What are you afraid of dogs: causes and useful tips to help you deal with phobias


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Dogs are amazing animals. Watching them, you will discover a whole different world with a universal pattern of behavior. Four-legged friends sometimes amuse and sometimes make you run away from them. Let's find out what you're afraid of dogs more than anything?what are you afraid of the dog

Loud noises

What can fear a dog, so that any especially loud and sudden noises. These include and fireworks with explosions of firecrackers and thunder, and gunshots, and even the punch ladle on a metal pot.

Causes of the fear of loud noises can be several. First, the four-legged friend could scare or intentionally used the noise for educational purposes. Second, dogs, like people, can have psychological problems and experience not just of fear, and these phobias.

To the list of loud noises can be attributed to the balloon bursting, and running the starting gun and an imitation of a growl, the signal of the car.what are you afraid of dogs tips & tricks


Animals Have a strong sense of self-preservation, therefore, adequate animal will never climb into the fire without a good reason. However, not all living creatures can scare the fire. For example, wild animals are often faced with fires, so they know how to behave with the fire and with a hand around it. With a home inhabitants all on the contrary - the first acquaintance with a hot object may cause them to have a real phobia.

So what are you afraid of dogs? Not just fire, but a burning object that's about to attack (in their opinion). Intense fear produced in animals since early childhood, if they have faced the fire of the tete-a-tete. For example, if the owner accidentally (or intentionally) burned his four-legged friend, then that dog will not dare to approach the fire. First, because it's hot. Second, because it hurts. And who wants not just pain, but also to lick his wounds?what is usually to be scared of dogs


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What usually afraid of dogs, so it sticks. This phenomenon causes confusion among owners of Pets, because many of them have never suffered from a beating with any objects.

It is Important to understand that four-legged friend is not afraid of the fact that a stick and threatened when the person puts the hand with the marker object over the head. We are not talking about those dogs who were regularly punished. It is important to understand that Pets, who are brought up infantile hand dog, still instinctively can recognize the danger. However, like people. If your partner dramatically wave her hand, you can not help screwed up eyes and heart will begin to beat treacherously. But that doesn't mean that you are a coward and afraid of a simple gesture? Even if you haven't been subjected to cruelty and violence, raised the hand still for a split second will cause you to worry. This happens on the instinctive level - like the four-legged friends.what can fear a dog

Other dogs

The Dog is afraid of other dogs is the fact. The main causes of this phobia is lack of confidence in his power. The problem is that the room the dog is so gentle and fragile that any kind of strange creatures leads to uncontrollable bowel movement, or tremor of the whole body. For owners, this behavior seems funny and is often accompanied by jokes, but imagine in that moment the animal, which is absolutely not able to communicate with other canines.

Imagine yourself in the place of four-legged friend: if you didn't understand what all the people around is not the enemy? In the first stages of man simply closed in itself and did not leave his home, then at the sight of a representative of his kind, he just ran and hid behind a tree. The last stage - a man falls to the ground and covers his head with his hands. The spectacle is not impressed, so in the dog's perception of fear of other dogs occurs in more complex form.what can fear a dog


What are you afraid of dogs, so this ultrasound. Long enough on sale whistles, but not quite normal. People can't hear the sound of an effective deterrent. The reason is simple: the human ear can't tune into the frequency of the whistle, but dogs that catch it perfectly. It acts as a stimulus that allows you to instantly soothe and even scare a four-legged pet.

It is Important to understand what you're afraid of dogs, in order to deter aggressive and excited the animal. Whistle copes with this problem, causing headaches and irritation to the dog. It is not recommended playing with the device, but use it only in self-defense. The whistle may not work if you point it at a sick animal. But if you decide to check the validity of the instrument, there is no need to test it on dogs who behave peacefully - ultrasound can cause dog aggression attack.the dog is afraid of other dogs

What are you afraid of dogs: tips that help to combat phobias

To Raise an animal and provide it with childhood - exactly the same as during worries about your baby. Here is an example: when a new member of the family, the first child wakes up from any noise. Gradually you accustom him to the noises and the child can easily fall asleep with the TV or hammering. You should teach your four-legged friend to noise, so he was not afraid of no thunder, no fireworks, no sudden clapping.

Never hit your pet - you can raise and different. First, dogs understand when they are spoken to in a raised voice. Secondly, you can gently click on the nose or splash of water, if pet is not listening. Do not make dog home decor, which is not able to communicate with other canines. So the dog did not develop a phobia, it is important from an early age to carry with it an active lifestyle: walking in the Park, drive to dog Park, take them out on nature.


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