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Hundreds of millions of people around the world do not imagine their life without sweets. However, not everyone can afford to enjoy your favorite foods in unlimited quantities. This is due, as a rule, with certain health problems. Don't worry, some products not only have pleasant taste, but also very useful, most likely, you just don't know about their miraculous properties. For example, cinnamon in diabetes is not only permitted, but necessary. But why? We will try to understand together.

Efficiency, proved by experience

Cure diabetes with cinnamon - not a method of traditional medicine. The effectiveness of this product has been proven by Chinese scientists during long-term, large-scale experiment. The essence of the experience was to ensure that people suffering from this severe disease, regularly consuming cinnamon. Depending on the group, subjects received, or a different number of such additives, or a placebo. Parallel to such non-traditional treatment of diabetes were given a standard drug. cinnamon for diabetes

Summing up, we can say that cinnamon for diabetes really helps:

  • Reduction of the glucose level;
  • Providing for long-term control of blood sugar levels;
  • Normalization of triglyceride levels.

The Group of subjects who received placebo did not improve their health outcomes.

How to use cinnamon?

Cinnamon diabetes should be ingested regularly, consume the product and need parts, adding it in food for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. For convenience, you can use the following schema:


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  • Breakfast – add cinnamon to the porridge;
  • Lunch – use powder for sprinkling fruit served for dessert, or add to the composition of soups from pumpkins or other vegetables;
  • Dinner-cinnamon blends perfectly with the chicken.

In between meals you can treat yourself to a special tea, which is already part of this useful natural component. To use cinnamon for topping pastries, prepared on the basis of whole wheat flour. However you should know that it's best to use this product in various drinks, both hot and cold. It can be coffee, compote or juice.

cinnamon for diabetes how to take

Main contraindications to the use of spices

Always useful cinnamon for diabetes? Contraindications, of course, exist, and they must be taken into account. Pay attention to the following list. If you belong to any of the mentioned categories, the use of cinnamon should be abolished or significantly reduce:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation;
  • Problems with the bowels, constipation;
  • Bleeding;
  • Tumors in the digestive organs;
  • Hypertension;
  • Allergy and idiosyncrasy.

cinnamon for diabetes contraindications

Additional advantages of cinnamon

Cinnamon diabetes really useful, but it is a very versatile product that has many uses in cooking and medicine. So, its regular intake will allow you to:

  • To minimize pain in the stomach;
  • To protect the body in the future from peptic ulcer (reliable prevention);
  • To kill fungal infections;
  • Lower levels of body fat;
  • Lower cholesterol levels;
  • Improve the metabolism in the body;
  • Reduce pain in muscles and teeth;
  • Lose weight;
  • To cope with Alzheimer's and more.

cinnamon for diabetes type 2

Mechanism of action of cinnamon in the treatment of diabetes mellitus

So, how does cinnamon diabetes? One of the main components of this wonderful spice is phenol, a substance that reduces the level of glucose. Regular consumption of these supplements for 30 days will allow you to adjust the level of this index down 30 percent. In addition, the spice may favorably affect a number of related diabetes problems. Cinnamon copes with the reduction of internal inflammation and accelerates metabolism, which leads to normalization of the patient's weight.

Rules for the use of cinnamon

Now you know how the cinnamon in diabetes. How to take this product to achieve maximum efficiency? If you've never eaten such spicy, start typing it in the diet as gradually. Start with 1 gram a day, methodically increasing the dose to 5 grams. You should not use cinnamon in its pure form, be sure to add it in various dishes or drinks. Let this be food served in the first place, because the spice perfectly stimulates the appetite. The effectiveness of cinnamon persists for several hours after it was added to the dish. After a certain period of time (4-5 hours) additive will be completely useless, but the harm from it will not.

cinnamon for diabetes

Interesting facts about the amazing spices

There are some interesting secrets that are associated with the treatment of this wonderful spice. Principal among them are:

  • Observe regular use (two courses), one-time use will not allow you to help your health;
  • Enter the product in your diet gradually, do not rush and watch your inner feelings;
  • Maximum daily dose may be equal to 7 grams, do not exceed a specified amount;
  • Do not use the full amount of the dosage of a single, break it into several visits in the morning, day and evening hours;
  • Cinnamon can not replace a special medicines, it is only a minor remedy to treat, do not give up on tablets and physician monitoring.

diabetes cinnamon

Type 2 diabetes

Why you need a cinnamon in diabetes type 2, and what constitutes such a kind of disease? First and foremost, it is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Reduced sensitivity of tissues to insulin;
  • Normal or active insulin at first;
  • Gradual decline of insulin production;
  • The occurrence of primary complications.

If you have been diagnosed with the second group of diabetes, be careful, you need regular monitoring and proper treatment. However, additional help at home would be helpful as well. Remember that the greatest efficiency is characterized by a complex approach. Use the following recipes to improve your condition.

1. Brew a teaspoon of cinnamon 200 ml of boiling water, then add 2 tablespoons of honey. The drink should absorb all the useful properties of its components. After several hours, the broth can drink.

2. Mix half a teaspoon of the spices and the Cup of yogurt will not only help in the fight against diabetes, but will help to keep warm, and reduce the heat.


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