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The Patch as a therapeutic agent widely used in medical practice. It is easy to use, brings relief for many ailments. Medication patch in the modern world already has a different name – transdermal therapeutic system (TTS). It really is a design for the delivery of necessary substances to the right place. The drug is slowly released from the surface of the patch and through the upper layers of the skin (the dermis) safely penetrates into the circulatory system. In addition to the patch, comes another film with similar qualities.

The Advantages of TTS (transdermal therapeutic system)

  • Comfort use.
  • The Medicine does not harm the stomach because it passes.
  • The Active substance is delivered faster to the area.
  • You Can quickly stop treatment for adverse reactions.
  • It is Possible to reduce the dose of the drug, as it will not in vain be spent in the digestive tract.
  • The release Rate of the drug can be controlled.
  • Is Well-tolerated by children.

warming plaster

Patches can perform different tasks, for example, reduce pain, help to achieve a certain concentration of medication in the body. But most often they are used as a warming means.

Classification of medicated patches

A Large variety of patches available now for sale. Each type has its purpose, advantages and disadvantages.

Orthopedic. This product contains substances that stimulate the production of cartilage, protecting the cartilage from damage, promote the recovery of the body. These include a warming plaster to the joints.


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warming foot pads

Warm. The therapeutic effect is based on the increase in local blood circulation, warming the area of sticking. Used in the form of a supplementary agent in the treatment of respiratory catarrh, muscular pain, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease. The most common – pepper. This so-called plaster warm for back. For small children, it is contraindicated as it is possible to obtain toxic effects, because a baby's skin absorbs the medicine stronger than the dermis of an adult. Skin diseases should not be used. It is necessary to monitor possible overheating.

Anti-Inflammatory. Does not cause overheating of the portion, which is attached. Possible allergic reactions to components of the drug. There are side effects, so it's best to agree to the application with a specialist.

patch warming cough

Antifungal. Used in the treatment of fungal infections of nails, skin. Used in diagnosis “the athlete” after consultation with the doctor. Replaced as abrasion.

Nitroglycerin Patch. Used to facilitate the condition of patients with ischemia and frequent attacks of angina. Attached to the chest about 2 times a day. A compulsory physician recommendation, which must provide a negative impact. Nitroglycerin have many side effects, for example, it reduces blood pressure.

Patch analgesic (analgesics). Attached to the painful area, for example on the muscles and joints in degenerative disc disease, after receiving the injuries. Should have a local impact but are part of the active substances get into the bloodstream, spreads throughout the body, because of this not recommended for pregnant women and children. There are various warming foot pads.

Anti-Cellulite. Attached to the sections with this defect. There is an increase in blood flow that helps of excess fat to dissolve.

Contraception. Attached for a different period, from 1 to 7 days. Dosage and duration of the bonding is selected by the doctor. Protects from unwanted pregnancy.

patch for the back warming

Nicotine. Such patches effectively compete with nicotine addiction. In the blood are doses of nicotine, which over time gradually reduced. The number of patches and the frequency of their bonding determines the doctor-psychiatrist.

Reflecting. The effect is based on the reflection of heat which produces to the human body. Does not contain active substance, therefore, has practically no contraindications.

Limitations in the use of medicated patches

Not all drugs can be used in such systems. Suitable only potent with certain chemical properties that allow it to penetrate the skin. Patch warming requires a longer time to the action of the drug start to give some result, so in case of urgent delivery of the medication to the sore place is better to make the shot.

The Application of medical adhesives has a number of contraindications. You cannot use them with:

  • Poor circulation;
  • Diseases of the skin;
  • Diabetes;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Allergic reactions to the drug components.

With caution and only after consulting physician apply such funds women who feed their babies breast. In the children'sage, you can only use special types of medicated plasters.


Treat kids hard. During illness they are capricious, and still have to put a compress or a heating pad, rinse the throat or nose drip. All these procedures are not very fond of kids, but the patch warming to attach much easier.

warming plaster for coughs and colds

In the treatment of children's colds

  • Cooling plaster can be used to reduce the temperature. Contains menthol, camphor, mint. Relieves, reduces cough.
  • Warming. Used when normal temperature is maintained for a few days. Nice for a child the temperature the product can retain up to 8 hours. Warming plaster for cough for children is very common among moms.
  • Inhalation. Fixed on the clothes closer to the nose. Medication in the form of essential oils will evaporate and make breathing easier.

medical patch warming for coughs and colds

Good feedback from parents provided a patch against the cold “Wheezy”. The main active ingredients are camphor and eucalyptus. This product performs the following functions:

  • Fights viruses.
  • Makes breathing Easier.
  • Reduces swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx.
  • Has a calming effect.

“Wheezy” is not recommended children under 1 year. Before applying the plaster it is necessary to consult a doctor. The therapeutic effect will be achieved faster if you are taking several remedies for colds.

Warming effect

The Most popular patches of this series is pepper. Main active ingredients-extract of hot pepper and leaves of belladonna. Treatment is provided by increasing blood flow. The nutrition of tissues increases, decreases muscle spasm. In this patch there are no painkillers, but the reduction in pain observed due to distractions. Often recommend pepper patch with cervical osteochondrosis and back pain from sciatica. But to use this tool should be with caution, knowing the exact diagnosis. For example, the heating of the pinched nerves and joints with arthritis will lead to serious complications.

How to use

Better to stick the patch warming small pieces, that the impact was only on a certain area, and healthy tissue is not affected. With cervical osteochondrosis is a small plate should be attached at the area of connection of thoracic and cervical vertebrae. With sciatica in the thoracic part of the need to seal the area between the shoulder blades. In cases of lumbar radiculitis small strips of plaster are placed on the lower back.

warming plaster for cough for kids

People with sensitive skin is difficult to withstand the impact of pepper products. There is another patch with a warming effect – “Cetral”. It warms up the area of sticking, helps the muscles to relax and relieves pain. But with poor circulation, diabetes and pregnancy can not be used. For children under 14 years is also not recommended to use this tool.

Sticky medicine

Patches can help in many situations to cope with the problem, it is only necessary to know how such a tool to use. For example, the medical patch warming cough and sore throat you can stick at the beginning of the disease. So he will not be able to develop stronger. For example, capsicum plaster can be glued stripes with a cross to the nose – from tip to forehead and on the sides.

Before applying need to read the instructions. There are described the method of application. Glue sticky medicine only on healthy skin. For wounds, abrasions, scratches, this tool is not recommended. It is also impossible to stick with moles and warts. To unstick the patch will be easier if you lubricate it with vegetable oil. After a few minutes he restrained himself. So it is necessary to remove children because they have especially sensitive skin.

Reviews about

Therapeutic patches receive positive feedback from patients who were treated in this way. The tool is not troublesome to use, does not interfere with the movement. Only not always possible to apply the plaster warming themselves, for example, on the back. When using such means, the result is felt immediately. But in the case with diseased joints have to be patient. Note that some types of patches are expensive. This stops people from buying, because there is more quick money in the form of tablets and injections.

warming plaster

Doctors have a positive attitude to the use of patches, especially with a warming effect. Also praised the warming plaster for coughs and colds. For children, this cure in the best way possible. Often there are situations when children need to warm up, and make it difficult due to the large mobility of the baby. The patch helps out in such cases. Not always patients whether to undergo physiotherapy and the treatment patch can in some way replace them.


In recent years, treatment with these patches is gaining popularity. They are convenient to use, and therapy can not be stopped even when going to work. Warming plaster for coughs is an amazing drug.It is used for colds, backaches and other ailments. After all, it only has to be pasted in the right place, and he will treat himself – persistently and patiently. It seems that this is fiction, but it's worth a try to use to understand the reality and efficiency.

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