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How relevant today, drugs against worms in humans? What kind of creatures these worms, what are modern methods of treatment? We will try to answer these questions, since ignorance in this area is undesirable.

Imagine a mummy, which is misleading in kindergarten that the test showed the presence of worms in her children. Mom grabs the heart, panic – As this is possible, because already the 21st century! Absolutely, and that is why we will eliminate ignorance in this matter. In any case, the panic should not be, modern medicine, pills for worms is quite effective.

So, helminths (worms) are a group of worms, parasites in the human body. Modern research shows that a quarter of the entire population of our planet is infected with some form of parasites. This infection is called a helminth infection or helminth infections. The most common askaridoz and enterobioz.

Before you take pills for worms and de-worming products generally need to be examined. Diagnosis of pathology is the identification of larvae, eggs, and formed a species of helminths. No coincidence we started this conversation with an example. Children are generally at increased risk of helminth infection, so the drugs against worms for children interested in their parents and pediatricians should not forget about their appointment.

Characteristically, the worms can't always be identified in children, although in children this infection is much more common. Accordingly, the modern drugs, in particular a tablet from worms wide spectrum assigned for both adults and children. Why so urgent a tablet from worms to children? Because you don't always get their parents to carefully monitor the hygiene of children's hands. The kids are constantly pulling their little hands in the mouth, respectively, contribute to the penetration of parasites.


Knowing the world, our children everywhere to touch a variety of objects. And after all the eggs and larvae of the worms, and the worms have their goal of getting into the human body. So they can get caught in the most accessible places, things (dirty toys), land, pet hair and food. In particular, it may not be very well washed fruit.

The Good news is that modern tablet from worms allow to cure children's helminth infections is relatively easy. While the danger to the child's body, these drugs are not present. Of course, since we're talking about literacy, the literacy in this question implies a medical consultation before treatment. There is a tablet from worms, which are generally not prescribed to children, and on the other there are strict regulations on the admission and dosage.

The Most common in children are two kinds of worms. It is pinworms and ascarids. You could even say that the infection with these parasites is inevitable, as often occurs by eating fruits and vegetables. The eggs of these worms get into children's hands and the food with dirt and dust. The cause of ascaridosis and enterobiosis are often flies.

Because the infection with worms often occurs in schools, kindergartens, then a tablet from worms it would be nice to assign prophylactically as educators (teachers) and children. Having the correct medicines, take into account the fact that their action is directed directly against the parasites. This suggests that dosage at any age the same.

One of the modern drugs is "Andasol". In Pediatrics this drug is used in a variety of helminths, including in the above, common – ascariasis and enterobiasis. In these cases, a child older than three years is enough of one pill oseltamivir and another in three weeks. Among other related drugs can be identified "Mebendazole", "Invermectin" and "Praziquantel".

The Dosage and duration of treatment depends on the type of parasites and is determined by a physician.

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