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Every year the number of Allergy sufferers. The spring bloom does not enjoy the beauty of the awakening nature to many people. And when it seems that with the end of the flowering period of the trees, you can relax, the danger starts to come from herbs. Particularly dangerous time, when ragweed blooms, the plant is considered to be the strongest allergen. What is the danger to humans of this weed and how to fight it?

Meet, ambrosia

when ragweed bloomsHomeland ambrosia is North America. But like a weed in our time it is entered in many parts of the world. On the territory of the Soviet Union, this herb appeared in the late sixties, in the Crimea. From there it spread to the Ukraine, then Moldova, Russia and partly Belarus. This plant is a persistent weed that dries out the soil and takes from it the necessary minerals for growth of cultural plants. Wymouth it can be up to two meters, while the root system penetrates deep into the soil. Feature is the inability to get rid of it, if not destroy growth at the roots. Otherwise, the place of proryvnye grow several stems will grow even stronger root system.

The Danger of ambrosia for humans

when it begins to bloom ambrosiaWhen it begins to bloom ambrosia in the air gets pollen, the concentration of which can cause allergic reactions even in healthy people who have never suffering from this disease. The ragweed season extends several tens of thousands of seeds, most of which will germinate and given the same seed. Thus, the spread of this plant takes the form of an epidemic and its negative impact on the population increases with every year.

Fight with ambrosia

To start an effective struggle against the insidious plant, you need to know the enemy in the face. Information about what it looks like ambrosia, to find not so difficult. First, many state and public organizations distribute leaflets with a photo, secondly, your neighbors and friends can point you to this herb. In a pinch you can look in the encyclopedia. When ragweed blooms, along with cultivated plants in the fields, then tips for its destruction are reduced to the application of special pesticides. For ordinary people it is quite enough to deal with it the old-fashioned way, pulling out plants by the roots. Of course, you have to do this more than once over the summer, but worth the effort. Grass, arisen later than the period, is able to shorten the cycle of maturation, to wither. It is therefore important not to view these new stages of germination of ambrosia. To weed the grass in the period when it begins to bloom ambrosia, and not only into the clothing, which covers arms and legs, keeping a minimum of exposed areas of the skin, gloves, respirator. Torn grass necessarily have to burn or even dry it will distribute the seeds. And they, in turn, tend to grow before reaching full maturity. Here she is, ambrosia.


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Signs of an allergic reaction to ragweed

remedies for allergies to bloomPeople with allergies are closely monitoring their health and taking preventive measures to avoid serious consequences of adverse reactions. Healthy do not really pay attention to what is in bloom nearby, and are often unable to detect the outbreak of allergies. Nasal congestion, sneezing and difficulty breathing are often confused with cold symptoms, trying to cure imaginary ailments. The result of the advanced stage of the disease, threatening dire consequences for the whole organism. Long-term exposure to a blossoming ambrosia causes the development of allergies, which later appear on other stimuli. These symptoms of this disease include itching and redness of all kinds, which at first no one pays attention. If you have a connection to the earth, you must know how to bloom ambrosia. Photos of plants found in any Botanical publication, allow time to begin the fight against the insidious enemy. Of course, all the plants in the area you destroy, the cleanup of nearby sites is already a big deal. In some localities impose fines for truckers and farmers, whose plots are growing thicket of ragweed.

Flowering time

how to bloom ambrosia photoSo, the most difficult period for people who are allergic to flowering is the time when ragweed blooms. Of course, much depends on the weather conditions of each year and area, but generally from late July to first frost continues this disaster. Sensitive people can react to the plants within a radius of two kilometers. Especially air is saturated with pollen of flowering plants in the early morning. Therefore, whatever seemed like fresh air, you can't go out. Thorough washing of hands, face and other exposed areas of the body after walking is also an important element in the prevention of the disease. Don't forget about wet cleaning and the nets, which would prevent the ingress into the dwelling of pollen.

Methods of treatment

how does ambrosiaWe All know that betterto prevent than to treat. Therefore, the simplest prescription is to move - at least temporarily - in a place where no ambrosia grows. But, unfortunately, it's not always feasible. Therefore, patients should know the means of allergies ragweed. In this modern age offered several forms of treatment. The most advanced, and at the same time costly and quite long is immunotherapy. It is somewhat similar to vaccination. Person small doses of injected allergen to the body used to fight with him, and started to properly respond. Carry out these treatments in the winter to adapt. That is, the body is prepared in advance to the beginning of the period when ragweed blooms. Another method - homeopathy, through which is cleansing the body and increasing the immunity. Well, the traditional way is to take antihistamines ("Tavegil", "Suprastin", "Clerical", etc.) during acute disease, which reduce the severity of symptoms.

Reviews treatments

the fight against ambrosiaUnfortunately, every individual reacts differently to certain methods of treatment. Someone helps homeopathy, and for many years, and someone does not see results from a long and expensive course. It's the same with drugs. Injections of the drug "Diprospan" help seamlessly migrate the flowering period of ragweed. But as hormonal drug, it has many side effects that can create even more serious problems. Many allergists recommend to relieve dyspnea and congestion remedies "Cetirizin", "Fixedin", "Citrine". But again it all individually. Someone will help those expensive the latest drugs, and someone saved the old-fashioned remedy for colds. Therefore, the only reasonable way - appeal to a good specialist who, after examination and identifying the stage of the disease, suggest the best treatment plan.

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