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Every girl wants to look gorgeous, but the prices of fashionable clothes lately bite. Modern ladies learn sewing skills. With the help of imagination and sewing machines they create masterpieces. Of course, you can find and print ready patterns, but it is much better to sit clothes sewn individually. Lately in Vogue are a variety of collars, they are present on any outfit and look very stylish.

Complexity of compiling a pattern


Girls are taught to sew dresses and make patterns for them in almost every school, so any seamstress can remember how to create a dress, trousers or skirt. But with the pattern of the collar can cause problems. There are too many kinds of this product, and they simply could not fit into the school curriculum. Needlewomen, have long been passionate about sewing, of course, are able to carve out any item of clothing, but these girls are not very many. Do not be afraid of trying to sew complicated items. Each girl is able to carve out a beautiful collar, just have to put a bit of effort.

Required tools

It All starts with the selection of tools for the pattern of the collar. In this case, you will need:

  • Paper from which to cut the pattern of the collar. If you plan to further its use as the basis for creativity, it is best to choose a durable material, for example, a small piece of paper or cardboard.
  • Pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Ruler.
  • Pattern.
  • The tape to get measurements or readymade size.

After all the tools ready, you can begin to work.

Stand Collar

collar pattern

The Pattern is required when sewing men's shirts, women's blouses or dresses. It is constructed with a bend, so how is only half of the volume.

Progress on drafting a pattern:

  • First we construct a rectangle ОВВ3В2 where the line S-bend. The height of the collar depends on the design decisions of future products.
  • Next should be postponed up to one centimeter of the extreme points (B3, B2).
  • Find the middle of the long lines and navigate through the resulting points using patterns of lines to points B and O

Pattern Mandarin collar ready. This is one of the easiest types of collars, with the construction drawing to be able to handle any girl.

Cowl neck

cowl neck pattern

The Most popular, interesting and easy to manufacture collar. There are several ways the construction of the pattern cowl neckline. For starters, you can consider the easiest way. The whole process boils down to one action. Cut out a rectangle whose length corresponds to the length of the neck of the product. Cutting produce certainly on the bias.

There is a huge diversity of these collars, some of them pritachivajut to the product, some cut together with a blouse or dress. The possibility of constructing a pattern of the collar of the clamp is limited only by the imagination needlewoman. Classic collar would look great as an evening dress and a casual blouse.

Detachable collar

The Detachable collar is able to complement the look and add the missing “highlight” in the outfit. Its peculiarity lies in the absence of the need to participate this accessory to the product. Collar can be worn over clothing or to serve as an independent decoration, such as suspension.

pattern detachable collar

In the manufacture of this model will have to be very careful, after all you have very fine, does not tolerate mistakes. First, you need to choose the fabric for the collar, this will depend on the width of the seam. Pattern detachable collar requires no precision, it should not fit perfectly to the dress or blouse. Coming up with the form of such products, you can unleash the imagination or copy a ready-made idea and just make some changes.

Very often, the collar embroidered with beads. They should be cut out of the felt, the material behaves during the sewing of the ornaments. If the idea involves only a partial item, then the front side of a thin fabric should be strengthened with several layers of fleece, embroider according to the idea of beads and only then connect it to the wrong part of the collar.

How to pritchet collar?

pattern collar for the dress

All the collar patterns for dresses (except for a removable option)cut to precision for the finished product. The process of primaqiune collar is the finishing in the sewing and can ruin the hard work. To avoid this, it is best to use a running stitch. This measure will allow to control the movement of the fabric during operation for the machine.

First to the neck attached to the upper side of the collar, iron the seams thoroughly and to commence the final lines. It is exactly at the junction of the upper part of collar and reverse side of the product. Stitches should be small, will have to work slowly, constantly adjusting the cloth and pushing it with your hand.

Pattern coat without collar

Fashion is rapidly marching forward, and now no one should be surprised summer coat without a collar. This item of clothing will help to keep warm in cool day, and this will be a very stylish look even in the middle of summer, not only in early fall or late spring.

pattern coat collarless

For the construction of the pattern coat without a collar, use a basic framework for the dress. It should be in the Arsenal of every girl, passionate about sewing. The modeling process is not very complicated:

  1. You Should follow the convenience of the shoulder seams. If the pattern is tested and finalized, do not arise, but in the case of the first use of the basic Foundation may need some repair.
  2. Align the shoulder lines. They should be the same on the front and back halves of the product.
  3. Will Have to extend the armhole, so that the fabric for the coat thicker suit. This is indicated by a new line under the armhole a couple of inches below the previous one.
  4. Extend a pattern. 1 cm the front and the back, 2 cm armhole.
  5. Reducing the depth of the neck at the back about a centimeter.
  6. The Neckline shelves extend for 3 cm.
  7. Sideline coat must extend to the bottom of 10 cm, and not to be straight.
  8. Modeling the future of the sleeveless coat.

You can then proceed to cutting and sewing the coat. In the process of sewing the product you need to try and eliminate all bugs as soon as possible. Treatment of the neck often produce with yoke. This treatment option allows the edges to avoid unnecessary seams, the neck becomes soft and does not cause irritation on the skin.

Sewing is much easier than it seems, and do not be afraid to try to create a small collar or as a whole coat. A girl who knows how to sew, there will always be fashionably dressed. This motivates many ladies to master the sewing machine and model new clothing items.

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