Prayer during pregnancy. Prayer to the virgin and Matrona of Moscow


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Orthodoxy in the modern world increasingly takes its place as the lack of spirituality and atheism. Miracles of healing through prayer, icons, faith in the Lord help many believers to get rid of severe chronic diseases, pathologies of infertility. Prayer during pregnancy – a powerful tool that helps procreation. Proof that Christians find in the Bible. Many women pereprobovali all medical techniques and lost hope for getting pregnant, turn to a great Saint to give life to another person on the Ground.prayer during pregnancy

Proper planning of pregnancy

Pregnancy – a special, mysterious state full of mysteries and expectations. Orthodox Christians, accustomed to rely on the will of God, before the sacrament of conception, ask for blessings from the priest. After the ritual of purification through repentance, confession and communion, with the blessing of his spiritual father, the woman becomes ready for motherhood. From this day her daily companion becomes a prayer for a prosperous pregnancy. Priests getting women's attention to the fact that the higher power in the period of conception and expectations of the baby for it especially relevant and necessary, because the need to pray fervently and, more importantly, to truly believe in the power of prayer-treatment. Patrons of a woman expecting a baby, considered many of the saints and first of all - Holy mother of God herself.prayer of the children

Heavenly patronage of the virgin

With the onset of a wanted pregnancy, the expectant mother usually begins to feel the fear – a constant companion women over the next few weeks. Prayer during pregnancy sanctifies the life of the mother and future child: prayer to a higher power helps, waiting, soothing the woman and adds a feeling of humility before the Creator, which is especially needed pregnant. The main intercessor for the human race and the assistant person in grief, misfortune, companion in joy and successes, the virgin is an indispensable companion to women in the period of gestation of a new life. Prayer to the virgin for the continuation of the pregnancy rises often in a special way “Assistant midwife”. Prayer is issued “soul”, it is desirable that it was systematic and better daily.


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Prayer petition for pregnancy

Not always desirable pregnancy occurs in time. Some young families waiting for the birth of our first son in a few years, pass special examination and treatment in perinatal centers and clinics, but the result is not always positive. They have lost confidence in medical care, turn to the saints, that the prayer of the occurrence of the long-awaited event finally helped to accomplish what you want. Appeal in prayer to the higher powers - is quite an effective tool, as the Lord is living in every human being, his soul and heart and if you believe it is Holy to ask for help and hope that the efforts will not go unnoticed. Sincere prayer for pregnant mother of God better and cleaner than any words, sometimes just thrown to the wind. Prayer of children has always been considered the most powerful and effective that can be said about prayer for the gift of the joy of motherhood.a prayer to the matron for help

Images of the blessed virgin that cures infertility

Pray for the gift of a child can be almost any image of the virgin Mary – a female patron: “Assistant midwife”, “Gracious”. Equally well-known helper in the healing from infertility - icon "nursing the child”. The text of the prayers said before the Holy face, contains the request of the woman on conception, gestation, and successful delivery, and of heavenly patronage of the virgin this whole difficult period for the expectant mother. Many miracles of spiritual and physical healing recorded from icons with 700 years of history "the mother of God of Tolga”. Ancient wonderworking image was glorified in a miraculous healing from the disease of the feet of Ivan the terrible, the resurrection of the dead child at the tearful prayers of his parents, healing from possession, Oncology, infertility. Prayer during pregnancy this way also helps women to safely carry and give birth to a healthy baby. The icon of his Holy cover of “covering” pregnant through the prayers of her and keeps mother and baby from harm and misery.a prayer to the matron about the continuation of the pregnancy

Help from the saints through the prayers of our

There are cases of miraculous healing from infertility after treatment of women to relics or icons of saints, especially of Xenia of St. Petersburg or Matrona of Moscow. Prayer matron of assistance is miracles. Shortly before his death, Matrona said, people continued to come to her as a living, talking about their troubles. The great saints of the assistant promised to help all those who suffer and those in need. His promise fulfilled fully the. Evidence happen every day at the request of the faithful. Mother Matrona in life to help all suffering, and continued after his death. In order to pronounce the words of the prayer of the petition, the believer is not necessary to go to the temple, enough at home to bow to the matron at the burning candles and icons, blessed will certainly respond to the prayer message, saying sincerely and from the heart.prayer to the virgin for the continuation of the pregnancy

Ask the Matron of maternal happiness…

Prayer to the matron about the help May refer not only to deliverance from trouble, sickness, adversity, suffering. Known for its famous Holy, and the gift of the joy of motherhood to many women desperate and tried all the medical means. Known miracle cures for infertility after a prayerful visit to the Pokrovsky women's monastery, where the relics of Matrona of Moscow. No less of healings recorded after the visits of women to the cemetery, where was buried Matron. Written requests for secret desires leave directly on the grave, bring flowers, number – definitely odd there and offering prayer of the children. Before the prayer of the Holy Matrona, be sure to ask for her forgiveness and pardon, only then to ask about conception. Before his visit to the convent of the intercession, the woman has to withstand the necessarily severe fasting for one week.

Sincere patronage of the Holy light

For women, which the Lord has given the joy of conception, the purpose of the visit to the Pokrovsky monastery is a prayer to the matron about the continuation of the pregnancy. There is an established order of behavior near the relics of the blessed. First and foremost, must come the sign of the sign of the cross and to bow. Light mother always believed the sign of the cross home protection, because after the bow, made again the sign of the cross and make a bow. To the feet or hand of the icon applied to the forehead, and then humbly removed previously crossed. We should not forget about gratitude to the mother for help, especially for those who managed to conceive after prayer requests to the Holy matron: “Helped to get pregnant, mother. Thank you. Forgive me and bless me!”a prayer for the safe pregnancy

The Great Saint and Wonderworker of our time

At least a known tool of the modern Christian is a miracle worker St. Luke Crimea. This man of God during his life worked as a doctor-surgeon, doctor of medicine, and therefore is revered especially patients and doctors. Many doctors have a tradition to pray to Saint Luke the front of the complex operations, it is believed that it must “manage” the hand of the surgeon, and the surgery is successful. The tomb of the famous Saint of doctors coming from all over the world and pray for the healing of ailments, including problems of infertility. Prayer Luke about pregnancy is effective for those who truly believe in the assistance and protection of the Wonderworker Luke. The young couple can ask the great Holy doctor not only children for himself, but also grandchildren, and marital happiness. prayer Luke about the pregnancy

“All in the Lord's hands…”

In search of the sacred image and prayer, helping to continue the race, to be healed from the disease of infertility, we should not forget about the Lord. Some Orthodox believe that the first person to ask for such great mercy is the Savior. It is to his icon and be their trouble, their tears, their hopes of a desperate woman, that this Holy image pronounced the first prayer for the gift of conception and prayer during pregnancy, the request for deliverance from infertility and the joy of motherhood.


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