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Every mother knows that breastfeeding will provide your kid the maximum benefit, but depending on circumstances not everyone is able to breastfeed their babies exclusively in a natural way. To newborn artificial feeding has received all the necessary nutrients and not feeling of discomfort, the blend should be chosen especially carefully. A large number of positive opinions in our country collected a mixture of “Nutrilon 1”. Product reviews you can find negative, but they are associated mostly with individual intolerance of certain components of the baby, from which no one is immune. To minimize such situations, the manufacturer produces a wide range of specialized formulas for different categories of newborns.

General information

A Mixture of “Nutrilon» reviews gets not only in our country, as produced in Holland and sold in many countries of Europe. This baby food intended for mixed or artificial feeding children, often in aged 2-3 months, but for newborns, the mixture is also used in certain cases. After six months, the mixture should be replaced with a similar, but with the number 2.

Rules of artificial feeding

According to the manufacturer, in the manufacture of baby food using modern technology “Immunofortis”. According to her, in the product has all the necessary kids fatty acids for the timely development of intelligence, nucleotides, carnitine, and many other useful substances. In fact, everything is there and in mixtures of other manufacturers, but in this case, do not forget to mention once again to attract more buyers.


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According to the reviews, the mixture of “Nutrilon” you can buy in any supermarket, but specialized lines that are used during treatment, are sold only in pharmacies. Produced mixture in cardboard boxes of 350g, in tins of 400 g and in a cardboard-plastic bottles with a convenient cap at 400 g, 800 g and 900 g. the cost of the product can not be called affordable, so many buyers Express their displeasure about it.

Rules of feeding

A Mixture of “Nutrilon» reviews pediatricians recommend to enter into your baby's diet gradually. Despite the large number of positive opinions about the food, a sharp transition can trigger intestinal colic, allergic reactions or total disruption of the enzyme system. Offer the baby a bottle with artificial food before the meal (breast milk or old composite), since the portions to 30 ml, so the kid will quickly get used to the new product. Gradually the portions need to increase, replacing them with the previous volume of nutrition that will ensure a smooth transition to the new product.

Before mixing, the bottle is necessary to sterilize and to begin all procedures only with clean hands. In each package of a mixture of “Nutrilon" the reviews confirm this, there is a special measuring spoon and instruction on the preparation of artificial food.


Water must not be boiled and then cooled to 40 degrees. Water with the powder should be thoroughly mixed until no lumps, then check the temperature of the mixture, dropping a bit on your wrist. Use a ready-made mix can only for one hour after cooking, then artificial milk must be disposed of. Keep the container of the mixture in the refrigerator is not recommended, you need to choose a dry and dark closet.

The Only prohibition to using this baby food is lactase deficiency in the newborn. While the baby may get a skin rash and disorders of the chair.

Mixture for premature babies

A Mixture of “Nutrilon” feedback positive gets currently is not in vain. In its line-up is a specialized product for feeding premature infants with high protein content, fatty acids, iron, calcium and vitamin E.

"Nutrilon Pre"

Also in the composition is phosphorus, nucleotides and prebiotics. Carbohydrates and lactose in the composition is less than in conventional mixtures. The product is perfectly balanced for the immature digestive system born before his time. Flavour is pleasant, sweetish. “Nutrilon Pre" should be replaced with the usual mixture, as soon as the baby reaches weight of 3 lbs. Among the disadvantages it should be noted the risk of colic and constipation.

Formula for babies with food intolerance

This product is designed to supply babies from birth who have had problems with intestinal absorption. The product does not contain glucose and are based on whey protein. Thus, to use it can babies with intolerance to cow's protein and glucose, and quietly.

"Nutrilon, Pepti Gastro"

A Mixture of “Pepti Gastro” enriched with organic acids, mineral substances and vitamins. Its unique composition allows the intestinebaby better absorb dietary nutrients, normalizes the digestive system and prevents allergies. The mixture for infants “Nutrilon” gets only positive reviews, but its use should be only as directed by your pediatrician for kids with certain problems.

To improve the intestinal microflora

Since the first days of baby's life his digestive system is just being formed and getting used to a new way of eating, if you want to use at this time, an artificial mixture it is important to choose products of the highest enriched with enzymes.

"Nutrilon Comfort"

This is a mixture of “Comfort”. Many of the reviews about mix “Nutrilon” from 0 months recommend it as an indispensable nourishment with frequent colic and constipation in infants. A positive effect the mixture has due to the presence of probiotics, but it may play a different role. Some parents say that once you start feeding your baby ‘Nutrilon Comfort” start strong bowel disorders in the form of loose stools or allergies. Such reactions indicate an intolerance to a child of certain components in the composition. Thus, buying a costly product, you will not get a guarantee that it will be used for the purpose, the baby is such a mixture may not be suitable.

For children with allergies

Food allergies in kids - a fairly common phenomenon lately, that's why "gardens" released the specialized product to power such from birth.

"Nutrilon, Pepti Allergy"

Kids with digestive problems may feel comfortable with a mixture of “Pepti Allergy”, because its formula is fully balanced for this category of newborns. The mixture is fatty acids, vegetable oils, whey protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, nucleotides, carnitine, and taurine. The protein in this case is represented in split form to facilitate its absorption by the body. An important feature is that to use this power only in special cases and under strict medical advice. As “Pepti Gastro”, this blend is medicinal and not used on a regular basis.

Hypoallergenic formula

Reviews of pediatricians mixture “Nutrilon” for babies who are prone to allergies, and is recommended as the main food, but in this case, you should choose a product labelled “Hypoallergenic”.

"Nutrilon Hypoallergenic"

The Composition of this product can fully replace breast milk from the first day of life. The mixture normalizes digestion, has a positive effect on vision, helps get rid of allergies, strengthens the nervous system and muscles. All this thanks to taurine, prebiotics, soy lecithin and other nutrients. The product of soybean processing consisting of many scares, but according to reviews, most moms are happy with using this product in baby food. The mixture helps to get rid of the rash and a positive effect on the digestive system.

Dairy food

For kids with sensitive digestion company “Nutricia" offers "Nutrilon Milk”.

"Nutrilon Milk"

This mixture is composed of lactulose, live bacteria, and lysozyme, which beneficially affect the bowels and the entire digestive system. The mixture shows kids with frequent regurgitation and anemia. Pediatricians speak about this product from different sides. Some do not recommend using this food as a basic and position the compound as therapeutic. Known as all Dr. Komarovsky says that the fermented milk mix is safe to use in food every day.

Lactose free blend

Kids with special nutritional needs can also be fed with a mixture of “Nutrilon Premium 1”.

"Nutrilon Lactose-free"

Reviews of pediatricians recommend to choose “Lactose-free” product. At the initial stage of lactase insufficiency the mixture can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Composition based on whey protein, which is necessary for development of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

Intolerance to animal protein

In cases when the kids needed a dairy-free diet, for nutrition is a mixture of plant-based substances.

"Nutrilon Soya"

The manufacturer per se is a “Nutrilon Soya” based on soy protein. In the product has all the useful vitamins and minerals for the child's further development and completely absent in cow's milk protein, lactose, sucrose and gluten-free. On the packaging indicates that the mixture is suitable for babies from birth, but in reality only applies after six months.

Product Reviews

A Mixture of “NutrilonPremium” collects mixed reviews from both parents and pediatricians. Experts note that the product is well tolerated by most children and really can improve their health, but it happens a lot of situations, and when the mixture is just not suitable for a child. Then the baby starts more indigestion, and an expensive purchase it is necessary to replace another compound.

As parents, many have noted that when feeding this mixture in children appears greenish chair, and the swamp smell. Interesting, but this is considered a normal variant and is associated with a special diet for sensitive digestive system of babies. The mixture itself also has a distinctive taste and odor that will not please every child.

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