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At various parties and fancy dress holidays girls are more often dressed up in princesses, cute animals and characters of popular cartoons. But why not choose a more original way? Where to find a really unusual outfit for a masquerade party? Why look for ready, because the robber costume for girls, for example, can make your hands in minutes from materials that can be found in each house.

To fit this image?

Costume robber girl'sThe Transformation for the masquerade will be more effective if the selected image is really suited to the little actress. This will also be fun to be a bandit? This image of ideal moving and naughty girls, thus which mothers are simply afraid to dress up in Princess dresses. Of course, before you go to the manufacture of attire, will discuss this issue with her daughter. Remember, any celebrations and performances are held primarily in order to please the children. If your daughter doesn't want the robber costume for girls, try together to choose another, more positive way. However, as practice shows, children are not so prone to stereotypes and like to experiment. So the idea to fool around a bit and stand out against the background of the Princess and the squirrels will surely appeal to most girls.

From my grandmother's trunk…

robber Costume for girls with their handsIn every house there is a place to store old and unnecessary things. Remove the mezzanine with such a bag, suitcase or bundle and offer the daughter of a very exciting game. Remember the pictures from children's books and cartoons – the bandits are sure to wear with someone else's shoulder, looks a bit sloppy and have the precious jewelry. To make a carnival costume for robber girls we will begin with the selection of the basic clothing. Let it be the floor-length skirt in a Gypsy style from my mother's youth, a bright blouse, purchased by her grandmother, and some cover a few more dimensions of our model. Will fit any items “out of the closet”, including men. If you wish, you can additionally “retired” things, especially breaking them or putting a patch.


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How to make a robber costume for girls with their hands out regular clothes?

What about those who does not keep old clothes and rags just in case? To actually make a costume bandidas can be out of the ordinary things. Pick up a set of baby clothes, which is not a pity to spoil it. Now your task is to turn the most ordinary things into real rags. How to make a robber costume for girls with their hands from a simple dress? Everything is quite simple – dilute gouache dark shades and random dirty things. Where it is possible to slightly tear the fabric or specially cut. With a tab roughly and carelessly mixed patches. Very interesting costume for robber girls would look like if you Supplement it artificial or natural fur. Sew the pieces randomly on the selected clothes or zadekorirovat belt/collar. Note: the robber costume will look more impressive if it consist of several layers, and all the things will be noticeable not be combined with each other. Encourage your daughter to wear a skirt over trousers and forget for a while the rules of proper selection of colors and shades.

Main option suit young bandidas

Carnival costume robber girl'sAnd not always the dirty robbers and tasteless dressed. We offer you the option of truly festive and colorful costume bandidas. As a basis for him to take a white shirt (preferably with wide sleeves and frill) and bright tights. Also you will need a very full skirt, knee length, bright waistcoat and high boots. Stick to the old style, two-piece suit can be made of velvet or other thick fabric, be sure to decorate it with lace and decorative lacing. Such a robber costume for girls for New year fits perfectly. It is desirable to Supplement it, and a corresponding headdress, for example, hat-cocked hat.

Accessories – important parts of the image

robber Costume for girls photoWhat little things will make the image of a young bandidas most striking? Don't forget about weapons. The most simple variant-to buy a set of toy guns or knives in the toy Department for the boys. However, if you wish, you can cut a sword out of cardboard and paint or use some kind of souvenir. Any robber costume for girls, photos of which you can see in our article, it is appropriate to decorate the jewelry. Jewelry, faux gold and precious stones, can I borrow from my mother's stocks. Another spectacular accessory – sack of coins it is quite easy to make yourself and hang on to the belt.

Hair and makeup

robber Costume for girls for new yearIf you made the costume bandidas slut, you can draw on the cheeks girls “dirt”. Use for this purpose special paint for the body, cosmetic pencil or eye shadow. You can also do a full makeup. Any robber costume for girls will look spectacular with a bright, cartoonish makeup. Draw black arrows on the eyes, paint the lips redlipstick, and cheek highlight blush. If you were curly tousled wig, you should use it for a masquerade party. You casually a bit wired to style own hair. Also great costume additions robber – bandana, doubly good if drawing on it is quite grim, for example, pirate skull and crossbones.

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