Where to get a loan secured by real estate?


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The Prolonged crisis has forced people to increasingly turn over cash loans in banks and MFIs. Among the population less the percentage of those who banks consider positive and credible by customers – with “white” salary, official employment, high income. This means that if you urgently need a large sum of money, not the fact that the Bank you have no problem borrowing.

If we are talking about 10-15 thousand rubles, it offers MFIs for every taste-there are even some where the required amount will be transferred directly to you on the map for 5 minutes, for example, the service Online loans “Robot Timer”. And requirements for employment and the official returns there is much softer. Well, if the problem is estimated in the hundreds of thousands – and many begin to think about the loan secured by the property.

Where will give money secured flats?

The Most obvious answer-in the Bank. The advantages are clear – interest rates are lower, loan amounts are higher, and confidence in the Bank, like, more. But there are also disadvantages: the Bank will evaluate not only the liquidity of your assets, but you as a borrower. And this brings us back to the question “white” incomes, employment contract, and, in addition, a positive credit history.

The process of obtaining loan secured by an apartment in the Bank is quite long, involves a property assessment, insurance and property, and the borrower.

A More simple way-to apply to MFIs. Some microfinance institutions also grant loans secured by real estate, usually the maximum amount of such loan is 1 million rubles. Your income to confirm do not need credit history does not matter, the maximum – a couple of years. Interest, of course, will be higher than in the Bank, but the probability of approval – too.

If the MFI for some reason refused, you can apply for this service by a private person on the Internet sites of the financial market P2P. However, the likelihood of fraud is much higher than in the Bank or MFI.

How not to be on the street?

Whichever option you choose, you need to remember that such type of loan – a thing quite risky. A moment of inattention can cost you your housing. So everything must be done so as not to forfeit property:

- carefully read the contract, paying attention to the point that at the time of the credit sale is at your disposal, with the right to live in it;

- check the contract-specific items, unintentional breach of which may entail early termination: the prohibition in the lease, a ban on registering anyone, the ban on repair, as well as mandatory notification of the creditor in case of change of work;

- make sure that the lender could not unilaterally raise the interest rate of the loan;

- and, of course, to prevent the delay of payments, since the lender in this case has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally, demanding to pay a debt immediately and in full. Another unpleasant option - the apartment will be auctioned.

There are many nuances, so the best option is before signing to show the contract to a lawyer and together with him to discuss all the disputed points of the transaction.

Alina Ovsyannikova

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