What are the causes of hiccups in newborns


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Very often small children have them. This reaction can occur after eating, walking, laughing, or after active play. Many parents are too worried about this, however the causes of hiccups in newborns are not as scary as they seem. Now we will briefly discuss some of them.

causes of hiccups in newborns

If you observe, you will notice that most babies hiccup after walking in the fresh air, especially in the cold season. This is due to the fact that the environment has a low temperature that the body your child reacts exactly the hiccups. Also the baby in a similar way, straying breath, when he stays a long time in a cold room and freeze. Eliminated the causes of hiccups in newborns by wrapping, warming with her body heat.

The Body of a baby is far more sensitive than ours, so it is more sensitive to any internal and external stimuli. Causes of hiccups in newborns can lie in the inner hypothermia associated with the consumption of large amounts of fluid. So be careful what eat and drink to your child, and hiccup will be less likely to visit it.

As in adults, causes of hiccups in newborns can lie in thirst strong emotional shock or even overeating. Most often, kids have the hiccups after laughing a lot, dabble with the senior or your peers. Also, these interruptions in breathing occur when after eating the baby didn't drink enough fluids. It is therefore important to ensure that such situations arise as rarely as possible, and as soon as the baby begins to hiccup, just give him a drink, calm down.


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hiccups in newborns causes

A Symptom of serious diseases can be hiccups in newborns. The reasons for these respiratory failures are rooted either in birth injuries or severe colds. If the baby constantly has hiccups, and the water does not help him to restore breathing, contact physician. Perhaps this is a sign of pneumonia, bronchitis or flu. Often hiccup is called intestinal disorders, disorders of the stomach. Also breath kids depends on the work of the spinal cord. If at birth some parts of it were damaged, it is likely that you still in the hospital prescribed the necessary treatment, the schedule which needs to be respected.

hiccups in a newborn how to remove

Very often traced and unreasonable hiccups in the newborn. How to get rid of such phenomenon depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Some children help stroking and light massage. Quite another Cup of water, and the third required the presence and indispensable contact with the mother. So always try to feel your baby, try to understand the lives his body. And only then will you be able to understand him without words, with poludvizheniya and prevent any symptoms and ailments, including hiccups. Well, if this is a phenomenon which defies all of the above criteria, definitely consult your pediatrician, who will pick up the medication or tell the way how to cope with hiccups.

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