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Writing letters in English is often one of the parts of the exam on the subject. Personal letter to a friend (informal letter to a friend) are often included in the number of jobs of part C. It is a response to a letter friend, which should also be specified in the job. It's not that hard, but you need to do it as quickly as possible, leaving time to perform other more complex tasks. This will help the finished letter in English example (one or more). It is about the examples and rules of writing in English and this article will tell.

a letter in English example

What you need to know to quickly and in accordance with all the rules of writing a personal letter in English?

  1. Read and remember the theoretical material on this topic.
  2. Learn the structure for writing the letter, so that, as they say, “bounced from the teeth”.
  3. To Learn and memorize ready-made templates personal letters.

In Other words, the latter items should be ready find the letter in English. An example that you carefully read and remember, will help you on the exam. After reading a large number of these samples you will easily cope with the task of examination, and perhaps this knowledge will be useful to you in life, if, for example, you'll be to correspond with acquaintances from other countries.

Writing letters in English. What are the requirements to take into account? What are the rules?

1. Address and date

They need to write on the top, right corner. They should be styled like this:

House Number/apartment, street where is the house

The name of the city index

Country, which is home to the recipient


For example:

8 Komkova Street

Omsk 644073


13 August

2. How to start a letter?

This letter must start with a reference or salutation. It should be written on the left. To address the person in private messages informally. If a job is not the name of the addressee, it should come up. For example: Dear John!


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letter writing English

What should be the letter itself?

The text must be three parts. In addition, you should organize your email into meaningful paragraphs. Studying letter writing in English language Requirements, sharpen their focus on those speech turns, which are used to connect paragraphs. A lot of them, we will not dwell on them.

What should I write in the introduction?

It should not take more than four short sentences. In this part of the need to Express my gratitude for sending me a letter, write that you were very happy with his last letter to explain why you had not written to him. Should be approximately 25 words. Learning how to write a letter in English example, and a binder phrase, pay special attention to this part.

What should consist Of the main part?

a sample message in English

It must consist of two paragraphs. First to reply to something a friend asked you in the letter (make sure you get the questions), the second – ask him about anything. The tasks exam, you usually need to ask three questions, in testing GIA – only to answer the letter. However, questions will still be a plus.

What should be the final part?

This part – the smallest of them all. It is necessary to apologize for referring to any circumstances that we have to finish the letter, and promise that soon you will write again.

Formula of politeness at the end

It depends on what kind of relationship do you have with the addressee. Most often it goes like this:

Best wishes,


It is important to remember that after a name or signature is not necessary to put the point!

How to write in accordance with the rules of letter in English for business purposes?

What if the correct spelling of letters in English you need at work? For example, you need to write a letter to a business partner, who does not speak Russian. Of course, the Google translator will help you, but he will never be able to tell, how correctly to issue such a letter. That is, it will not help to make a business letter in English. A sample Must be studied separately.

The Rules of writing such letters is simple and largely similar to those for which written personal message. Just take the example of a letter in English business style and adapt it for what you want to write.

How to start it?

As well as personal business letter begin with the treatment. If you do not know the name of the recipient, you need to write Dear Sir or Dear Madam,.

If the name is known, write Dear Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms. If your recipient is a woman, you know her name, but I don't know what marital status she is to write Ms. Never write the phrase "Miss or Mrs"! It would be a grave mistake, it will be misinterpreted.

personal letter English

What to write in the introduction?

It should touch your previous communication with the recipient. For example:

Further to your e-mail of 13Th of August… - in answer to your e-mail dated 13 Aug…

What to write afterentry?

To Specify the reason of writing the letter.

For example:

I’m writing to confirm… - I write to confirm…

How to write a request in a business letter?

If you need to make some request to the recipient, use the following connecting phrase:

I would like to receive… - I would like to…

Please, could you send me… - could you send me…

How to politely move on to another subject?

For example, using the following phrases:

Regarding to your question about… Regarding your question about the…

We also like to inform you… - We would also like to inform you…

How to remind about a scheduled meeting or report waiting for a response?

Seeing you next Monday… - see you on Monday….

Polite the completion of a business letter

The Most common termination letter:

Kind regards,

Meaning “respect”. It will be properly used and if you know the name of the person who receives the email, and if you don't know him.

Yours faithfully,

Or "sincerely yours". It is used if you do not know the name of the person to whom you are writing.

Yours sincerely – if you know.

Why English is so important for business?

English – not just the most popular foreign language in the main part of the world. It is official in many States and in a large number of international organizations. The latter generally have a large number of offices in many parts of the world, correspondence and prefer to conduct negotiations in English.

a letter in English sample

That is why those representatives of the business community who are interested to grow in the career plan, learn English, and then, having reached certain heights in this, start to study the Business English course. What offers this course? The study of technical terms, rules of business negotiations and correspondence. That is, after a course no longer have to learn how to write a letter in English example to seek and teach the binding expression. You will already be well know.

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