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Every year in the world of curtains, without which no cost, the creation of the interior of the house or apartment, there are interesting and striking novelties. They can be made in a specific, often unusual style accessories, there are new ways in the design, preference of certain types of fabrics, original color schemes. When making home made not necessarily just to be trendy. But, nevertheless, it's better to listen to fashion and are just original and unusual ideas, which emphasize the taste of the owner of the premises and will allow you to create spectacular interior. In 2016 will begin to actively use the new trend. However, many of last year are still relevant.


Its relevance will save extra long curtains. They are much longer than usual for us normal curtains and fall to the floor, forming spectacular folds. Their length should exceed conventional counterparts by 30-50 centimeters. Extra long models can soften the sharp outline of the window and make the room more comfortable. Options of this type are ideal for rooms with low ceilings because it visually lift them. For making long curtains, you can use fabric of any type. Place them on the eyelets, but the fit and classic curtain.

Roman blinds continue to maintain its popularity. They gained popularity due to the ease of construction and maintenance. They are used in a minimalist style and suitable design in classic design, because combined with conventional curtains.

The Curtains of threads have emerged and have been used by designers recently. In 2016 they will rapidly gain popularity because the design allows them to be used in Windows, interior openings, for zoning, as an additional touch to the interior as the decor. The manufacturer can use the beads of glass beads, fabric thread, buttons, stones, ribbons, fabric. The density and frequency of threads differ depending on purpose and material. Curtains-strands very well harmonize with fine tulle or independently, in different modes of fixation.

Layered curtains (curtains tulle) does not lose its relevance. In 2016 for the living room fashionable to be noticeable when the cuffs contrast lining. Products of this type offer a choice of options for their use, looks expensive and stylish. Due to the high density increases the opacity of the curtains. Buying products with contrast trim, the building owner gets a chance to change the color of the interior according to your wishes.

One of the current fashion trends 2016 will be photo-blinds. A variety caused by a method of printing images, colors, crisp lines and comfort of use draw attention to models of this type. Photo blinds will perfectly fit the interior in the style minimalism and high-tech. They can be as basic design element and to emphasize the main idea, setting off the rest detail. In short, the opportunities for creativity and realization of their own plans as always very much.

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