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Wireless headphones for your TV – this high level of comfort, sound and quality. With this gadget you are not going to interfere, and you will not be distracted by the conversations around. Due to the fact that this device has no cord, you can stay away from the TV in the 5-100 meters, depending on the model and its characteristics. It should be noted that in the market you can find devices with very different design and sound quality. The bulk – ergonomic models, which are made from metal and plastic, have an adjustable headband.

wireless headphones TV

The Principle of signal transmission

For signal transmission uses Bluetooth technology, infrared line or radio. IR and radio can transmit a signal over long distances, but is subject to interference. For home the best option is Bluetooth, which is not afraid of any obstacles, and different interference. In order to connect devices, an adapter is required (CSART-RCA) or Jack (RCA). When choosing wireless headphones for TV in the first place it is necessary to study their sound settings that will allow you to obtain a volumetric and deep sound. To do this, the maximum resistance of the device should be no more than 32 Ohms, while mandatory a wide range of frequencies, and the right balance of noise and signal. Pick models that have a sound adjustment on the spot, to not have to constantly change the sound level on the TV.

wireless headphones connect to your TV

Structure headphones

Since this gadget is cordless, it includes only:

  • Cup – the main detail which you are installing all the electronics, which ensures maximum sound quality and normal functioning of the device.
  • Ear pads-special pads adjacent to the cups. However, they are covering (best option) or patch (attached to ear). Their production is mainly used leather, plain velour and foam.
  • Handle – it is a special design that is worn directly on the head, and unites the Cup. It should be noted that the design of the bow can be sliding, custom, or cast. It is better to choose a model of durable material with simple design.

Arc, power source and wireless technologies

Today you can buy devices of different manufacturers, for example, wireless headphones for LG TV with detachable cord, which if necessary can be replaced at any time. In addition, there are headphones that do not have handles on the head, but instead enamalware small sidepieces that fit over the ears. But it's all a matter of tastes and comfort. Work wireless headphones From power sources that are built into their body. The duration of such batteries can vary from several hours to several days. This figure also depends on the manufacturer and capacity of the battery. The signal is transmitted with a special base, which can be represented in the form of a portable module (connected via USB port or to an analog source) or stationary docking station (connected to line input). Before you connect for example wireless headphones for TV "Samsung", you must make sure that the TV has the appropriate connector. But even if not, don't worry – it is always possible to buy separately a special adapter. After that the headphones can be used.


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wireless headphones for lg TV

Channels and range

Wireless Headphones – it is modern technologies that are equipped with the latest technology. Wireless headphones for TV can have 1-27 channels. The number of channels can very positively affect the operation of the device – the more, the better. So you can choose the “frequency” without any problems. For example, on a particular channel there is a bad noise, then you can always switch to another. Furthermore, the more the operating frequency, the higher the ability to pass a variety of obstacles, including walls. If the device will be used indoors or in the next room, then the minimum frequency of the transmitter should be at least 800 MHz. As already mentioned, the wireless headphones for TV have a large radius of action, which can range from 5 to 100 meters, but this is mainly just to listen to music. Naturally, this is provided by special equipment, which is divided into several classes: 1-10 meters (for use within a room); 10-30 meters (to move around the apartment); 80-100 meters (for use outside of the apartment).

wireless headphones for TV Samsung

Latest technology

It is Worth noting that these gadgets are not only expensive, but also heavier than standard models. It is associated with the installation of more electronic devices and use batteries or batteries. Almost all models have volume control, which is very convenient. For example, you are listening to music, and the signal source is in another room, bag and so on. Besides wireless headphones connect to your TV very simple. A special unit that sends signals to the headphones has the appropriate connectors, so you can enjoy watching TV or your favorite music to the fullest. Just remember to charge the batteries, but better to stock up on additional kit, or you can choose the model that best work for a long time without recharging.


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