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Refrigerator Haier steadily gaining market share. The products of this Chinese company is relatively new. But the firm Haier in recent years significantly expanded the range of equipment, and now is the largest manufacturer. More than 160 countries are potential consumers of their products. Today, the company is a leader in the sale of refrigerators on the world market.

Haier Refrigerator

Refrigerators Haier pleased with the variety of models, colors, volumes and energy class. The latest developments made in the Italian style in combination with modern technological developments. They are so functional that they become indispensable in the kitchen.

What the company offers Haier? Refrigerators LCD screen. It allows you to comfortably operate the equipment and to establish operating parameters. Also provides touch buttons. Interior trim device includes a lighting panel which provides uniform illumination and does not burn.

All the equipment has adjustable shelves. They can be adjusted depending on the type of product. It is very convenient and saves space. In the configuration also has a foldable surface for chilling bottles.

All shelves are made of tempered glass and special. They are very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Bumpers around the edge to prevent runoff of the liquid in case of spilling.

Haier Refrigerator is equipped with No frost system. This means that defrosting it is not necessary. This system itself will automatically prevent the formation of frost. This function makes use of of this technique even more burdensome.


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Haier fridges

The Latest development specialists helped to create an air curtain which prevents ingestion of the device of warm air. It perfectly preserves the freshness of the products.

Special mode chooses the optimum temperature. Also, there are two special zones. One of them – is zero, which is designed to store certain types of products. Second – the zone of low temperature. The particular container helps to maintain a certain level of humidity.

Latest development of the company Haier-refrigerator having multiple cameras. In the freezer compartment is a function of instantaneous freezing. Temperature inside the chamber is uniform, which makes storage products even better. Provided disabling the refrigerating chamber when the freezer.

 Haier refrigerator

One of the examples of qualitative and reliable household appliances is the fridge Haier HRB-306 ML. It meets all the requirements for appliances of this class. Its interior and exterior design – perfect forms combined with the usability. Shelves made of shockproof glass. In the fridge there is a system anti-bacterial coating, prevent the spread of bacteria. Special cooling system allows to maintain the freshness and quality of freezing.

Fridge Haier can become a decoration for any kitchen. This is not just a household appliance, a work of art.

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