Scarf collar: the types, colors. How to wear this product?


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The Scarf-collar is very popular among women and men are already more than one season. He is loved by many fashionistas due to its original and elegant design of a closed ring. More information about the types, colours and ways of tying the aforementioned products read on.

Scarf-collar: description

scarf collarThe Above piece has many names. Among them are the following: scarf, Snood, cowl, collar, etc. This product is a scarf with no ends. Its main objectives are as follows:

  • Create a layered look;
  • To give more volume.

Thanks to its style considering the accessory can easily be transformed into other things. For example, the scarf-collar is great as hats, hooded capes.

Types and colors products

The Scarf-collar has many options for color:

  • Solid-color products;
  • Colorful scarves with weaves multiple threads;
  • The products of colored fabrics with patterns, stars, circles, chains.

In addition, snudy are warm and very long as well as short and light summer. In winter, women prefer to use the original knitted wool or mohair. For the spring-summer season more suitable scarves are those that are made from chiffon, silk, calico, hosiery. Also, the stylists designed the scarf-collar kids for little fashionistas.

How to wear this stylish accessory?

Consider the product in expanded form is very long. It can be worn freely, not twisting, according to experts. There are also short articles. The choice is up to the buyer.


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If you have purchased in a long, oversized model, it can be worn on such options:

  • Tighten the eight two or three times, then the edges to straighten and level that they were growing a layer of down;
  • To make a scarf-hood;
  • Spread the product on the sides and wrap around the shoulders.

Some designers offer more than one hundred forty ways to wear and tie a scarf-collar. This product is called universal: every woman will find under what to wear her image was unique and original.

scarf collar kidsParticularly bright and interesting to look at the child scarf children's collar.

In addition, this piece emphasizes the individuality not only women but also men.

How to tie a scarf-collar? Several original options

how to tie a scarf collar

This product offers a much greater scope for the imagination than a regular scarf. So, a few ways of tying scarf-collar:

  1. Put the accessory on the neck, then loop it in the middle. Get another one eyelet. It is also necessary to throw on the neck. The result will be formed of twisted wiring.
  2. Scarf from summer fabric so you can tie the product fold in half, then throw it on your neck. The lower hinge drag so it was a bit longer than the upper.
  3. If the product has a pattern, it can be twisted in the following way: scarf need to wear so that behind his long left part. Back it takes a few times to wring, and then pass again through the head. In this case, the pattern of the product will be clearly visible to others.

Stylists say that the scarf-collar is combined with a coat. The product can be draped over the head, then twice to twist and wear on the neck. Thus, a warm scarf is less bulky but at the same time great keeps you warm. This option is relevant for chilly autumn weather and for the winter cold.

The Scarf-collar – is a great addition to the wardrobe of any season. He emphasizes the original style of the person. The main task lies in the right selection of color and texture of this accessory.

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