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What a medicinal substance, such as Protamine sulfate? Instructions for its use, as well as the form and indications to be indicated below.Protamine sulfate

Composition, description, form

What is Protamine sulfate? This solution, produced in the form of yellow or colorless transparent liquid intended for intravenous administration. The drug based on the drug substance has the same name and additionally contains water for injection.

The sale of “Protamine sulfate” is supplied in capsules that are placed in a contour cell PVC film, which are packaged in cardboard boxes. Also in the package is placed instructions for use and ampoule opener.

Action drug

What is the Protamine sulfate? The manual reports that it is an antagonist of heparin (specific). 1 mg of the substance capable of neutralizing in the patient's blood around 80-115 UNITS of heparin.

The Action under consideration after intravenous injection occurs immediately and lasts about two hours. The complexation of this drug due to the abundance of cationic groups that bind to anionic centers of heparin.

According to the instructions of Protamine sulfate in the human body forms a complex with the Protamine-heparin, which is destroyed with the last release.

Overdose of this remedy the patient can be greatly reduced blood clotting, so that the active substance is considered the drug exhibits high anticoagulant activity.Protamine sulfate instruction

The Pharmacokinetics of funds

What are the kinetic properties of the heparin Protamine sulfate? According to experts, the pharmacokinetic characteristics of this drug substance has not been investigated. Therefore, in the instructions they are not represented.


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Indications for use of the solution

In some cases, the patient can be assigned to the I. V. solution “Protamine sulfate”? Use of this tool is shown:

  • Before surgery in people taking heparin for therapeutic purposes;
  • If gipergeparinemia;
  • Bleeding caused by overdose of heparin;
  • After surgery on the blood vessels and heart with extracorporeal circulation.

Prohibitions to the appointment of the solution

The Drug “Protamine sulfate" (prescription for its purchase should only prescribe physician) is contraindicated in the following cases:Protamine sulfate recipe

  • Thrombocytopenia;
  • High sensitivity to the elements of medicine;
  • Severe arterial hypotension;
  • Congenital or idiopathic of gipergeparinemia (in this state the drug is ineffective, and can also significantly increase the bleeding);
  • Receiving insulin and other medicines containing Protamine sulfate;
  • Allergic reactions to fish products, including in history;
  • Failure of the adrenal cortex.

Not to mention the fact that the experience of medical use of this tool in children is limited.

During pregnancy and lactation "Protamine sulfate" can be used. However, this should be done only if the expected effect of treatment far exceeds the risk for fetus or child.

The Drug “Protamine sulfate”: application manual

The Reporting solution should be administered slowly by intravenous drip or bolus. The rate of administration should not be higher than 5 mg per minute. Faster introduction of medicinal substances can cause the patient's anaphylactoid reaction.

The Dosage of this medication depends on the method of its introduction. The calculated dose should be dissolved in 300-500 ml of 0.9% sodium chloride solution. It is strictly forbidden to enter more than 150 mg of the drug within 60 minutes.Protamine sulfate application

  • When bolus injections dosage of Protamine sulfate is reduced depending on the time that has elapsed from the introduction of heparin. This is due to the fact that the latter is continuously removed from the human body.
  • If the heparin is injected intravenous drip, you must stop the infusion and use about 20-30 mg of Protamine sulfate.
  • When injecting heparin subcutaneously, the dosage of Protamine sulfate is 1-1.5 mg per 100 IU of heparin. The first 25-50 mg should be administered slowly intravenously, and the remaining number – drip intravenously for 8-17 hours. It is also possible fractional introduction, however, this will require strict monitoring APTT.
  • When the prompt intervention in case of using extracorporeal circulation dosage the considered solution is 1.5 mg / 100 IU of heparin.

The Maximum duration of therapy before the tool is 3 days.

The Action side of character

Whether Protamine sulfate can cause adverse reactions? Manual claims that in General this drug is relatively well tolerated by patients. However, in some cases, it can cause negative effects to the immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems, and skincovers:

  • Bradycardia, decrease in blood pressure;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Itching, skin rash, anaphylactic reactions;
  • Feeling the heat, feeling short of breath and redness of the skin.Protamine sulfate usage instructions

Cases of overdose and interactions with other drugs

Consider the solution suitable for intravenous injection is incompatible with penicillins and cephalosporins. Due to the fact that he is a antagonist low molecular weight heparins, this medication may increase the duration and intensity of action of non-depolarizing muscle relaxants.

An Overdose of the drug may be accompanied by bleeding. This is due to the fact that the material has high anticoagulant activity. This requires symptomatic treatment.

Special information

What you should know before you enter such a solution as Protamine sulfate? Experts say that the use of this drug must be strictly monitored by a doctor who is obliged to regularly monitor the blood clotting of the patient.

Before the introduction of this medication, you must ensure adequate blood volume of the patient. This is due to the fact that hypovolemia significantly increases the risk of collapse.

Storage Conditions, the vacation of pharmacies, shelf life

Freely sold in pharmacies, the drug “Protamine sulfate”? The recipe is in Latin or Russian language should be presented to the pharmacist, otherwise, the medication is released.Protamine sulfate is a prescription for the Latin

To Store the tool you need in reach of children and protected from sunlight, where the temperature ranges from 4 to 10 degrees. It should also be noted that the I. V. solution “Protamine sulfate” in no case should not be frozen.

The shelf Life of this medication is 4 years from production date. You should not use it after this period.

Analogues of the drug and feedback

Analogues, the tools are not very many. The intravenous solution can be replaced with drugs such as “Protamine” and “Protamine-Verein”.

With regard to consumer reviews, almost all of them are positive. “Protamine sulfate” is a very effective and efficient tool available to everyone. This is precisely the opinion of the majority of patients. They claim that this drug does not give heparin to slow down the process of blood clotting, improving the patient's condition in case of excessive bleeding.heparin, Protamine sulfate

The advantages of this medicinal substance include its quick and lasting effect. In addition, to achieve the therapeutic effect the patient is not required to conduct long-term treatment. The maximum period of use of this drug is three days.

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