Clavicle: displaced fracture is serious, but not fatal


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In the human body 206 bones (adult). All the bones solid and resistant, but quite brittle. Including clavicle, fracture (especially offset) — an unpleasant thing and can lead to serious and threatening consequences. This injury happens quite often. Most of the danger of fracture of this bone are athletes and children: first because of the occupation, the latter because of the well-established coordination, in conjunction with fall more often than adults.clavicle fracture with displacement

Causes of clavicular fractures

They are of two types. First, the result of a blow to the shoulder. With sufficient force and in a certain place hit suffers collarbone. A fracture with displacement with this — the most likely result. And it may happen even splitting with the bone fragments. The second reason is — a nasty fall on the elbow, straight arm or the outer side of the forearm. Sharp load shall be assumed by the clavicle, a displaced fracture is almost guaranteed. These falls are often caused by ice, so it was winter trauma victims crowded with clavicular fractures.

Symptoms of a broken clavicle

First of all, it is, of course, pain where the hand moves down, and some moves become unavailable. Shoulder at the fracture site swells, the formation of a bruise (hematoma), if under the skin was bleeding. The location of the shoulder takes an irregular shape: it goes up and moves forward. Instinctively one begins to maintain healthy hand elbow and pressed to his body. Change the appearance and the clavicle: displaced fracture deforms it, thus shortened the shoulder girdle.fracture of the clavicle with displacement operation


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Treatment of an injury

First of all, as with any other fracture, need fixing. At least the victim's hand hung in the scarf, the scarf or any other piece of material. Better, however, to go beyond this and attach the limb to the body, to reduce the load on a broken bone and not to increase displacement. Further action will be taken by the surgeon.

In most cases, when there was a fracture of a clavicle with displacement, treatment is to return the wreckage to its original place. This is done under local anesthesia. As because of muscle spasms to keep them in the right position difficult, in the future, it is necessary to apply special devices for rigid fixation, in particular the so-called ring of the Delbo. If the offsets when the injury was avoided, rather the usual dressings. During the month, a collarbone will heal.fracture of the clavicle with displacement treatment

Severe fractures

If you are not lucky and you received a fracture of the clavicle with displacement, will need surgery only when hurt or trapped the rubble of the nerve endings. Another reason for the intervention of the surgeon may be unsuccessful because the location of the wreckage: when you reposition they can rip the skin or nerves and blood vessels. Another case — when the offset cannot be corrected, and the collarbone remains deformed. And it's not just a cosmetic drawback: such deformations will not interfere with the full use of my arm. Of course, will need surgery and when you open forms of fractures.

In General, fracture of clavicle — a thing painful and unpleasant, but not fatal. Even in difficult cases he treated up to six months. However, the prevention — is always better than cure. And if you're not athletic, don't let your collarbone a chance to break at least the fact that wear in the winter, reliable, non-slippery shoes.

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