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Very many people know the condition when the lips appear vesicles which itch and hurt. This condition is caused by herpes simplex virus, the most common disease on earth. Scientists have found that more than 90% of the world population infected with them. The reason is that the virus is very contagious, spreads easily and stays in the body for life. It may not manifest itself, but in certain circumstances is activated. This condition is also called “cold on the lips”. She appears suddenly and gives a person not only physical but also psychological discomfort. Especially women suffer from what appears herpes on the lips. The treatment at home in most cases brings positive results, but only after 5-7 days.

treatment of herpes labialis in the home


Found it in the early 20th century, but have only studied in the 90-ies. The virus is very resistant and resilient. It is stored at room temperature during the day, especially on soft surfaces. Metal objects he doesn't really like and after a few hours they die. But the temperature -70° for him favorable, he lives in such conditions for up to 5 days. Kills the herpes virus only by high temperature - it dies in half an hour at +50°. It enters the body, it is mainly through broken skin or mucous membranes. Herpes remains in the cells forever, and to completely get rid of it. Scientists believe that almost all living things on Earth are infected with this virus in addition to fungi and algae. Therefore, each person needs to know-how the treatment of oral herpes at home.

Types of virus

There are about 200 types of herpes virus. But man affect only eight of them:

1. The virus of the first type or cold sores on the lips. Treatment at home, it is possible, and it usually passes within a week.

2. Also herpes simplex, but not localized on the face and in the genital area.

3. The varicella and herpes zoster. Easiest they migrate in childhood, in adults is high temperature and severe complications.

4. Infectious mononucleosis often manifests in adolescence and is characterized by fever and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

5. Cytomegalovirus. It is believed that it affects more than 50% of the people. But it is activated by reducing the immunity or during pregnancy.

6. The children's roseola found only in kids under 2 years are not dangerous.

7. The virus that causes chronic fatigue syndrome.

8. Radanovic, which is under strong immunosuppression causes cancer.

Features herpes of the first type

cold herpes on lips treatment

Call it the herpes simplex or flu, because it is often triggered during colds. This is the most common form of the virus. However, most people, it may not show, and only 20% of those infected experience frequent recurrences. In most cases, there is a oral herpes. Treatment at home it brings positive results, as often the disease simple. The body itself produces antibodies that cause a virus to move to a hidden or latent form.

Localized rash most often on the upper lip, but can appear and on the bottom near the nose and even on the cheeks. Usually appear 1-2 bubble, but in severe cases there may be many, and they coalesce, sometimes covering the entire lip. The situation is complicated by the fact that while talking or eating bubbles injured and slower to heal. And many are interested in the question of whether effective treatment of oral herpes at home. Scientists believe that to completely get rid of the virus impossible - it is incurable. This is due to its features.

What happens if the penetration of the virus in the body

After contact with an infected person the virus gets into skin cells and embedded in them. Herpes refers to the type of DNA-containing viruses, and each cell includes 74 genes. Inside the human body, the virus embeds its DNA into the genetic apparatus of a cell forever. He makes it to produce proteins for its reproduction. This is often asymptomatic, but a large number of viral cells appear rash on the lips. Then the body begins to produce antibodies that fight the virus. After the destruction of most of its particles are only those that are built into the cells of the body. More likely to be affected ganglia of the nerve cells, for example the trigeminal nerve. The virus enters a latent or dormant state.

Reasonsactivation of herpes

herpes on lips treatment, causes and prevention of diseases

Under certain conditions, most often with a decrease in immunity, the activation of the virus and its reproduction. What could trigger this process?

the common cold and infectious diseases;

- hypothermia or overheating - it may be a long time in the sun, bathing in cold water, and even seat conditioning;

- a stressful situation, conflicts;

- a strong fatigue, lack of sleep;

malnutrition, vitamin deficiency or poisoning;

- abuse of alcohol and strong coffee, Smoking.

So how to cure herpes completely impossible, you should try to minimize the recurrence of the disease. And for this we must know their causes.

Symptoms: herpes on the lips

Those who often appear rash, can easily recognize the first signs of the virus activation, to immediately take action. This will help to reduce the period of illness of several days. But without treatment, the relapse usually lasts from weeks to months, and the disease goes through four stages:

1. First, the patient feels tingling, itching and tingling on the skin, usually around the upper lip. This is the viral cells begin to activate and moving from the nerve ganglia to the surface of the lips.

2. Further inflammation. The skin is red, pop the bubbles with clear content. The skin in this place hurts and is itchy. The bubbles gradually increase in

3. Then the bubbles burst and the liquid spread on the surface of the skin. At this time the patient is very contagious.

4. On top of the bursting of the bubbles formed a crust of yellowish color. It is not recommended to touch it and especially to remove. After some time she disappears without scarring.

Ways of Contracting herpes

95% of the people infected with this virus. But most of it is dormant in ganglia nerve cells. Despite the fact that herpes lives in the body almost every person can speak about the infection. After the contact with the virus activated its sleeper cells. The infection occurs most often from an infected person or through personal hygiene items. Virus penetrates through skin lesions or through the mucous. Most often catch herpes through kissing when sharing towels, utensils or linens. Very often, the virus passes from mother to fetus during pregnancy and childbirth. So it turns out that many people herpes is in the body from birth.

Principles of treatment of herpes

how to cure herpes on lips folk remedies

To date have not yet created a drug that helps to get rid of this virus. He is so firmly embedded in the DNA of cells that any treatment can only reduce the frequency and reduce the duration of relapses. Methods are chosen depending on the individual course of the disease. Because everybody has different herpes (cold on the lips). Treatment should begin immediately when the first symptoms: itching and tingling. So you can speed up the healing of blisters to a few days. What is used to treat herpes?

- outside of antiviral drugs – creams and ointments;

- drugs that enhance the immune system;

in severe cases antiviral drugs are used in pill form or intravenously;

- you can use various folk methods of treatment;

- you also need to follow a special diet.

Since the virus is very contagious, it is impossible to open the bubbles and strip off the crust. After contact with an infected areas are required to wash hands. Otherwise, you can spread the virus to other parts of the body. The most dangerous thing to touch the eye, because through the mucous membranes of the herpes penetrates easily.

The Most effective medication for herpes

In the 70-ies of the 20 century created a drug specifically for the treatment of this disease. It is integrated into the viral DNA and prevents its reproduction. This drug is called the “List”. He and other drugs based on it are now the most effective against the herpes virus. But they need to apply when first signs of disease. Most commonly used ointment “List”. It must be applied to the rash several times a day with clean hands or a special stick. After contact with an infected place hands must be washed with soap and water.

In recent years created other products based on the means “List”. This medicines ‘Always’, ‘Vivorax” and “Ciclovir”. The most effective is the drug “Zovirax" because it contains propylene glycol, which facilitates the penetration of the cream into the deeper layers of the skin. There are also analogues of the means “List”: ointment “Fenistil penciler” and “Vectavir”. In complex cases – frequentthe relapses and the long - these drugs are used in the form of tablets. There are also more powerful means: "Valaciclovir” and “Famvir” - its equivalent. But they are used only on prescription, as they have many contraindications and side effects.

how to quickly treat herpes on lips at home

Other drugs used for diseases

Perhaps there never was a virus that plagued the people, regardless of their social status and way of life as the oral herpes. Treatment at home, it is in most cases brings positive results, and antiviral drugs speed up the healing process. But sometimes requires the use of other drugs.

  1. Means “Panavir". Herbal preparation, derived from potato sprouts. Its peculiarity is that in addition to antiviral action, it relieves itching and pain and, in addition, prevents the spread of viral cells.
  2. Drug “Abreu”. Cream, acting on cell membranes and protects them from the penetration of the virus. In its application, the reproduction of it quickly terminated.herpes on lips treatment at home
  3. Sometimes apply antibacterial ointment and gels: oxolinic, tetracycline ointment, medicines “Flucinar”, “the Liniment of Cycloferon” and others.
  4. To help the body to resist the virus, are used immunomodulatory drugs: “Interferon”, “interferon”, “Likopid” and others.
  5. To alleviate and remove pain and itching are used analgesics, anti-inflammatory and a sedative.

Simple treatment of oral herpes folk remedies

herpes or cold sore on the lips treatment folk

In some cases, for example if you are hypersensitive for any medicines, for the treatment you can use folk remedies. Very often such methods can be quick to help yourself, if you have the herpes or cold on the lips. Folk treatment is available to everyone, because it uses simple tools that are always at hand. Most effectively to apply them topically, lubricating or cauterizing appearing bubbles. So it is possible to quickly stop the replication of the virus. So, how to cure herpes on lips folk remedies?

- it is Very effective to cauterize the rash several times a day with tincture of propolis, sea buckthorn or fir oil, drug "Valocordin" or just ordinary alcohol.

- Well help in the fight against this disease herbs. You need to make lotions from fresh aloe, Kalanchoe, chopped sprigs of raspberries, juice from the leaves of the aspen, or viola tricolor. Effective as decoctions of mint, chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort.

- you Can use tools that everyone has in the kitchen: apply to the rash table salt, a paste of soda and water, lemon juice or garlic.

- Those who want to know how to quickly treat herpes on lips at home can prepare in advance ointment that will help them. Make it out of the vaseline with a powder "Soap" or leaf juice calendula, from a mixture of ash, honey and grated garlic. You can also prepare the juice of celandine, which is stored for a long time.

In recent years medicine well researched herpes on lips treatment, causes and prevention of disease. But scientists still have not created a means to completely get rid of this virus. So you need to live the kind of life that remains dormant and is not plagued by its frequent recurrence.

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