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The city on the Neva are a lot of good developers, and he has something to boast of in the field of urban planning, and among the best objects under the auspices of "SPb Renovation". Feedback on the implementation of the city's largest project since 2009 this company does, are very numerous. This is a "Program of Renovation", and it supports the government of St. Petersburg.

SPb renovation reviews

Developer «SPb Renovation”

Reviews of the activities of the company began to arrive almost immediately, because work plans were identified literally huge. The city government instructed this developer to create a future image of the city, it grows and develops each area separately and, thus, the entire metropolis as a whole. The renovation projects, which occupy more than nine acres, updated and changed for the better, because it collects "SPb Renovation" reviews of so many.

This infrastructure, and public and social institutions, and commercial premises, and residential, as well as all communications and engineering systems. And in all good changes was attended by the company "SPb Renovation". Reviews say the following: the welfare of the inhabitants of the city increases - both emotional and social, the city is gradually changing and some areas respawn, improving the lives of many Petersburgers.

About feedback

Most of them written on joint construction, as the company works a lot in the construction of not only commercial but also residential purposes. In the resort area, near the Gulf of Finland, adorn buildings, which were built by the developer "SPb Renovation". Reviews investors mostly grateful. Refers to apartment complexes that are designed for the mass market, however, equipped with the most modern engineering, built on the latest, high luxury projects.


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The First project of the group of "SPb Renovation" feedback shareholders have earned in 2014, and they are mostly positively assessed, built and put into operation residential complex "Sunday". St. Petersburg after the first experience, began to deeply trust this developer, like many other government programs. There are a few reviews, which complain that the postponement of the implementation, but in fairness it should be noted that no long-term construction have not yet been made by the company "SPb Renovation". The staff noted the point that in this company there is practically no staff turnover, there are high-class professionals, who very, very expensive. And competitors envy and write on the Internet fake reviews, which, however, easy to expose.

SPb renovation reviews shareholders


Improving the housing conditions of citizens, including the resettlement of many in this city of communal apartments, and major rehabilitation of houses Khrushchev type - the main problem facing the government of St. Petersburg. It began to resolve in the last century, but this work turned it now. City planners reviewed a huge variety of proposals and projects, including "the Program of Renovation" turned out to be most interesting.

No One offered together with the arrangement of living space the full accomplishment of all the surrounding areas, so much so that the changes correspond to the appearance of the city, its spirit. It makes now "SPb Renovation". Construction company gets feedback about each of its leased facility, and almost all of them positive. It's not at all surprising: the company was created for realization of "Program of Renovation", and while this is the only case when the developer appears under a project.

SPb renovation reviews employees

The city

Reviews of the company "SPb Renovation" come in the progress of government plans, and ensure the development of more than nine hundred acres of land, where the complex reconstruction of household and social infrastructure, upgraded network engineering.

People feel improvement of living standards, many St. Petersburg families were able to own apartments and leave their utility. And not "virgin", and is well mastered and developed urban areas. All this and formed a high estimation of public opinion of the activities pursued by the company "SPb Renovation". The staff is filled with joy from such a trust to their firm.

A Steady increase in quality

All the evidence suggests that the trust company will justify in the future. The staff of the company identifies the main targets - a steadily rising development indicators of areas that are being developed by the developer, ensuring the orderly development of St. Petersburg as a whole.

A new housing that is intended for the resettlement, will continue to run on the conscience. For those wishing to purchase an apartment on the North coast of the Gulf of Finland, where apartment complexes are being built, the company has conducted the most detailed advice, and assistance in the preparation of documents.

SPb renovation construction company testimonials

"Live in the Fishing!"

In the Nevsky district, the historic Ust-Slavic implement one of the most ambitious projects - residential complex "Live in the Fishing!", occupying over seventy acres. Here and infrastructure is ready, and brick-monolith houses Deluxe two and a half thousand apartments. Buildings of different height - from thirteen to twenty-five floors, complicated the configuration is pleasing to the eye, and formed at the expense of the courtyards is very comfortable.

All Apartments with full interior finishing: Wallpaper, laminate, tiles, excellent plumbing, entrance and interior doors with all hardware, all plugs, heating and water meters in stock. Everywhere a beautiful panoramic view of either the river or on the river Slavyanka. Close to two schools and two kindergartens, underground Parking, on the roof of which are children's playgrounds, sports grounds, places to stay. All the first floors are occupied by commercial premises. Transport accessibility good - near metro, completed a light rail line. About the Builder OOO "SPb Renovation" is the most positive reviews.

reviews about the company SPb renovation

LCD Stereos

This quarter is located in the Central area of the city. Like most objects of "SPb Renovation", "Stereo" feedback shareholders have received numerous, especially where there is luck in choosing the architectural concept, which was developed by masters from Europe - architectural Bureau from France AS Architecture Studio. Indeed, the eyes do not get tired to be surprised by new and interesting frame-monolithic buildings that replace old and unsightly housing Rzhevka. The square of twenty acres, located two ten-story building and seven seventeen in a single complex.

Real estate Investors rejoice that their apartments will be spacious and high - 298 cm ceiling height. The balconies are perfectly glazed finish throughout finishing: vinyl Wallpaper, laminate flooring, ceramic tiles on the floors and walls of kitchens and sanitary facilities, plumbing durable. Environmental glazing - wooden, metal entrance doors. Utilities are all in place. Halls and common areas are pleasing shareholders with designer finishes. Elevators passenger and cargo. The first floor is given over to the service sector and trade. Underground level with Parking, accessed from any floor.

company SPb renovation reviews employees


The Courtyards of the residential complex "Stereos" closed, with minimal traffic, landscaped playgrounds, sports and recreational areas, there are places to stay. Equipped with guest Parking.

The Grounds are lavishly landscaped, guarded, video surveillance. Right inside the residential complex built its own school, near hospital, many shops. Transport accessibility is excellent, however, metro in walking distance are not available. Trams and electric trains from the station "Rzhevka". Environmentally not so good: the industry is pretty close, as well as two large highway with constant traffic jams.

LCD "Astrid"

Another housing complex on nine acres located in Kolpino, where instead of the old two-storey houses by the end of 2017 will show off brand new, multi-section. Here, too, the developer is "SPb Renovation". The reviews of those who received keys from new apartments in the already constructed complexes are unlikely to differ from those who receive housing here. Except that now they will support even higher estimates.

At the center of the "Astrid" project will show off the square in the form of a rotunda departing from it in different directions roads and streets. The landscaped yards will be constant surveillance on the roof of the Parking garage - recreation area, sports and playgrounds. Schools, hypermarkets, kindergartens, cafes, offices, clinics already exist in all the area. However, all first floors will be given over to stores, beauty salons, dental offices and other services.

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