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Probably every fan of beer ever wondered about whether you can drink beer when taking antibiotics. Of course, logically you can guess that this combination is unacceptable. But despite this, most people still drink alcoholic beverages together with drugs. About the consequences of such irresponsible behavior, we tell in this article.can you drink beer while taking antibiotics

Basic information

Beer is the favorite drink of many people residing in different countries of the world. However, few people realize that over time this product can cause significant harm to the body, especially those people who are often sick and taking antibiotic funds.

Can I drink beer while taking antibiotics? Of course not. The fact that these drugs have an impact not just on the human body, and to certain substance that promotes the inhibition of infections. With this purpose, the concentration of antibiotic in the blood should be constant and stable. Based on these factors, and calculated the intake of certain medications.

By the Way, as soon as the antibiotic concentration means in the human body decreases, it is reduced by receiving a new dose of medication. This is done in order not to allow infections to flourish, and the recovery came as quickly as possible.

can you drink beer after taking antibiotics

Alcohol and drugs are compatible or not?

Can I drink beer while taking antibiotics? Unfortunately, most people don't even ask this question. They believe that a drink or two with a frothy beverage after taking the pills not at all scary. However, the doctors with this opinion categorically do not agree. They argue that even a few SIPS of beer after taking medication can cause the patient's rather unexpected reaction, which not only knocks it out of the rut of everyday life, but also lead to hospitalization or even death.


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Beer-is alcohol?

Can I drink beer after taking antibiotics? Many patients mistakenly believe that beer is not alcohol, but because it can in any quantity to take along with drugs. However, scientists have long proved that a small amount of alcohol contains even nonalcoholic beer. In the usual drink its concentration may reach 5% or more. And if you consider the fact that many people drink beer in large glasses and in vast quantities, the alcohol content in the human body is not so small as it seems at first glance.

can you drink beer while taking antibiotics

Can you take antibiotics after drinking alcoholic beverages?

I'm Sure many people have heard that antibiotics and beer are incompatible, however, as any other drinks that contain alcohol. Than this fact explain? The fact that beer is able to not only block the action of certain drugs (and you can make the reception absolutely useless, which is especially dangerous in serious diseases), but also to trigger certain chemical reactions in the body that negatively affect the patient's condition.

beer and antibiotics will work and consequences

Reaction to medication and alcohol

Can I drink beer while taking antibiotics? Experts forbid to combine components such as human reaction to such a combination can be unpredictable.

  • Beer can slow down the process of elimination from the body of the patient of active substances of drugs. Thus, the patient will be exposed to the strongest intoxication.
  • Alcohol influences work of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of active ingredients take antibiotic. As a result, the drugs may not act on a patient in full force, which is extremely dangerous in the presence of serious pathology.
  • The Combination of beer and pills often leads to headaches, increased blood pressure and nausea, and sometimes even fatal. By the way, the above reactions can occur after only a ¼ hours after ingestion of beer and last for about two weeks.
  • When drinking alcohol during treatment with antibiotics significantly increases the load on the liver and kidneys. As a result, the patient can expect a rather unpleasant consequences.
  • Can you drink beer with antibiotics? Of course not. If you neglect doctor's recommendations, such a combination may depressing effect on the Central nervous system. Also the patient may experience sleepiness, depression, and apathy.
  • Often when medication and beer people have violated the psychological processes and the work of the circulatory system. This sharp increase in blood pressure may lead to collapse, and as a consequence, occur congestive heart failure.
  • If every time to wash down the antibiotics, beer, in the end, the patient disrupted the work of the digestive tract and also nausea, stomach pain and vomiting. As a consequence, this may lead to internal bleeding and ulcers.

Other opinions

Is it Possible to take beer and antibiotics?Compatibility and the consequences of such behavior are discussed for decades. There are experts who believe that the reception of beer does not affect the distribution of antibiotic means according to the human body. To prove the opposite, some experts decided to conduct laboratory research. They proved that in any beer contains ethanol, which quickly reacts with the medication, especially antibiotics. As a result, in the formed coupling occurs harmful substance, which causes human poisoning. Thus, it has been proven that alcohol, including beer, interacts perfectly with all of the antibiotics.

antibiotics and beer why not combine the treatment with alcohol

What determines the poisoning?

Now you know that it is forbidden to take simultaneously and antibiotics, and beer. Why not combine the treatment with alcohol? The fact that the consequences of this combination can be quite different. The most common reaction of an organism depends on:

  • The kind of antibiotic funds;
  • Percentage of alcohol and harmful components in beer;
  • Individual;
  • The presence of various diseases;
  • Power.

What other drugs you can't drink beer?

There are many drugs, mixing them with alcohol is strictly prohibited, as this can cause poisoning of the body, and coma and even death. Such drugs include the following: "Disulfiram”, “Biseptol”, “Metronidazole”, “Ketoconazole”, “Furazolidone", "Chloramphenicol", "Nizoral”, “Trimoxazole”, “Cephalosporins”.

can you take antibiotics after drinking

The combination of these funds with the beer, the patient may experience vomiting, chills, nausea, confusion of thoughts, loss of consciousness, dizziness, tachycardia, low blood pressure, brain ischemia.


When and how much can you drink alcohol after antibiotics? Experts say that drinking alcohol after antibiotic treatment means it is possible only after one to two weeks. Otherwise, the beer in combination with medications can trigger the development of the following diseases:

  • Stomach ulcers, tachycardia, internal bleeding;
  • The asthenic syndrome, depression, liver disease;
  • Allergic reactions, poisoning, noise in the ears;
  • Disorders of the heart, nervous and circulatory systems.

when and how much can you drink alcohol after antibiotics

It should Also be noted that the beer and antibiotics are toxic products. When ingested, they are pretty much disturbances. If these funds are taken together, it can be thoroughly hurt yourself. So the beer in the course of treatment with antibiotics is better to abstain.

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