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Hand Made gift or card would be much nicer to get in solemn day, a friend, than to hold a standard purchase option. Self-made things are unique and unrepeatable, and only if it is accompanied by warm wishes, this gift will be remembered for a long time.

Most people think that to make beautiful greeting cards birthday will not work, if you do not have expensive materials, but this opinion is erroneous. Enough to have simple skills in needlework to create a unique masterpiece.

how to make greeting cards for birthday

How to make a card with butterflies

These creatures are gentle, very beautiful and graceful, and therefore fully deserve to become a worthy ornament of any cards.

To make a card for the holiday, you will need to acquire the following materials:

  • White paper two sheets;
  • Colorful watercolor;
  • Brushes
  • Hole punch;
  • Hot glue
  • A simple pencil, if you have the desire to create a preliminary sketch.

How to build

Make a card on the day of birth with their hands in the following ways:

  1. White paper apply abstract patterns in different colors. If you have a child, then such work can safely trust him.
  2. Picture is set aside to dry.
  3. During this time, you can do other useful work. The remaining white sheet folded in half. The outer side is decorated with a blue background color, using blue watercolor paint.
  4. Then, after the background has dried you need to paint a tree branch. Here you will need a thin brush and watercolor. If you are not sure that the first time everything will work out beautifully, you can create a sketch of the branches, using a simple pencil.
  5. Multi-colored pattern with a hole punch creates a butterfly in the quantities in which they are needed.
  6. Comes the turn of hot glue, which will fix the butterfly on the tree. It is applied on the back side of the workpiece, at the very center.

Card to the birthday with their hands over.


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how to make a beautiful card for a birthday

An Original gift with flowers

Many ladies like the flowers, so why not surprise a loved one an original gift? In particular, it will be appreciated that if a card will beautify favorite kind of flower.

how to make a greeting card for birthday mom

This unusual token of appreciation will surely enjoy and mom as a present for any special event. So, how to make a greeting card for birthday mom?

You Must have the following content:

  • Thick colored cardboard or paper;
  • Hole punch that will create the contours of flower selected;
  • Sheets of colored paper;
  • Glue stick;
  • Paper made of old;
  • Hot glue
  • Paint;
  • The token.

Step by Step instructions

  1. Using the hole punch cut blanks from sheets of colored paper. Hole punch you can always replace the template and then on its outline to cut flowers. Paper is the same color from which you want the flower.
  2. This will need some cardboard, its surface (except the edges) is processed using glue sticks. Then the top applied paper antique and proslejivaetsya for good adherence.
  3. Using hot glue, fix the card on the flowers at random as prompts fantasy.
  4. Marker or paint needed at the very last stage of work to create the core of each flower.

Questions about how to make a greeting card for birthday mom more should not stay.

how to make greeting cards for birthday

What else can you do

This variant of the original cards will fit to please representatives of a strong half of mankind. Most shops have a standard set of cards with flowers. If this option is good as a gift to a woman, for men it is unlikely to be suitable.

But to make a card for a birthday of paper in paper shirts will not be so difficult.

Before you can create an original and memorable masterpiece, it is necessary to have sheets of thin cardboard of different colors. The first is chosen for a basis, this will be the shirt. The second plays the role of tie that you want to make eye-catching, bright. Still need a couple of small buttons to decorate the collar, as well as scissors and glue. It is recommended to use glue stick because it doesn't leave marks on the paper.

Next will be described how to make a beautiful card for a birthday.


  1. Bilateral sheet of cardboard is folded in half. It will serve as a template for the cards. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the size or shape, you canto use scissors to edge processing.
  2. Stepping back from the top two centimeters, it is necessary to make two cuts, they will serve as boundaries, indicating the shirt collar.
  3. On the second sheet, which is the reverse side of the postcard, the top is cut off a strip having the width of the collar, so the detail could stand out on the main background.
  4. Notched strips should be folded to the Central part and apply glue to the fold line so that the corners remained intact.
  5. After completion of work on the basis of the cards is to make a tie. It is recommended to do contrast.
  6. Measured the required length for the selected paper, then cut the shape of a rectangular shape.
  7. The Resulting workpiece is fixed under the collar so that the lower part was left free.
  8. As a final step, attach the buttons, and the card is ready.
make a card for the birthday of the paper

There are plenty of options and instructions on how to make greeting cards on the birthday of his hands. In this paper, we have presented only the most interesting and original ideas suitable for any occasion. As can be seen from the text, all the options are fairly simple and make them very easily. By the way, to help make a postcard for the children, they too will find work. The child is quite able to help to make background card or glued to the various elements. Besides, there are DIY will not take much time to produce, and the resulting gift is sure to delight the birthday boy on this bright day.

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