Food for cats 1st Choice: description of the products, the pros and cons


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Every pet owner wants his pet in no way needed. Especially carefully chosen dry food. He needs to give pet all the essential vitamins and nutrients.

Product Description

Canadian manufacturers producing food 1st Choice, claim that their products are fully compliant with all requirements. This is considered cat food products super premium. But at the same time affordable to the average customer. During the production process for the manufacture of the cat food carefully, preventing the possibility of sale of substandard goods.

food for the cat 1st choiceIn Addition, special attention is paid to various additives. Proteins and carbohydrates of animal origin is added to food for cats 1st Choice for a strictly defined number. To not overfeed animal protein, you should know that it requires only about 30 percent of nutrients of the total volume of food. To give the stern of meat aroma flavors are not used. The product is added to natural meat chicken, duck, or chicken meal. These foods are low in calories and have no excess fat can lead to obesity pet. For the manufacture of hypoallergenic feed is applied, fish. The creators claim that their products are made without chemicals that can cause the addiction to this food.

1st Choice (cat food): composition products

It is Very important that the pet is fed correctly, so the food 1st Choice contains useful ingredients, unlike products of the economy class. For example, in the latest feed most often are milled heads, feathers and neck, and feed a super-premium beef comes from a small number of bones, skin, and natural meat. However, the composition of the product such as food for the cat 1st Choice is flour in poultry. This means that substandard or cheap raw materials.


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1st choice cat food reviews vetsIn addition to the above, the amino acids in the form of chicken eggs, flax seeds, improve and enhance their coat, a variety of minerals and vitamins, and fish oil, and brown rice. To reduce bad breath and from the tray of a pet animal adds a special component called Yucca.

Advantages of feed 1st Choice

First, consider which has the advantages of food for the cat 1st Choice:

  • Use quality ingredients to promote health cats;
  • Includes components that improve the appearance of the pet (strengthen hair, make it more shiny and silky);
  • Weakens the unpleasant odors emanating from pet;
  • Low price, allowing a large community of pet owners to use this food;
  • High performance improve well-being in cats suffering from abundant shedding, dermatitis and dandruff, when feeding them hypoallergenic food;
  • Large selection of products allows to diversify the diet of a pet.

1st choice dry food for cats reviews

Cons cat food

However, like any other commodity, the food 1st Choice has several drawbacks:

  • Multiple ingredients that may adversely affect the body. So, apart from the flour of poultry, the composition includes cellulose. She's not very good effect on the animal organism. Also in one of the varieties of this food there is a mix of tomatoes that can harm the body of the cat. However, these additives do not exist in hypoallergenic feed, so each buyer can choose for your pet most suitable option;
  • A small spread of the food makes it unavailable. Very often, the product is not available in pet stores, so you have to place an order via the Internet;
  • The presence in the feed of salt evokes mixed opinions. On the one hand, it is harmful to animals, but its presence increases the fluid volume which is required cat. This factor is important when the main food is a dry pet food.

1st Choice (cat food): reviews of veterinarians and pet owners

The opinion of physicians about products mixed. Veterinarians alarming presence in the diet of salts and cellulose. These components obviously will not benefit the animal. But just to say that these products are harmful, they can't.

1st choice cat food composition

Those owners who bought 1st Choice dry food for cats, the reviews are mostly positive, as Pets love to eat. Although some owners notice that after transfer to the food the cat started shedding stronger.


In General, choosing feeding food for cats 1st Choice, the owner can be absolutely sure that the animal will get all the necessary nutrients. The great demand for these products confirms the high quality of the product.

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