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So you want to be different! So you want to be irresistible! So you want to see on the figure admiring glances and hear behind rapturous sighs.  Although rare, a woman openly admits it.

And don't! You just need to tie swimsuit crochet, so… Well, that all – everything encountered on the way men fall and by themselves piles were formed, so here! So, take up the crochet hook, cotton thread – for business. Crochet swimwear crochet – that's the first step on the podium “miss beach season 2012”.

You must First choose the model of your bathing attire. Crochet swimwear crochet can be separate, consisting of bra and trunks – a bikini. Also separate bathing suits are more closed. Then the bra is similar to a short tube top and panties – on a little shorts.

Many women prefer a closed swimsuits. Such models are especially suitable for women with problematic figure or stretch marks on the belly. Crochet swimwear crochet Is so good that help to perfectly hide all the flaws, but also to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

For Example, closed swimsuits can be performed by the technique of combining types of binding. Making the cups and bottom dense, the part that is directly on the abdomen, you can perform  openwork viscous. Very nice, when this place crochet vivaselecta heat – a bird with a tail or spoiled the beautiful large flower.

Today, fashion models, summer clothes nautical theme. Why crochet swimwear crochet not to perform in this style? A nautical theme could be that the do striped swimwear using two colors: blue and white. Some women go even further, using models of many different items: octopus, fish, seaweed, jellyfish. These small details after their implementation laid out in the pattern, pinned sewing pins, and then connected with the air chain of a neutral pale color, resembling the color of water (blue or sea-water), and sometimes skin color (light – beige or cream).

The Difficulty in the manufacture of such models is that the pattern does not give the possibility to form a bulge on the breast properly. So the seamstress having to constantly try on the product itself or use polunamekami, which are often used by sellers of clothing on the market. Also suitable for this purpose the plastic cups intended for insertion in the bodice of the bathing suits.

How to tie a swimsuit? Consider the simplest model which can perform even aspiring mistress. For its implementation should be linked in the usual column without nakida or with one nakida two convex triangle – a bodice, put them in the front corners. To the remaining free corners to tie the ribbon, which consist of two series: air chain the required length and one row of columns without nakida.

The Bottoms have a pattern resembling the figure of an hourglass. Moreover, young ladies can make the triangles of the smallest size, so that they tied on the sides. Older lady can consider this point and make lateral connections are more modest.

Look Chic swimwear in which the connection of the parts (the side on the panties and the connection of the cups in the front) is made using large rings. Details are fixed to the rings of an ordinary sewing needle is thereby delivered another part of the body that remains open to the warm sunlight and gentle men's views.

Ring you can buy in special shops, and use the plastic rings from the baby nipple – pacifiers, stachiw with unnecessary bulges. As a decoration you can also use crocheted flowers or butterflies, which you then sew on top of the product.

But now that swimsuit ready, feel free to wear it and go out to fascinate, seduce, drive you crazy and simply – enjoy a rest in the open air!

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