stunning”. But it is important to make the right facial expression, and gestures must correspond to such a serious assessment. Well, the girl should be nice at least, explicitly ugly can perceive a similar response as sarcasm. Yes, one important caveat: it is undesirable to use this epithet, if a girl a minute ago really knocked you off your feet.

To Express intimacy

Affectionate adjectives for girls that she'll love include the word “native”. But do not use it in the beginning of the relationship, reserved for the stage when you are Dating long enough and really felt some spiritual kinship. You can call her as gentle, sweet, warm, kind. It is possible that these words are simple and a bit banal, but still they do not cease to attract girls.affectionate adjectives for girls

If you need special

What we can say beautiful words to the girl? Adjectives-examples: charismatic, imaginative, creative, spectacular. But beware: this is a word for girls with a highly developed intellect and education. Simple girl might be offended or feel uncomfortable, hearing “unfamiliar” word.


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How not

“Wrong” adjectives for girls include the words “sexy”, “custom”, “awesome”. For the first you can get a slap in the face when we first met (which would be fair), the second might be offended (if the girl complex about his “strange”), and the third word is good only in the coterie of students of vocational schools and shows your low social status and intellectual narrow-mindedness.

adjectives for girlsThe Most charming and attractive...

Adjectives for girls include the words “charming”, “charming”, “attractive”. If you want her ugly, tell her she “radiant”, that is, it emits some light and a real magnetism. Don't tell they are different girls from the same circle of friends. They, naturally, discuss the compliments. And if they know you are all one and the same compliment to say, you can't avoid ridicule. And the girl must not count.

Other parts of speech

However, try to connect your own imagination. Not necessarily to Express their feelings and evaluation exclusively through adjectives. At your disposal there is a serious tool like a noun. Adjectives are important for girls, but they are much more interesting metaphors that you can Express with nouns. Or verbs, describing what you plan to do with it together. Just be careful – and then get a slap in the face, and in the case. Sexuality in our society – the topic is taboo, and this should be respected.

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