Sources of financing of investment activity. The concept of leasing and its role in investment.


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The Sources of financing of investment activities – financial tools that are used as resources investment destination. The structure of the investment process from the point of view of financing consists of methods of the considered activity. Sources and methods of investment financing are the individual's financial resources and reserves of the investor on-farm purposes, as means of debt available to investors or transferred to them funds, then funds for extrabudgetary purposes and funds transferred from the Federal budget. Funds of foreign investors is also impossible to ignore.

It Should be noted that the sources of financing of investment activities have a certain classification, so they have as centralized, and extrabudgetary character. To the first sources of financing the investment nature include budget funds at the Federal level, moreover, Finance actors and local budgets. All the rest of it – this is the second type of the considered sources. On this basis, decentralized funds include personal funds of enterprises borrowed funds based on loans, foreign investment and developers acting individually. Private sources of funding include reserves on-farm purposes and profit, in addition, deductions from depreciation.

In addition to such concepts as the sources of financing of investment activity, there are methods of investing. It may include: state, credit, mixed, and a method of self-financing. For names that are discussed above, are the real subjects of the market. This stock exchange, banks, commercial properties, budgets of the three levels of the enterprise. Recipients of investment from the state are businesses that are owned by the States and organizations participating in realization of programs of the state. The financing of public purpose is inherent in the fundamental principles underlying the whole process. This result with minimum costs, the nature of the purpose of use of public resources, the provision of funds to builders and organizations acting under contract. It should be noted that the funds given by the state, provided that if the funded project wing will bring greater efficiency. The sources of financing of investment activities also mean and self-financing of investment, which are the most important individual sources of funding. The main source is the income and depreciation.


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Leasing as a source of investment Finance is the essence of financing the activities of the investment. To the subjects of leasing can be considered a legal entity that performs the activity, that is, transfers property by agreement. This side is called the lessor. Accordingly, the second face – is the recipient of the property under the contract. To those who sells the property on lease are organizations that manufacture equipment and machinery.

All leasing operations are divided into two main groups: operational and financial leasing. The first type of leasing include the fact that the period of lease shall not provide for full cost recovery. The landlord does not cover costs through lease payments of a tenant's character. Financial leasing serves the operation with full cost recovery. Payments of lease assignment cover costs and provide a fixed profit for the lessor. The major advantage of using the lease form provides a good opportunity to companies to buy the right equipment without major capital expenditures non-recurring nature.

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