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Comfort and warmth of home was the most beautiful thing can be a person in life. But sometimes the beauty of being overshadowed by the annoying little things that you do not want to miss. For someone the reason for a nervous breakdown can become a regular noise under the Windows, and someone to quarrel with neighbors because of the music, and sometimes becomes annoying smell. Glade air freshener is a real solution in the latter case. At least if you believe the manufacturers.

glade air freshener


I Must admit that sometimes an air freshener for the house is completely unnecessary detail, after all, the room can always be aired. There is no more pleasant aroma than the smell of fresh air. But this is perfect. What if through the too thin walls emerges a distinct smell of stewed cabbage, which neighbors eat for dinner? But if from the street, the exhaust gases reach? In addition, unpleasant odors waiting for us in the bathroom. Glade air freshener in one of their advertising campaigns have warned that the door of this room you can find a lot of not the most pleasant of pictures. Natural flavors may not be the worst problem, but still want to feel fresh in your own apartment, not embarrassed in front of home and house guests.

automatic air freshener

Why Glade?

You Always want to feel the warmth of the home and seek to return to the comfort of their homes. But somehow, one house attracts people, and in the other they do not want to go. What's the matter? Maybe it's the lack of, so to speak, home smell? This possibility suggests a brand "the glade". Air freshener manufactured by the manufacturer, is positioned as a key aspect, reminiscent of the important role of smell in our lives. People get used to put an emotional "beacons" and to associate certain scents and sounds with enjoyable moments. From early childhood many are fascinated with the smell of baking, vanilla, wild flowers or a freshly cut lemon. Such flavors you want to inhale a full breast.


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Tactic built on human weaknesses

Human psychology, despite its apparent complexity, has weaknesses and therefore manageable. It is noted manufacturers of air fresheners. First of all it a completely different thought even the experts of the company "glade". Air freshener was the only means of removing unpleasant odors, but not the desired flavor, can improve the atmosphere of the room. Another purpose suggested other methods of exposure, that is the flavor of the funds was more than strong, sharp and overwhelming. Sometimes it was impossible to avoid mixing of odors, which wasn't very pleasant combination. But science is not standing, and over time has drastically changed the technology of production of air fresheners.

air freshener for home

Now offers a "glade"?

Air Freshener for home should not only kill the "smell", it is able to completely eliminate the odor molecules. This kind of attack, leaving the opponent a chance: the essential oil replaces the bad smell and replacing it. This approach offers some scope for creative work. That is why available air freshener in spray form, or scented crystal gel. All aromatic compositions are made on the basis of aromatic herbs that helps to obtain the most subtle and delicate smell.

air freshener for the toilet

Reviews of Glade air fresheners

The best thing about the results achieved in the field of sales say all sorts of ratings on which products brands Glade is a leader. The range of flavors is constantly expanding, as the taste needs of the audience are different. Many wish to eliminate stubborn smell of tobacco, which left the former house owners or perhaps roommates who are affected by bad habit of leaving cigarette butts on the mind. Often buyers want to buy Glade air freshener that helps neutralize the smell of Pets. According to loyal fans of the brand, one bottle is enough for about a month. But in this case it is necessary to remember about the necessity to use a means to prevent odors. In another case in that case if you decide to apply automatic air freshener.

Automatic action

It is Nice to know everything is under control and there is no risk of being detained by bad smell. But how to protect yourself from such a perspective? The answer is simple: you should purchase automatic air freshener. glade air freshener

The beauty of It is that there is no need to think about activating means. The bottle is installed in the bathroom, hallway or other room, and the molecules of essential oils are distributed independently without any outside interference. Such packaging is not the most economical, but more comfortable as the unpleasant smell will be eliminated already at the early stages. There are fresheners, programmed to be triggered using different time intervals. But there is the possibility of activating additional injection. It is possible to calculate that during the injection mode with a maximum interval of 36 minutes, is not less than 40 actuations. In the living room quite relevant nominal this air freshener. Instructions for installation are simple and clear even for a child. Even when buying you can select the desired mode of triggering, and then will only have to find the funds for a place in the room.


So, the rooms can be set air freshener with a lot of positives, and its purchase will be justified at the expense of the comfort of living people. But, for example, in the bathroom this mode of operation is extremely wasteful and manufacturers logically sought to increase the efficiency. This was developed for the control block, prolonging the service life of air freshener for almost a year. In the upgraded design includes a light sensor that determines the presence of a person in the room. air freshener instruction

When the light turns and the man enters the room and starts time count. If the lights are on no more than a couple minutes, the freshener for the toilet did not see the need to be intensified. Also the air is not refreshed during the stay of the person inside more than an hour. It is possible in this period, to take a shower. In all other cases, after the light was extinguished, produces a sound signal, and an air freshener for the toilet works.

Smart appliances

Naturally, such a carefree life is not eternal, and sooner or later have to think about replacing the cylinder. But air freshener has a built-in non-volatile count of the number of injections of aerosol, so at minimum its stock (less than 10%) sounds a single beep. By the way, saved the mode does not change even when removing batteries from the device. And if you still wish to reset the memory there, then you can activate the button for more spraying.

glade air freshener price

Modernisation is not cheap, which clearly confirms air freshener. Price it averages 1,290 rubles.

Word of mouth

Women who purchase for home air freshener “Aroma Crystal”, point out that replacement cartridge ends much before the stated period. This is a significant drawback, but in General it can be explained. After all, the work goes on almost continuously. By the way, itself this tool to remove unpleasant odors, in addition to performing its primary work function, is also an elegant accessory for interior decoration.

Automatic air freshener especially often acquire women with a successful career, because they may not be home, but you always want to return to your cozy and fresh apartment. There are negative aspects of use. So, after installation, there is a loud signal, after which occurs the first sharp release of essential oils. If the smell is specific, then it can head ache. Therefore, living rooms are recommended for neutral scents like "Fresh morning".

Buyers say that Glade - universal air freshener for home, as it has a pleasant and not beating afford the price, and excellent quality. But don't expect to cover a large area. The maximum effect, which will provide you with this cleaner is a gentle, subtle aroma of freshness and purity.

glade air freshener aroma crystal

Actually, this is the result and satisfy the wishes of customers. The rare user of this tool will want to fill the room by extraneous flavors.

In gel form

Most people genuinely and selflessly love the sweet, so even the gel freshener Glade prefer to buy with a pleasant sugar aromas. In large rooms the aromas go quickly and do not stay sharp. The decor is a gel air freshener original, thanks to his stand under the tree and replacement unit ...

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