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Almost every mother will confirm that in the first years of life kids are quite plump. Many children bulging tummy, and people consider it normal. But sometimes parents are concerned the impressive size of the belly of their beloved child. Why baby's big belly? This is the norm or pathology? Worth investigating.

baby's big abdomen

Common causes

Many believe that every child under a certain age looks cute with a chubby belly. But its size like a frog needs to cause fear, not affection.

The child's body is much different from that of an adult. If the child has a big belly, the reason for this may be small. For example, the baby is prone to frequent flatulence or bloating.

The growth of the child develop and internal organs, so pain in the abdomen – a normal phenomenon. Children often have colic.

Big belly of the newborn

The Natural phenomenon is the inflation of the abdomen in infants. And all because of weak muscles, and abdominal walls. The influence and size of the liver, because a newborn baby it is bigger than the other internal organs. Intestinal colic occur because of weak digestive tract, causing the belly is rounded. So not a terrible situation, when a child in the year of the big belly.

the child in the year of the big belly

But the excessive size of the abdomen can point to health problems. The most common cause of this phenomenon are considered to be congenital abnormalities, such as polycystic kidney, liver cirrhosis or ascites. These anomalies can be detected still in the hospital at the first examination of the baby.


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Big belly of a baby up to two years

Many kids under the age of 2 years appear to be very touching with a bulging tummy. Surrounding are touched and admired. Parents this seems natural, because the body requires for the growth of energy and muscular frame, underdeveloped, and it is difficult to keep the abdominal wall. In addition, there was the child's big belly immediately after a meal and fluids, but it decreases as digestion. And this is understandable. Most often, this phenomenon affects children under one year of age.

But if the child is thin, but has an impressive size of the stomach, then parents should consult a doctor who will help to eliminate or diagnose the following diseases:

  1. Umbilical hernia. Experts say that its occurrence affected babies up to 3 months of age and less often – to a year. In the case of hernia of the stomach becomes pointed form and increases in size.
  2. Rickets, and other diseases resulting from disturbed metabolism. In this case, the child has a big belly like a toad, it bulges forward, to the side. Cause of rickets is a lack of vitamin D in children.
  3. Improper operation of the pancreatic enzymes. The body reacts very negatively to the fructose and sweet.
  4. Reduced renal and adrenal work.
  5. Hepatitis. Inflammatory liver disease affects children older than three years.

The Impressive size of stomach at age of three

3–4 years of the child's body is changing: strengthening muscles, bones, abdomen is tightened, and thus becomes less.

If the child full, it is possible that we are talking about obesity, and in this case it is necessary to establish the causes of this scourge. Endocrine problems may be the reason that the child has a big belly. 3 years – this is a turning point for the child's body.

baby's big belly 3 years

There are many reasons why it appears on the abdomen, and each of them very serious.

Enlarged internal organs

Due to the increased size of internal organs visible big belly of the child. 1.5 years you should not worry about this problem. But if the child is over 3–4 years, cause for alarm there. Observed protrusion not the entire abdominal area, but only certain parts.

The Cause may be inflammation or infection. With this state need to show the child's doctor to identify the problem. A gradual increase in the abdomen can cause rupture of the spleen.

With hepatomegaly (liver enlargement) is considered normal for the child's big belly. Be considered valid the following sizes – bulging at the sides of the ribs 2–3 cm

baby's big belly 2 years

This condition is observed in children aged 6 to 7 years. But if the child is much older, the problem may lie in the specific disease.

An increase in the abdomen possible with coprostasis (constipation). It is disturbance of the intestinal tract. Koprostaz is diagnosed when the bowel is emptied rarely, less often than 1 time in two days. This violation occurs due to disorders of motor activity and secretion of the colon.

Ascites and kyphosis

6 years of age children's bodies are susceptible to the occurrence of such problems as a deviated posture. Incorrect position of the back at the table, weak bone frame are the cause of child kyphosis. The disease also occurs due to weakness of the spinal muscles, preventing the subsidence of the vertebrae forward. As a result, the following problems:

  • 2-4 folds on the abdomen;
  • The protrusion of the abdomen (in vertical position).

why is a child big belly

Also, the volume of the abdominal cavity depend on the type of kyphosis. It can be genetic, that is hereditary. This is difficult to fight.

Ascites (abdominal dropsy) is the accumulation of fluid. It is not a distinct disease, rather a symptom, which is a signal informing about violations in the body. The main causes of ascites include:

  • Kidney disease, for example nephrotic syndrome;
  • Alimentary dystrophy;
  • Tumors in the abdominal cavity.

Ascites is divided into two types: congenital and acquired. If the abdomen gradually becomes larger, and the horizontal position of the child clearly visible protruding navel, you definitely need to consult a physician.

And maybe diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus in children under 5 years has its own characteristics and symptoms. In the first year of life babies gain weight slowly, and then there is intense gain, and you notice the child has a big belly. At first, parents may not notice, but over time the problem will be pronounced.

big belly of the child 1,5 years

If the stomach has an unusual shape, it sticks out a certain part, then maybe it's the cyst or tumor. Such a local convexity can be judged on a localized inflammatory process. Lymphoma and liposarcoma-malignant retroperitoneal tumors that need to be identified at an early stage. At risk of developing the disease are all children of preschool and school age.

The Child's body-thin and special design, and even a slight change in his work, may have a negative impact on the development of minors. And should not be touched that the child has a big belly, 2 years or 6 years, because the causes may not be so harmless.


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