The technique of decoupage. Paper napkin, glue and lacquer – based refined decor


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Unique household items, decorated with patterns and paintings, executed in the technique of well-known artists has always been a refined decoration of any interior. A similar thing can be done independently, using the usual decor table cloth with bright pattern or a picture from a magazine. Decorating objects with paper cut out ancient art, whose origins can be detected in China in the 7th-9th centuries ad decoupage Technique was used for decoration of various items in France, England and Germany since the 16th century. In our technocratic age, due to the special interest in manual creativity that keeps bright individuality of its Creator, the interest in this technique arose with renewed vigor, she once again at the peak of popularity in many countries of Europe.

Decoupage Technique is widely used for decoration decorative plates, trays, bottles, frames for mirrors and pictures. Very original and colorful work pieces of furniture, the most simple table or a chest of drawers, decorated with colored scrapbook paper transformed into original art objects. Furniture, decorated with hand painted and inlaid, are always highly prized and cost a lot of money. Using cloth, various symbols or special decoupage card, you can create a unique piece of furniture, not being able to paint without brushes and paints.

The Technique of decoupage on wood

The Essence of this technique is the following. Selected the desired image. It may be a clipping from a magazine, napkin decoupage or card (swipe and cards are sold in specialized or online stores). Carefully cut out the pattern along the contour and affixed to the prepared wood surface with a special glue (you can use water, diluted PVA glue). After drying, the drawing it is further decorated using various techniques, for example, cover krakelyurnogo varnish, complete with gold leaf, texture paste, shade with acrylic paints. The final phase of work will cover the surface with several layers of acrylic clear coat. The layers of lacquer is applied to complete the smoothing of boundaries between figure and surface. To begin to master the technique of decoupage better with some simple object such as a wooden tabletop. Decorate the countertop of white wooden table with floral ornament.


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You'll need bouquets of flowers cut from napkins or decoupage maps, decoupage glue or PVA, acrylic lacquer. On the table lay clippings as they will be glued. Important: three-ply napkins take only the top layer and glue it carefully, applying the glue over the napkin, paving brush drawing, be careful not to create folds. A heavier paper pasted in the usual way, spreading from the inside. After drying, the stickers, the work fixed with a few layers of clear lacquer. This is the simple technique of decoupage for beginners.

Decorate with clippings from the paper can be not only wood surfaces, but also glass, textiles, metal and plastic.

The Technique of decoupage on plastic

All items made of plastic (tableware, trays, old records, from which you can make the basis for a clock or decorative panels, pots, watering cans, flower pots, etc.), you can successfully decorate with paper clippings. In fact, the technique of decoupage is held here in the same sequence as on the tree. There are just some nuances. So, it is very important before gluing the paper fragment plastic surface is well degreased with alcohol to better stuck decor. The top layer of the napkin is glued with diluted PVA glue over the picture. For a denser adhesive paper divorce does not need to, and paper cutting spread glue on the back of it. Thickly smeared with glue and the plastic surface. The product is made of plastic, decorated in the technique of decoupage, be sure to cover the protective lacquer layer (you can use nitrocellulose lacquer for a car in the spray).

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