They give the child with vomiting? Useful tips


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Your toddler accidentally pulled out or sick? Not everyone knows what to do in such emergency situations. They give the child with vomiting? How to act? To understand this question will help provided with this article information.

what does a child with vomiting

Why nausea and vomiting in a child?

Every parent probably faced with accompanying symptoms of poisoning, overeating, overheating, or Chad sickness while riding in vehicles. As you can see, the causes that appears in a child vomiting can be different. Let us examine the two most common of them.

Food poisoning

It was vomiting in the first place is a signal of the use of low-quality food. In this way the body is freed from intoxications. And in this case manifested gag reflex has a significant positive value. Severe nausea can be very long to torment the child, but it usually takes place immediately after the first liberation from the contents of the stomach by vomiting. So in this case even more appropriate to call her out forcibly, making lavage.


After an injury or fall, the child often complains of headache and nausea, which may develop into vomiting. The combination of these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and provide timely medical assistance.

cure for vomiting-child

Give the child with vomiting, and what not to do.

Only after determining the exact cause of what is happening, you can take any action. In any case, it is necessary to restrict the child's movement, providing him peace. Excessive activity of the baby (jumping, running, somersaults, etc.) can resume the urge to vomit and intensify nausea. So give Chad a semi-sitting position. Lying horizontally is not recommended because the baby can choke on vomit. In the absence of appetite, force-feeding is undesirable. This forced starvation, for example, in cases of poisoning, will only benefit. No food will help the body to recover faster after intoxication.



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And that give the child with vomiting if there is severe dehydration? Stop your choice on the weak herbal teas (rosehip, chamomile, St. John's wort), unsweetened green tea or special preparations based on salts ("Rehydron", "Glyukosolan", "Uralic"). All these solutions give the baby small amounts (1-2 tsp) every 15-20 minutes.

nausea and vomiting in a child

How to stop vomiting and do I need to do?

Before giving the baby any way, try to determine the cause of such reactions. They give the child with vomiting, for example, due to poisoning? First, do not need to interfere, because in this way the body is freed from toxins. The faster and empty stomach from harmful substances the better. Second, while a child has been a steady gag reflex, it is necessary to efficiently wash out the stomach. Give your child to drink at least two cups of warm water. It is desirable to add a bit of potassium permanganate (until a faint pink color of the liquid) or baking soda (1/2 tsp. to 1 liter). The action of the stomach faster free from pieces of food that caused the poisoning and the unpleasant reflex will stop. If needed, this solution can be drinking again until vomit will not be pure and unadulterated food.

How to find a particular cure for a vomiting child. Only the doctor who will determine the cause of what is happening and can recommend a special solution. Prescribed medications are usually given in small portions at regular intervals of time.

Try to pay more attention to the health of the baby to avoid unpleasant situations due to possible poisoning.

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