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And the most popular Precious metal in the world – gold. It is used for making jewelry is not one Millennium.

Status accessory

Great taste, good wealth and high status of the owner - all to say about this wrist watch gold.

  • This accessory – application to the world of stability and well-being of the person.
  • Gold is considered soft metal. But still watch out of it stronger than any other.
  • Made of gold – reliable. Expensive metal and requires special attention in the work. In gold should only be dear to the movement.
  • Gold watch there is a special elegance and lightness. They all items are carefully verified. Watch gold additional decorations are not needed.
  • The price of the product naturally high. But harmoniously made thing has real value. Without overpayments.

gold women watches

Gold women's watch – a luxurious and delicate, with a thin strap or suitable style metal bracelet. In very rare cases, inlaid with precious stones, and rarely – white or colored rhinestones.

The Mechanisms, methods of fastening and manufacturers

Gold watches vary according to the established mechanism:

- Modern, more accurate – quartz watch.

- Mechanical model – the most common. For battery replacement, no need to damage the metal.

Different mode of attachment to the arm.

- elegant leather strap holding mechanism;

bracelet of gold and, accordingly, all the rest is also from the same precious metal.

Differ around the country the manufacturer:

- Switzerland – consistent quality and durability.

- Not Swiss-manufactured and assembled in other countries of Europe and Asia. The quality is a little different from those made in Switzerland.

Choosing a simple

The preference for the watch, produced in Switzerland. This guarantee many years of quality and durability.

gold watches women price

The Mechanic watch, which regularly need to have, have already become classics. They do not need to open to change the battery, and therefore, they are not subjected to mechanical stress and do not scratch.


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Gradually entering into fashion – quartz watch. Not require regular plant, but you need to regularly change batteries.

Gold womens watch is a model of elegance and refinement. If there is no possibility to have several such products, it is better to purchase a classic model without decor and colorful accents. In the case of buying watches for a collection item can be encrusted with rhinestones or colored transparent.

Original models

There are models of multi-colored gold with interesting functions. For example, the main dial is provided with small dials showing the time in other places or cities, calendar, chronograph or power reserve indicator (provided to them only in mechanical models), and many others. However, the status of the model should be without the extra "bells and whistles”. Also they should have a big dial.

The Company “Nika”

Gold womens watch for many years leading among the fashion accessories. They are quite popular as jewelry and as a consequence, there is a lot of the fakes are of very poor quality.

In Russia, it is believed that the domestic gold watches do not produce. But there is a company in the country “Nika”. She was known for her hours for the entire Union. So we can safely say that in our country produce such accessories. Modern watches "Nika" womens gold compete with many foreign brands.

watch nick women's gold

The Company has a lot of prestigious prizes and awards. In 2008, her hours were the best product of the year. All products with a logo “Nika” made of noble materials technology to give the maximum protection to the clockwork that guarantees him longevity and indispensable precision. The developers used the caliber of Japanese firms and Sitizen Miyota and Swiss Ronda caliber.

The Choice of gold watches from this company is quite large. There are chronographs of precious metals. How much is that watch gold womens? The price of these products starts from five thousand rubles.

Time lineup is diverse, broad and compelling even for excellent customers from Europe, Canada and America.

Watch "Nika" womens gold can be seen today on business Russian ladies and even fashion glamorous party girl. Bright, beautiful, attractive and mysterious models "Violet", "cameo", "Panther", "Juliet" attracts admiring glances to the hands of the owner.

Collection DolceVita and “humming”

Fashion line DolceVita today one of the most famous of the firm “Nika”. She stands fine ceramic inserts in the bracelet and has two colorations: white and black. Also pleasing to the eye the dial ring – pink, yellow, red and white gold, covered with cubic Zirconia.

women's watch Chaika gold

A Wide range of colors from a series called "Hummingbird". As the name suggests, is a small, even petite rectangular watch. Yellow, white or rose gold adorned with two rows of cubic Zirconia. On the dial two zones: one floating black, pink, blue and white zircons, second hands and Roman numerals. Graceful strap (leather blue or purple) continues the line of the dial.

Collection “iris”

Interesting design discovery in the collection of “iris”. The dials resemble the unopened Bud of the iris on a thin stem. Encrusted with cubic Zirconia rhombus color gold 585 with leather strap. In the watch quartz movement Miyota company. Watch weight only 9 grams. The color combination is amazing: white in the gentle company of brown and black with a tint of gold. Any clock by this company can be by a bracelet of gold of any shade that you can pick outfit or mood. Exclusive clock “Nika” added, depending on the model, chasing, engraving. Also there's always the print, and definitely the logo.


Gold womens watch produces another famous plant in Russia – «Seagull". Think about these accessories as one of the best developed long before the century of advertising and PR companies. This watch is truly the best of the Russian.

gold watches with diamonds womensAlmost all models "Gulls" inside the mechanism are rubies. 17 jewels protecting the movement that is in constant motion. Ruby itself is a very dense material, reluctant to abrasion. Therefore, developers of factory made this mount a proprietary secret.

Watch "Chaika" women's gold release as on a leather bracelet, and gold. Style such products are designed in a sleek. Basically it is a small round or oval dials with Roman or Arabic numerals. There are models with just dashes. It's not very practical but stylish.

The Leather straps are thin, without massive mounts. Weaving Golden strap watches "Seagull" delicate and feminine no matter how big or small. Practical ladies recognize the second option. The strap is not liable to catch on something and damage either the item or the accessory.

Gold watches luxury

Stylish, original, and most importantly, expensive gift - a gold watch with diamonds for women. Such accessories are always the best in the world mechanism. Buying under force only to very rich people, but it's worth it.

The Best of women's watches with diamonds Swiss recognized. Reputation is centuries old, the reserve for about two years. A watch like this on hand talking about the status, taste and style of the hostess. The model of Chopard, refined, elegant with quartz movement in a silver case. On the dial three heart. One decorated with diamonds, the other two – sapphires pink color.

Russian gold watch womensWhen Purchasing a ladies wrist watch, decorated with diamonds, it is better to opt for the classics. They will be appropriate in any situation. In addition, they are always in trend.

Refinement and luxury, some Russian ladies gold watch female. They will accent any created image.

What determines the cost?

How much watch gold womens? The price depends on three factors: class, quantity of the precious metal and brand. Inexpensive models are available, Cartier, Michael Kors and Techno Marine.

The Average price category of the watch with 18K gold on the bracelet and dial. For example, the Les Classiques line from Maurice Lacroix, Baume &Mercier and Cartier Tankde from Damiani.

The Watches of the highest quality handmade almost always inlaid. They are treated as a luxury jewelry. The brands that produce these watches are: Parmigiani, Richard Mille, Cartier and others.


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