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The Increase in creaking and deformed joints, tingling and numbness of fingers, pain in the morning – the first sighting of a human disease called "rheumatoid arthritis of fingers”. It is an autoimmune disease in contrast to osteoarthritis, which is caused, most often, increased load on the finger joints. To distinguish between these two diseases is easy, as arthritis fingers rheumatoid symmetric. Besides,  it may be accompanied by malaise, fatigue, fever.

If you think you have rheumatoid arthritis of fingers  owner, its symptoms, in addition to the above, are: the inability of the hands to perform small movements: to button up, hold a Cup, take a pinch of salt.

The Second type of arthritis – with the prefix “osteo-» most common in older people. This arthritis occurs due to wear of the cartilage and most commonly affects the joints large, middle, index fingers. They appear peculiar knots, tumors, which are in fact – bone spurs that grew up around the joints.

Any type of arthritis, damaged joint surfaces. Because of this, the inflammatory process is a violation of softness and smoothness in the movements where, most likely, cartilage. Changes in the articular capsule and ligaments, islinenote the cartilage – all of which is arthritis of the fingers.

The Most common among the arthritis are considered arthritis of the elbow and knee joints, feet, phalanges of the hands. On Earth, the disease often affects women. There are cases of disease and children. To end causes in humans this disease is unknown, but on the planet with a diagnosis of "arthritis" every 7th human.


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What causes this disease? Among the most common causes – any infection in the body. People who had been ill and suffering from infectious diseases (influenza, SARS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted, etc.), already at risk. And cause arthritis streptococci and Staphylococcus aureus. The following reasons are injuries, bruises, falls, surgery. In third place – heredity. Therefore, if in a family someone has arthritis, you should pay more attention to its prevention. To trigger the development of arthritis, Smoking, excess weight, weakened immune system, hypothermia. Among the varieties of arthritis and gout. 

Today, we will focus on rheumatoid type of arthritis.

People can for years to hurt this kind of arthritis, but do not even guess about it. But when the finger joints begin to ache, swell, numbing, weakness, – only then will arise the question about visiting the doctor. But it may be too late, because my finger joints are already chronically inflamed. Unfortunately, progressive arthritis of the fingers quickly and seriously damage the joints. Therefore, as soon as the first symptoms of this disease, we urgently need to see a specialist.

The Prevention of this disease is in sufficient quantity in the human diet products with fatty acids omega-3 and vitamin D. Among other medical recommendations – regular medical examination, systematic exercises that strengthen the finger muscles, frequent rest breaks .

At the first signs of the disease ‘arthritis of fingers" of the doctors advise to exercise your fingers with the help of special equipment (foam balls), to play the piano, embroider, and buttons replaced with Velcro, to acquire lightweight and utensils, change door handles to a more convenient, etc.

If your doctor, after examination, was diagnosed with “arthritis of fingers" in the course of treatment usually includes a chondroprotectors, drugs anti-inflammatory and Antirheumatic drugs complemented by cold or heat compresses. First expand the blood vessels, thus facilitate in the affected areas of the bloodstream. Moist heat compresses have, on the contrary, a vasoconstrictor action. With their help, decrease edema, decrease sensitivity. Each of the packs in its own way effective. Effective treatments are anti-inflammatory ointments to reduce pain, wearing the knitted mittens and socks from the dog, sheep or goat wool. In specialist assignments can be and physiotherapy treatments: ultrasound, diathermy, massage, mud therapy, magneto therapy etc., selected strictly individually. Therapeutic exercise, a special diet will also help in the treatment of arthritis and to relieve acute conditions. If you type in your permanent diet of fruits, vegetables, dishes of herring and salmon, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, bran, walnuts and other foods rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, to stop the development of chronic inflammatory processes in the joints possible.

In very severe cases, doctors recommend surgical intervention with joint replacement.

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