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Artistic gymnasts, for whom sport – this is life, the lion's share of time to devote to training and participation in competitions. During this period, they manage to demolish more than a dozen gymnastics leotards. So mom young athletes are constantly faced with the problem of acquisition of «clothes». And if a form for training is more or less clear (it can be purchased in the sports shop), the outfits for competition – it is the task of «star». And it can be solved, tailoring of the desired outfit with his hands.

pattern leotard for rhythmic gymnastics

Where to begin?

This will help the pattern of the leotard for rhythmic gymnastics. But before you do it, you should buy a suitable material and thread (fit nylon). Usually to sew similar clothes choose supplex, or mesh, but can also be used polyamide in combination with lycra and cotton. Let us consider how to construct the pattern of the leotard for gymnastics.

First decide on the costume design (this is an important point because there are rules, approved by the technical Committee, design and design).


So the pattern of the leotard for rhythmic gymnastics Should comply with the following nuances:

  1. The Correct design, do not allowed the transparency of the material of the swimsuit from the neck to the chest.
  2. Prohibited gymnastic leotards with thin straps.
  3. Chest maximum depth of cut should not be below mid-chest, back – the end of the blades.
  4. Lower part of the swimsuit can't be with the neck, above the inguinal folds.
  5. Leotard for rhythmic gymnastics should be tailored for the contours of the body, is allowed full skirt.
  6. The Costumes must be the same length on two sides, covering the legs, but you can use different patterns or ornament.

Of Course, you can simplify your task, because on the Internet for a small amount is always the base finished pattern leotard for rhythmic gymnastics. But if you do decide to go all the way alone, will help detailed instructions for tailoring and sewing. Not to be redundant and expert advice.

pattern leotard for rhythmic gymnastics with their hands


To swimsuit all right sitting after cut, you should very carefully take measurements and build the pattern that exactly matches the dimensions.


  • Sporty swimsuit is sewn without Darts and with the basic stitches as they are (at least slightly) hold down movements that is not very convenient for the gymnasts.
  • Better if the Foundation is solid, then on top of it is an easy to sew skirt and adjust it higher or lower for a better fit.
  • Cut for sleeves should tightly cover the armpit.
  • Skirt is better to do asymmetrical (the back is longer than front).
  • Sophisticated and stylish design itself looks expensive and profitable, and then decorate the product you need at a minimum, which will save on supplies.

pattern leotard for rhythmic gymnastics instruction

Pattern of the leotard for rhythmic gymnastics: step-by-step instructions

Any pattern begins with the standards. So, measure and record: bust, waist, sleeve length.

  1. The Next step – building a preliminary scheme for the patterns on the paper. To do this, take the most comfortable panty of your young athletes and to trace their outline on paper on two sides by slightly increasing the cut on the hips. This is to ensure that during performances nothing fettered the movements of gymnasts.
  2. In creating the top of the swimsuit will help an old shirt of his daughter. It must be put near the pant pattern on the paper and similarly to the stroke path (following the proportionality two-piece swimsuit). Sleeve t-shirt lengthened to the desired size on the side seam.

The Resulting pattern cut out and applied to the fabric. Adding 2 cm of the allowances, cut from it the separate halves of the swimsuit. Not to spoil the Jersey, the better to trace the fine pattern.


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build a pattern leotard for rhythmic gymnastics

Final step

“Draft” of the swimsuit try on daughter's (pre-SMATV) and note the intended depth of the neck with chalk measure the length of its circumference and cut the appropriate strips for podkraj (width – about 5 cm).

Further, the pattern of the leotard for rhythmic gymnastics involves the processing side, bottom and shoulder seams. The next step – facing the neck. Performed by pistrucci to cut the previously cut strips knit fabric (both pieces of fabric need to look at each other face). Tucked stripes need to tack to the product, then you can perform pristrozhku (face).

You Then finish the bottom of the panties and sleeve gymnastic leotard. At this stage it is important not to forget to insert a cotton gusset. Final stage – making the waist band so that it moved freely and not restrict movements.

The Pattern of the leotard for rhythmic gymnastics, step-by-step Instruction which is giventhe above can be done in other ways.

pattern leotard for rhythmic gymnastics, step-by-step

Consider another simple version

Sequence of steps

  1. Sketching leotard with markup details, location, sequins and jewelry.
  2. Create a pattern all the fragments of the product from the grid (back, front part and two lower parts). It is important to remember about the seam when cutting out the parts.
  3. Cut the same parts directly from the fabric that needs to be stretchy and elastic (stretch, lycra, supplex).
  4. Note fragments of fabric and mesh, their perestrojka on the sewing machine.

Decoration and ornament

Build a pattern leotard for rhythmic gymnastics – this is the basis of any suit for competition. Original and meets the subject of his speech make jewelry. There are several ways to make gymnastic leotard unique:

  1. Finish sequins and crystals – the stones with a special adhesive applied to a pre-designed pattern on the suit.
  2. Painting on fabric gymnastic leotard is performed before cross-linking of fragments of the swimsuit.
  3. Acrylic paint can also make the outfit for performances unique. Pre-diluted to a liquid state paint using a brush to apply on wet material (better to practice first on a junk piece of fabric). To avoid spreading of the paint, it should immediately be dried with a Hairdryer. The advantage of this method lies in the fact that a failed pattern swimsuit, you can wash it and draw again.

That the acrylic is firmly fixed on the fabric with a hot iron passed through the cloth (after drying).

how to build the pattern of the leotard for rhythmic gymnastics


Summing up, it can be noted that the pattern of the leotard for rhythmic gymnastics, with his own hands created The task of the forces of a loving mother. And skillful hands, imagination and a natural taste will help with the sewing and finishing of the outfit to your daughter at the competition made a lasting impression on the audience and judges.

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