How to teach baby to drink from a Cup: tips and advice. Utensils for children


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The child's Attachment to the nipple and the bottle says that so it is more comfortable, because they associate it with mom. The baby feels safe, therefore, does not want to move to a different way of drinking. We will discuss how to teach a child to drink from a Cup independently, to avoid the unpleasant consequences of continuous use of the bottle.

How to teach baby to drink from a mug

What causes long nipples application

You can Often see children who drink from a bottle with a nipple tea or other beverage. Many parents thinking that their kid is so comfortable, don't insist on changing this habit, which is a big mistake.

Delaying the weaning of a child from the nipples facing such problems in the future:

  • Abnormal development of occlusion.
  • Problems with development of teeth.
  • Baby Bottle tooth decay.
  • Lack of autonomy of the baby.

Remember that the question of how to teach a child to drink from a Cup is raised by many doctors who talk about the need for the selection of the correct cookware. It is important to pay attention to the Cup, which will be the first for the baby. Choosing the right dishes for kids – that's half the battle.

Children's clubs

Difficulties that may arise

Young children are very stubborn, they often react to many factors not the way we expect from them. They do not realize the harmful effects of the drinking from the bottle, but it is not the only difficulty which you will face.

So, remember these points:

  • If your child is willing to drink a Cup of juice, it does not mean that it is free to start drinking the milk.
  • If the children of friends and girlfriends without any problems went to the Cup, it does not mean that your child will face challenges.
  • Forget about the fact that the older the child, the easier it is to teach. It is a myth.
  • Often it is the mother's fault that the baby does not recognize cups. She believes that the child does not drink enough milk from a Cup and abusing the nipple.
  • Do Not ask the child immediate execution of your desires. He just doesn't understand you.

The Kids clubs are not all the same. Pay special attention to the first Cup of your kid.


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Dishes for children

What should be the dishes for the kids

Sippy cups for children different color, shape, size, material of manufacture and many other factors. When selecting a Cup for a child, remember these points:

  • Choose a mug that will appeal to baby's appearance. It should be bright, beautiful, conspicuous that the child was interested in a new subject.
  • Utensils should be convenient first and foremost for the baby. It is possible that you will have to buy more than one option Cup, to please the child.
  • Maybe your child will prefer the sippy Cup. Let him do it, because the dishes will be a transitional stage to a full Cup.

To without any problems and stress to wean baby from the pacifier, be patient. Do not show your child their irritability, or he may be afraid to pick up the Cup, and you will be his deterrent.

Children's tableware differs from the adult. It should be comfortable for the child, not for parents. In addition, the utensils should be made of unbreakable material, light weight and non-toxic. Please note: cheap goods are often of poor quality. Pick up baby utensils in the properties where you will be sure.

sippy cups for children

How to teach baby to drink from a mug

The baby without problems switched to drinking from a Cup, perform the following sequence of actions:

  • 7 months invite a child to withdraw from the nipples. Even if you fed him the breast, do not offer him a pacifier, go directly to the Cup.
  • Show your baby by example how to drink from a Cup.
  • Bring a mug to the mouth and slightly tilt it so the baby could take a little SIP.
  • If the child has the desire to take the Cup in his hands and drink alone, let him do it. Children love to experiment, this is the best tool for learning.
  • Do Not scold the child if he accidentally pour a liquid out of a Cup, because he's just learning.
  • If the baby didn't finish drinking the liquid, do not worry. Give him to drink from the same mug when he will again experience thirst.
  • Praise your baby – it is a prerequisite. Praise and distract from the nipples, he doesn't go back to thoughts of her.

If the child periodically can't finish the liquid from the Cup, no need to dopisivati his pacifier. Take a mug and your hands hold it to baby's mouth so that he drank all the contents.

Kids cups


Sippy cups designed exclusively for children. Remember, give your child to drink from your mug not. This is the first rule. In addition:

  • In No case do not wait for a convenient moment to experience the baby with a Cup. The optimal age-7 months. If the child was 2 years old, and he still doesn't know what a Cup is, it can cause serious health problems, and severe tantrums of a child when you try to take away his pacifier.
  • Never allow yourself additional water baby bottle. Work principle of comparison. The child will see that you can drink withusing the nipples that allow him to drink from a bottle. Over time, the baby will refuse to drink from a Cup at all.
  • Often we see children up to 3 years wear out a bottle. Do not allow your child to do this. This habit hard to break. It will be hard mentally as you and the child.
  • One drink to give from a Cup, and the second – from a bottle. You don't want the kid willingly drank the juice, but refused milk? Sharing drinks, you create in the subconscious of the child a conditioned reflex that the juice – this is a Cup, and milk – bottle, and nothing else. No tantrums in this case, not do.

Children's clubs are different. Talk about such varieties as pot.

How to teach baby to drink from a mug independently

A Little about the Cup-the pot

When you try to teach your baby to drink from a Cup buy Cup-a pot which is very convenient assistant. The fact that any liquid poured out of her so that the baby does not choke and don't choke. It flows very slowly, so the child can use this mug.

But remember, pot – is one of the stages of child development. As soon as he learned to drink from it, you need to replace it with a regular mug. Do not tighten this to the baby not used to it. Otherwise, the effect will be the same as with a pacifier. The child will get used to the pot and does not want to abandon the easy drinkers.

Is it Possible to acquaint the child with the Cup before a 7 months

Many parents seek to develop their child from an early age, therefore, the question arises about the early accustom the baby to Cup. Crockery for kids is designed for kids a very early period, therefore, clear limits, there is no age. Moreover, many doctors claim that to teach your baby to the circle will be more effective if you start doing it from 5 months.

The fact that at this age children are very curious. They are interested in everything new, so new dishes will certainly be to their taste. Good step from your side would be to give the child a beautiful, bright, Cup in hand, he examined it and held it in his hands might have played with her. So he will get used to the new object and will not react to it suddenly.

How to teach baby to drink from a mug Komorowski

Dr. Komarovsky on children's cups

The recommendations of an experienced pediatrician Komarovsky, usually help mothers to cope with the difficulties in the upbringing of children. When asked to give advice on how to teach baby to drink from a mug, Komorowski made a few remarks, among which are the following:

  • If you delay the process of accustoming the baby to a Cup by 10 months the child does not want to drink.
  • Small children have a habit to pull in a mouth any items, take advantage of this, giving them the drinker.
  • Baby can repeat for adults, some actions showing that he is an adult. Drink from a Cup with him so he felt older.
  • It Happens that the child does not want to drink from the usual dishes, but gladly makes beautiful new mugs.
  • The Baby will not be able to do a few SIPS at once, take it easy. In the best case, he learns that six months later.
  • In No case do not try to force the child the power to drink from a Cup. It will not lead to good consequences, but well-settled in the child an aversion to the beverage.
  • Sippy cups for children can be purchased in children's stores or online. Main – to the Cup was like your child.

Thus, the child accustomed to the circle – it is a gradual process. Please be patient and understanding and soon your child will start drinking from waterers and delight you with the results.

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