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Taxes - payments required. They cause many problems to the population. Every citizen should know how to check their tax debts in a particular case. This procedure has a huge number of approaches. Modern citizens have the right to choose the method of verification of the debt. It should be noted that the bulk method allows you to make repayment of the debt. Nothing special and surprising in this. In fact, every citizen chooses the variant of the notification. It is proposed that the modern population of Russia?tax debt

Methods of verification

Interested in the tax debts of individuals? How to find out about the availability of a particular debt? In Russia there are many answers to the question. You can choose any of them. The main thing - to take into account the characteristics of each.

To date, the tax audit is performed:

  • Citizen personally through the IRS;
  • Through the portal "public Services";
  • Page through the FNS of the Russian Federation;
  • Using the website of bailiffs;
  • Using e-wallets;
  • Using the Internet banking;
  • By third party checks.

In Addition, you can receive notifications by mail. This is the most common scenario.


Why? Tax debts can be different. Among them there are:

  • Payments must be paid by a certain date;
  • Overdue taxes.

This fact is important to consider. After the tax notices in the mail to the citizen, as a rule, indicate the need for settlement with the government. Enough to wait a bit and the mailbox will be placed notification from FNS with the request to pay the tax. The same is true of cases with arrears. But what if the notification is lost? Or want to know in advance what the person tax debts? In such situations, it is recommended to start self test. Next, you will learn about all the scenarios in more debt test


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A Personal visit to the Federal tax service

100% reliable information about the debts and taxes paid can be obtained through the district Department of the FTS of the Russian Federation. The citizen should come to the appropriate organization (for registration) and submit the inquiry of the established sample. It is usually sufficient just to ask the employee to inform the tax debt.

A citizen must bring:

  • ID;
  • INN (at presence);
  • Social security number.

It is Desirable to have at itself the documents establishing the rights to a particular object. For example, the certificate of ownership the apartment. This will help to establish the legitimacy of tax assessment.

A Personal visit to FNS is not the most common. Most often, tax debts test solved independently. This can be done through the Internet.

Website on

For example, using the website FTS. The presence of the Personal account is much easier task. You must contact the service "Verification of debt". Working with him is easier than it seems. This feature allows using was to obtain information about the tax debts of a debts of individuals how to learn

What needs to be done to turn the ideas into reality? You will need:

  1. To Visit the site If the account is, then get authorization in your Personal office. In the absence thereof, click on "Register" and start the profile.
  2. After authorization in your Personal office to fill out a questionnaire of the citizen. Be sure to specify an INN.
  3. Refresh the page and study the data on debts to the tax authorities. You can find SERVIS "Verification of debt", enter the INN of the debtor and to examine the results.

Fast, easy and convenient. The disadvantage of this method is the need of registration and also waiting for activation profile. It takes 3 days. To obtain the password to log in to "my account" on the website of the Federal tax only in the tax office of the locality. Therefore, the tax debts you can check by other methods.

The Portal "public Services"

For Example, to use the service of "public Services". This is another good option that can quickly and accurately provide information on debts to the government. For an idea embodiment in life you must have an active profile on the service. If the account is not, it is recommended to choose any other way of checking. After all, the activation will take about 14-15 days.

Nevertheless, registering on "the portal" allows access to all services. Informing the citizen does not require payment. To find out the tax debts, therefore, will need:

  1. Go to To be authorized on the portal.
  2. Visit the section "Popular services". Choose the "Informing individuals of taxes". You can dial this feature in the search bar and perform the search. Or you can go to "Services" - "on" - "Information".
  3. Read the information and click on "Receive service".
  4. Look at the information displayed.

Important: the citizen in the profile should be specified INN. Otherwise not be able to translate an idea into debts of individuals like to know with the surname

Another way is to check "my account". It on the "portal" will display all information about state debt of the citizen.If necessary, you can immediately pay the bills.

Site officers

Tax debts of individuals by name without registration test is offered through the Bank's Executive correspondence on the website of the bailiffs of the Russian Federation. This is a very common method. But to put it into practice will be possible only if you have a large debt, when a citizen sued.

To test you will need:

  1. Go to the page
  2. Select a search method information about the debt. Individuals can learn about the debts with the help of personal data.
  3. Fill in the fields that appeared after the previous step. To pay attention to the mandatory items marked with "*". They are always filled.
  4. Click on "Find".
  5. Examine the data displayed.

If the search returns no results, it means that the paperwork has not yet started. Do not despair! Because the investigation is not over yet!tax debts of individuals like to know at the Inn

External services

Interesting tax debts of individuals? How to find out about them at the INN? For this there are a huge number of third-party services. Sites offer with INN or name, patronymic of the citizen to give information about all the debt.

Often among third-party services meet the scammers. Therefore, it is recommended to use only reliable sources of information. Without registration to check the information about the debt is possible by searching through the website "Payment services". This is the most secure solution!

Banking and wallets

There are several options that will help you understand the tax debts of individuals. How to know the last name of the debtor about them? For example, to use the Internet banking or e-wallets. There is not only you can get information about debts, but to pay the invoices.

For Example, in the "Sberbank Online" are invited to do so:

  1. To Register for the service. Complete the authorization on the website of "Sberbank@Online".
  2. Go to the "Payments and transfers".
  3. Click on "FTS".
  4. Enter the data about the citizen. Usually we are talking about the F. O. I. or INN.
  5. Click on "Search".

tax debts of individuals by name without registering

You Can look at the information and pay the bill. Similarly, there are when working with electronic wallets. There the algorithm of actions is somewhat different. After all, the citizen must:

  1. Log into your e-wallet.
  2. Visit the "Services"section.
  3. Find the service "tax audit". Each online wallet this inscription will change, but the meaning will remain the same.
  4. Enter information about the person. Most often it is personal information, social security number or TIN.
  5. Click on "Search" or "Find".

Done! Tax debts available for review and further payment. How to act in a particular case? It's everyone decides for themselves!

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