Tulips kanzashi: master class on creating accessories


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The Japanese technique of folding flowers patchwork allows you to create unusual things that you can decorate hair, clothes, interior detail, or just a nice little thing to gift to a loved one. We will try to make in the master class kanzashi and tulips to decorate the magnet.

Start a job

To create a magnet you will need the following materials:

  • Satin ribbon 2.5 cm pink, beige and green colors;
  • Tweezers;
  • Scissors
  • Candle or lighter;
  • Glue guns;
  • Railway line;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Soldering iron;
  • Stamens;
  • Bead;
  • Felt;
  • Magnet diameter 4 cm

polymer clay master class tulips

Now you can start Master class. Tulips kanzashi On the magnet will be created in the following order:

  1. On one petal cut from the pink ribbon part of the length of 3.5 cm Only the bouquet will be 5 buds Tulip kanzashi, 6 leaves each. That is, we need 30 pieces.
  2. Take one piece, fold in half vertically and cut along the arc top edge to make the oval petal like Tulip.
  3. Opalium the edge of the fabric a lighter, bending the tape inside. With both sides folded and assembled the lower part. Turned round leaf.
  4. While Holding the end with tweezers, again opalium, locking the tape into position. Make 6 such petals on one flower.

Create a bouquet

It Remains to add the foliage and collect the item:

  1. Cut from the green tape a segment of length 8 cm Of a single part get 2 leaves. All you need to do 10 pieces of different shapes. Fold the ribbon in half, face inward, horizontally.
  2. Put a diagonal line and perform a soldering iron, forming a sheet. If no soldering iron, you can cut the sheet with scissors, holding forceps, and clip a lighter.
  3. One part of the tape, immediately fixed, and you get a round sheet, and the second to fold in the acute area, consistently bending the sides of the triangle. The workpiece holding forceps, need to cut and singe over a candle.
  4. Folded in half three stamens in black, put on the tip of a glue and a bit of scrolling with your fingers, so they were fixed.
  5. Glue the stamens through the gun to one of the petals. Part of the wire must remain outside, for it adhered to the workpiece. Add two petals, gluing them to each other until you form a flower. Then staggered glue 3 more petals.
  6. Cut off the excess wire, put the glue on the back of the flower and insert it in the leaf was sealed with a soldering iron. Do 5 of these flowers.
  7. Collect a bouquet, sticking first two and then three buds to each other. Get two parts. Not yet collected them together.
  8. Add the rest of the leaves, fasten them with glue. One is placed between the composition of the two colors, helping yourself with tweezers, and two on either side of them.
  9. To the front of the attached three of the raised Bud. It remains to add two leaves on either side of them, and a bouquet of tulips ribbon kanzashi ready.

tulips ribbon kanzashi


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Generated a bow

  1. Take the ribbon beige color and cut 30 cm of Laying ends on each other, forming a bow. Sew it, making a few stitches in the middle, and then tighten the thread.
  2. The ends of the bow cut away diagonally and opalium candle.
  3. Apply a drop of glue on the tip of a bouquet of tulips and glue the bow.
  4. Turn the workpiece and abundantly covered with glue the back part to attach the magnet. It is possible to add decorative trim.
  5. Left to place the beads in the center of the bow to decorate it.

So we made a bouquet of tulips kanzashi. Master class for creating a magnet over.

Bud of a Tulip kanzashi

Hair accessory

You Can make a bouquet of tulips on the elastic and use it as a hair ornament. Colors to choose any buds, not necessarily to do all the flowers the same.

The bouquet - 9 flowers. The easiest way to do the tulips kanzashi how to magnet using the same technique. Petals made of ribbon width 2.5 cm, the Leaves need only a round shape with an indentation for the flower. Additionally, stocking hair tie and a piece of felt to match.

Master class: tulips kanzashi elastic

When all of the flowers for a bouquet are ready, take a square piece of felt the size of 4 x 4 cm and cut off three of the area to get a “drop”. Fold it in half and make two parallel cuts to attach the elastic. Then put the elastic, cut a small rectangle of felt and glue to it to secure a large workpiece. The edges of the rectangle pokes in the sections “drop” and glue the ends.

Begin to stick the buds one after the other, forming a bouquet. The bow will need the tape length 17 cm Sew it in the middle and glue to the workpiece, decorating the middle of the brooch or bead. Optionally, a thin ribbon of green color can be cut a few small leaves and add them to the composition, pre-scorching edges lighter.

how to make a kanzashi tulips

The Tulips in the technique of kanzashi can be used to create the topiary, flower baskets, brooches and other products. Not necessarilymade only of satin ribbons: as the material craftswomen use conventional fabric, vinyl and leather. The main thing - not to limit your imagination!

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