Veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk: list, addresses, services


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When the house is pet, family life inevitably comes such a thing as a veterinary clinic. First vaccination, annual vaccination, pregnancy and the appearance of puppies and kittens, treatment of various diseases and operations, assistance in the maintenance of agricultural animals and birds – in each case, the owner, truly loves your pet, striving to find a veterinarian who would like the good doctor. Veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk willing to help in any issue related to the life and health of Pets. Most importantly, time to seek help.

Veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk: address

Among medical institutions for animals there are both private and public. Any of them provide diagnostic, preventive and curative services. The amount of aid varies from state to state doctors, available equipment, availability of relevant licenses.

veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk

Judging by the reviews and rating on the Internet, the most popular veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk –

  • ‘Vitagor”, which introduced the practice of assisting an animal in one doctor, which treats of a family pet, and advises the owner on the first day of admission throughout the period of treatment in the institution. Pharmacy, zootaxi, shop, hotel and even a Barber shop for animals – all gathered together at: talazhskoe highway 22.
  • “Panther” on the street Valavina, 13. Located here veterinary laboratory, giving the possibility to diagnose in the shortest possible time. If the animal needs intensive care or intensive treatment, it is possible to place it directly in the clinic.

From simple consultations to complex operations

What more should be allocated to veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk? A list of them, in addition to “Panther” and “Vitagora”, represented by such institutions:


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  • «Nine lives" (street Uritsky, 10). Here you can get any help – from the simplest consultations and treatment to complex surgery.
  • “Bark” (Shabalina str., 6). Treatment of the endocrine system, cancer, trauma and orthopaedic surgery – this is only a small part of the work of professional doctors.

 veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk address

  • “Doctor Vet" (Volodarsky's street, 78). IDEXX laboratory equipment for ultrasound investigation of internal organs (including the heart), laser surgery makes the clinic and its branch galushina modern medical center, which employs experienced, friendly doctors, loving animals.
  • “Hope” (Timme St., 28). In the spectrum of services: diagnosis and treatment, check out a veterinarian at the house.

Caring hearts of professionals

The Veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk represented in the city also and veterinary offices:

  • “Help” (St. Nicholas Avenue, 75).
  • “other” (the Leningrad prospectus, 159).
  • “Loyal” (Gagarin's street, 46).

There are services such as vaccinations, spaying and neutering services in obstetrics and gynecology. You can get detailed advice regarding health and animals.

veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk list

The Veterinary clinics of Arkhangelsk – and precinct veterinary hospital located in the area Kuznechikhinskaya promysla (4-y passage, 7), and the clinic, working at the agricultural technical school (street of Ilyich, 43). In clinics of different equipment and range of medical services, but one thing unites them – caring hearts of professionals seeking to in the city of Arkhangelsk would be healthy, loved and loving animals.

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