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Mix "Nutrilon milk 1" received a lot of good reviews because it includes a large variety of beneficial bacteria and other effective elements. Of course, the product with the same list of constituents useful for babies that normalizes the process of digestion and restores the regularity of the child. It turns out that the baby feels good, and parents relaxed and happy to tell you about the great use of "Nutrilon".

What is included in the composition of the dairy mix "Nutrilon"

Nutrilon milk 1 reviews

In the mixture include live bacteria that help restore the natural balance of the work and the intestinal microflora of the baby. These bacteria multiply the number of microorganisms that have a positive effect on the state of the intestinal canal and its productive performance. Also the live bacteria serve as a barrier that blocks the penetration in the intestinal microflora of pathogenic bacteria and prevents their reproduction.

Milk mixture will help the child to improve self-venting gas, to facilitate this process.

Milk formulas are iron which is better absorbed than if you use simple formulas for artificial feeding. Because of this, the dairy product is recommended for use for children suffering from anemia.

In the mixture, in addition to carbohydrates, proteins, fats and mineral and vitamin complex are usually minor komponenty:

  1. Lizotsim.
  2. Lactulose.
  3. Bifidobacteria.
  4. Taurin.

These components balance the digestive tract. Baby milk mixtures, including dry mix "Nutrilon milk Premium 1" reviews, which are positive, can be given continuously, and a one-time, if you need to correct and improve the process of digestion of the baby. Parents say that you need to carefully collect the powder in a spoon, to avoid slides. On the packaging of mixtures is usually the number 1 or marked the age of the baby from 0 to 6 months.


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What health problems the child solves dairy mix "Nutrilon"

There is such a thing as a flatulence in infants. It's the same as colic. They begin to harass the infant due to the fact that the gases on time do not leave the colon of the newborn, therefore the baby's tummy hurts.

dry milk formula nutrilon premium 1 reviews

Fermented milk compositions, such as a mixture of "Nutrilon 1 milk", reviews of which can be reduced to one opinion, it is fully consistent with the declared manufacturer properties, it is recommended to give the baby because he often spits up. With regular use used the product will not be srygivaniya. Baby milk formula "Nutrilon Nutricia" dairy, which attract the attention of the parent audience that give good advice, for example, the dosage of the product will help parents to cope with the regurgitation. This process is also associated with immaturity of the digestive tract of infants.

To alleviate the suffering of the baby and to help his right ventricle to start to work, experts have developed infant formula - dairy "Nutrilon" from birth to a year.

How to give the formula "Nutrilon"

We must remember that to abuse the product in any case is impossible, since the situation can only get worse.

reviews on milk formula nutricia nutrilon milk

If you choose to resort to such food for baby, as a dairy mix, but haven't had time yet to consult a doctor, read the following couple of advice on how to enable it in the diet and not to harm his body.

Gradually replace the conventional mixture of milk, for example, use "Nutrilon milk 1", the positive feedback which has won due to the fact that it prevents a rash on the baby's skin. Start with ten or twenty grams at each feeding of the child. Then decarbonate the usual mix.

Daily increase the volume of injected sour milk mixture. Replace food new product within two to three days. If the problem you're trying to eliminate,ü will cease to disturb the baby to increase the dose of fermented milk product in the future is not recommended.

What is the danger of a wrong dosage mixture

Many parents who don't pay attention to the recommended amount of daily intake of such product as a mixture of "Nutrilon 1 milk", leave negative feedback, sinning on its quality. In these comments you write about the rash on the baby's skin, acne, constant baby cry.

Nothing amazing like the reviews on milk formula "Nutrilon Nutricia dairy" do not show. If the parents are first asked his pediatrician about milk mixtures, they would not have aggravated the health of your baby.

Breastfeeding and mixture

There is another reason why parents enter into the diet of "milk Nutrilon Premium 1". The mother simply may notice breast milk, then it is necessary to pass to artificial feeding.

On the advice of the pediatrician usually advises "milk Nutrilon 1", which reviews are saying that the mixture of composition similar to breast milk. It is noticed the parents who have followed in herthe introduction of food to all the pediatrician's recommendations and was pleased with the result.

Nutrilon milk from birth to one year

In Addition, the mixture helps fight skin rash in infants (with proper dosage).

Rashes in babies due to the unbalanced content of digestive enzymes in the body. I.e. the consequences of an allergic reaction to any products or exposure of the skin to external aggressive factors. Under the aggressors refers to washing powder, which is transferred through clothing chemicals on the baby's body, from which they are produced, as well as other skin care products such as shower cream, oil etc.

The Restoration of the child's chair

Baby milk formula "Nutrilon milk", which suggests that bifidobacteria, are included in its composition, effectively prevent loose stools (which is confirmed by the parents who use it). The fact that it consists of exactly those live lactic acid bacteria, which become a barrier to the spread and harmful effects of microorganisms boltnarova and multiply, thus, the level of beneficial microorganisms.

baby milk formula nutricia nutrilon milk reviews

Lactic acid bacteria-microorganisms help the child on their own and without the help of parents to produce the bubbles, thereby eliminating bloated tummy child.

Milk formulas recommended for use for children who are diagnosed with dysbiosis, intestinal cramping, frequent diarrhea. More "milk Nutrilon 1", which reviews are saying that the child learns it perfectly, it is recommended to give to children who have suffered various intestinal infektsionnye disease. This is done for rehabilitation and restoration of the body and the digestive system of the baby.

Milk formulas often prescribed to children suffering from anemia. Due to the fact that the product contains iron (in sufficient quantities), it helps to cope with the symptoms of the disease.

Types kislomolochny mix

There are two main types: dry and pre-diluted (ready to drink).

Nutrilon premium 1 milk reviews

If you prefer to choose dry mix "Nutrilon Premium 1 sour" reviews, which confirm the fact that it is a quality product and helps to cope with stomach bloating the baby then it should be diluted with special water intended for the preparation of baby formula.

Before the actual use of a mixture of milk baby is to worry and to go to a consultation the doctor that examined the child and making the necessary procedures, tests, and gave a verdict that the infant has no allergic reactions to the components included in the product.

What is special is that the product is adapted

A Large variety of adapted mixtures, including "Nutrilon milk", from constipation are considered the best, because they are quite close in composition of components to breast milk women. The manufacturers of these products of art derived protein of excellent quality and enriched baby food all the necessary nutrients on the basis of minerals useful for the body of the child.

baby milk formula nutrilon milk reviews

Not surprisingly, manufacturers that improve nutrition for kids, have ensured that even a dry mix capable for a very long time to keep the lactic bacteria, their activity and properties in the initial state.

Products that are adapted to differ significantly in its composition from dairy, ready to eat, that are high-quality emitatsii breast milk, so they are recommended for infant feeding without feeding ordinary food.

What determines the choice of the mixture

"Nutrilon milk" from constipation it helps to get rid of, as evidenced by feedback from parents. This product is in great demand among buyers. But what mix is right for your child depends on their individual medical and personal preferences of the little man. Some mixtures the child refuses to eat at all.

All of the lactic acid mixtures, in particular baby milk formula "Nutrilon Nutricia dairy", reviews of which are positive, because this product is great for infants with impaired metabolism, is enriched with calcium which creates a great tandem in combination with vitamin D. This pair helps the baby to grow and to develop harmoniously.

Compounds are also preferably used for babies born underweight or early (from six months).

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