Why you need a white pencil and who invented it?


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We All once used colored pencils. Someone just for drawing lessons at school, and someone uses them still. And many after opening the box wondering: why do we need a white pencil?

why you need a white pencilHistorical note

Modern pencils have been around for about 200 years. Graphite was discovered 5 centuries ago in the English mines. There is an opinion that has since started to be produce graphite pencils. One German family in 1760 and began to produce these instruments using graphite powder. However, this process was not very successful. French scientist Conte in 1795 made pencils made not only graphite, but also from certain varieties of clay, which it is pre-annealed in a furnace. This technology is popular until now. A simple pencil drawing is made of graphite and leaves behind a dark mark. For the production of graphite powder is mixed with water and clay. The hardness of the product is determined by the amount of clay. the more – it is softer, less-harder. A doughy paste, which is formed from the mixture and passed through a press, and then formed a rope that straighten, cut to size and fired in a kiln. Then cedar or pine workpiece cut along, make a special ditch for the stylus and then glued together with him. The resulting boards are cut and polished. Today it produces about 300 varieties of pencils. They are different in hardness and color. Today there are 72 colors of these products. With their help, applied labels on glass, fabric, plastic and even film. Some of them are used in the construction to leave a mark that will remain for a long period of time.

why white pencil

Why you need a white pencil in the set

The Tool this color is rather rare. They usually draw on colored paper or on top of a layer of coal, stone, pencil, Sepia... the Intensity of this pencil is different depending on how much the hatch is applied. To find out what the white pencil is used in drawing, look at the portrait that they painted. You will see the rather interesting effects that are not so easy to discern. For this you need to learn to think "in the negative". To answer the question about why we need a white pencil, it is enough to try to cover the sheet of paper evenly with the black lead of the tool. pencil drawingThen apply a white line. A similar exercise will be of great interest. The white pencil can be mixed with other colors to paint the midtone values.

How the white pencil works wonders

This tool draws well on dark colors. If you don't know why you need a white pencil, then just try to draw them a glare, snow or rain, and you will see what happens a fantastic picture! It helps make the transition between colors smoother and to show the play of light on a certain subject. It is very easy to correct mistakes. Therefore, such a tool is quite important in the visual arts.

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