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"UniCredit Bank" - one of the modern banks operating on the territory of Russia, which enjoys well-deserved popularity among investors and borrowers, regardless of the status of the person: physical or legal. Many customers are turning to various financial institutions with different objectives and, as a result, stop at "UniCredit Bank". Reviews about this Bank are very different, and it is sometimes difficult to create an objective picture of the quality of services provided and service.

In Russia, "UniCredit Bank" started its work in the period of Soviet rule – 1989. Right to the end of 2007, the brand name of the Bank was IMB-international Moscow Bank. Further development of the Bank has been determined in 2005, when he joined the group "UniCredit". Customer reviews, comparing the services of the Bank after its rebranding is not unequivocal: of course, there are both positive and negative trends. However, the entry of financial institutions in major financial group in Europe speaks for itself – the Bank is reliable, stable, and creates a worthy competitive niche in the financial market.

Today,  "UniCredit Bank", which reviews are easy to find on relevant queries in the search engine, is one of the leading banks, a market leader in financial services, continuing to maintain a leading role in Russia with the support of its shareholders. The Bank specializiruetsya at work both with legal entities and private clients. A first applied to the Bank people continue continue to apply to the "UniCredit Bank". The reviews speak clearly – individual approach to the client, providing interesting, useful and accessible services. All this has very positive impact on the reputation of the financial institution, because every client wants to feel needed and important to the Bank regardless of whether he has furnished a Deposit of several thousand roubles, open a salary card or taken out a loan with a loan amount of about a million rubles.


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Service "UniCredit Bank" today is a variety of solutions for business and private customers. It is noteworthy that many corporate programs allow you to use the services of translation staff salaries so that the plastic card was free for every owner.

For owners of capital, significant or not, the Bank offers attractive Deposit programs. Deposits “Classic”, “Funded” and “Universal” and offer an interest rate that promises fabulous profits for the Deposit, but match the rate of inflation, thus causing Your savings to work and not to depreciate. Deposit programs have different interest that depends on the period of duration of the Deposit and additional features of the program: the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal of the amount transferred in the contribution.

Internet banking-major direction associated with the management of funds through the virtual space. This system is called Enter.Unicredit and today is considered one of the most convenient services for the management money. Open access to Internet banking is very simple: it is enough to apply to any branch of the Bank and write a statement for opening the access to the system. Security of the service on top! All operations the user must confirm with one time password, a hundred of which were located in a special card issued by the Bank absolutely for free.

One of the various loan programs that implements the "UniCredit Bank" – a car loan. Reviews on the granting of such a loan on the Internet you can find a variety of, however, overall, the picture is quite positive.

In conclusion, we note that, of course, everyone chooses the Bank in accordance with their preferences. Many clients choose to "UniCredit Bank", which reviews are generally positive.

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