Women's health: a symptom of mastitis, prevention and treatment


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Many women, becoming mothers and breastfeeding their babies, encounter such a nuisance as stagnation of milk. If you do not take in time the necessary measures, it threatens to escalate into a serious disease-mastitis.

Causes and symptoms

symptom of mastitisIn some cases, a woman may feel one or another symptom of mastitis? First, if the child refuses the breast or eats poorly, doesn't suck all the milk. In this case, it is necessary to Express, no matter how long it may take. Second, if the milk is too fatty, there may be a blockage of the duct that makes its way out. Third, there is a symptom of mastitis if cracks in the nipples and penetration in the breast tissue of pathogenic bacteria. Exactly how the disease appears in the early stages? His chest seemed to swell, growing in size. It becomes hard, sometimes in tissues clearly be felt seal the bumps. A clear symptom of mastitis-swollen, hardened nipples, which hurt to touch. Breasts seem full of milk, swollen, but it is decanted with difficulty. Pay attention to body temperature – it rises sharply. Light fever, a little discomfort for a short time develop into strong fever and pronounced pain. This is also a symptom of mastitis, err not. As a kind of pointer to the problem with the stagnation of milk can be the difference in temperature between armpits. Above it is the one which is next to the patient's chest. Yes, that's right. Sometimes mastitis develops in only one gland. But if the disease is neglected, it spread to the second. In addition to external signs, identify symptoms of mastitis in women and helps blood test that would clearly indicate an inflammatory process. And since the disease occurs in several stages, it is essential to avoid the latter, the most heavy-purulent. The body is under acute toxicity: body aches, headache, nausea and vomiting, and all this against the background already described discomfort in his chest. Such is the General outline of mastitis during breastfeeding. Symptoms may be present all together or selectively, but in any case you definitely need to consult a doctor!symptoms of mastitis in women

What if…

Needless to say, as it is desirable that during pregnancy and in the first half of the postpartum period (6 months) the female body was healthy. After all, even a “pustakawan” as the inflamed tonsils, and bad teeth (pulpitis), sinusitis can become pathogens, causing symptom of mastitis. And a weakened immune system mom of the newborn – is also an objective reason. But if the problem appeared, it should be fought. On medication will tell you in detail doctor. mastitis breastfeedingAnd that's what you want from women: prevention of cracks on the nipples, hygiene, handling of special tools areolas, breast pads made of natural linen or cotton so that the skin of the nipple does not RUB against the fabric of the bras. To dry up, by the way, it should not be. Therefore, washing the mammary glands, or use of such hygiene products, alkaline level which is close to neutral.

Be attentive to yourself and your health!

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