Each symptom of hemorrhoids needs attention


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Hemorrhoids – this is a pretty insidious disease. The main difficulty in its detection lies in the fact that it has expressed a fluctuating course. As a rule, the attacks of pain give way to a long remission. That is why many people over the years do not go to doctors, preferring simply to endure the next peak, not realizing that the disease continued to spread.

symptom of hemorrhoidsThis illness is shrouded in stigma. Most agree that the main symptom of hemorrhoids – the presence of “lumps”, exposed butthole. But this disease can be internal, besides it has many signs by which it is easy to recognize even before the appearance of these nodules.

To ensure that the disease did not become chronic, it should start to heal in a timely manner. You need to know the basic signs of a developing disease. So, the most striking symptom of hemorrhoids – burning in the anus. This is because the hemorrhoids at loss secrete a caustic slime that irritating and even corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes.

external hemorrhoids symptomsSecond most well-known symptom of hemorrhoids – the appearance of fresh red blood in the stool. The bleeding may be occasional and permanent. It is shared not only by duration but also by volume. Blood can remain on the toilet paper or be a little noticeable in the stool. The most dangerous is the case when it defecation flows down stream. This can lead to a sharp decrease of hemoglobin in the blood.


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The Most painful of acute hemorrhoids. The symptoms of it, unlike the chronic form, always much brighter and expression. There is a strong tingling and Intrusive, annoying pain in the anal region. These uncomfortable feelings due to the fact that the disease progresses. The tingling sensations are observed not only at the time of bowel movements, and even walking and prolonged sitting. In difficult and advanced cases they become permanent. Another symptom of hemorrhoids in the acute form – inflammatory swelling. They bring severe discomfort to the patient, even with a simple sneeze.

acute hemorrhoids symptomsSpecific symptoms is external hemorrhoids. Its symptoms are, as a rule, are already pathological. We are talking about the loss of nodes. Initially, they are located in the inner cavity of the anus. This is only the first stage of the disease. But with the development of hemorrhoids nodes drop out. The degree of disease can be judged by the way you can pop them back into the cavity of the intestine: in the second stage they leave on their own, the third reduce hands, the fourth one can help only surgical intervention.

And the last symptom of hemorrhoids-constipation. This characteristic is not strictly specific, as it may indicate a variety of diseases. But its distinguishing feature in this case is the lack of urge to defecate. The above symptoms of hemorrhoids may meet as a group and individually. This disease is individual and largely depends on the structure of the body and immune system. But with the appearance of at least one of these signs you must consult a doctor for medical help. This disease never goes away by itself.

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