Infectious hepatitis in dogs: treatment and diagnosis


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Viral, or infectious hepatitis-a dangerous contagious disease among other animals. Can hit almost all kinds, both wild and domestic animals. Viral hepatitis in dogs is most common in animals of a young age. Often leads to death. So what causes the disease, is it curable, and how to protect yourself from this scourge? Take a closer look.


hepatitis in dogs

The First signs of the disease and the virus described by the Swedish researcher Robert. For a long time the name of the disease sounded exactly like its name, this infection Menuet "viral hepatitis of dogs."

In the middle of the last century, the virus-the causative agent was sevanstroy already in all European countries and in the United States. In Russia have focused attention on this disease only in 1953.

Hepatitis b Virus belongs to the family of adenoviruses that cause a spectrum of diseases in animals and humans. The family is so named for the virus that was first seen in adenoids.

Infectious hepatitis in dogs is caused by adenovirus belonging to the first type. His kin – the virus of the second type that causes infectious laryngotracheitis. They are similar in appearance and principles of pathogenicity.

The causative agent of infectious hepatitis is capable of long time to exist in the environment outside of the host body. At 37 degrees the survival of the child – three weeks, and at a temperature of 4 degrees (preservative) – up to ten months. The virus persists for a long time in the feces of the animal, summer can be contagious throughout the warm season. Despite these high survival rates, the virus dies immediately when exposed to products containing chlorine, phenol, formalin and boiling.


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Early – tonsillitis

viral hepatitis of dogs

Hepatitis in dogs is often referred to diseases of puppies. Usually affects young animals up to one year. If an adult animal, the immunity is much weaker, it can also quickly become infected. It is observed more often for worm infestations. Virus of this type does not spread by airborne droplets, enters the body only in case if it falls onto the mucosa, for example, through contact with feces of infected animals. To develop the virus starts in the tissues of the tonsils of the dog, so the first signs of disease is inflammation-tonsillitis.

Hepatitis in dogs has a huge effect pathological effects. The activity of the virus leads to the death of healthy cells. Where the concentration is particularly high, the focus of inflammation develops. It occurs in all tissues where the virus settles. The effect is known as cytopathic.

Entering the body

After reaching a certain concentration in the tonsils adenovirus gets into immune cells, and then into the lymphatic system. Begins to develop inflammation. Of the submandibular and retropharyngeal lymph nodes through the blood and lymph pathogen spreads throughout the body. The main target, which is aiming infectious hepatitis dogs, – the liver, kidneys, lymph nodes, intestines, thymus, blood vessels. The main symptom are multiple internal hemorrhages. So the adenovirus affects the small blood vessels, the blood begins to pour out. In severe forms of lesions in these areas develop foci of necrosis, and that additional sources of toxins.

More than any other bodies in viral hepatitis in dogs suffering from liver. The causative agent contributes to the degeneration of the cells of the body in fatty tissue, of course, she becomes unable to perform its functions. In addition to fat in the liver, necrotic lesions are formed, which causes the strongest toxic effect. That is why the disease became known as hepatitis. Symptoms are yellow-green diarrhea, vomiting yellow. The reason is that the decomposition products, including ammonia, not detoxified by the liver.

The Immune system of the dog begins to respond actively to the activities of the virus on the 5-7 day there are the strongest antibodies. Increases the work of cell-mediated immunity. And if the body of the animal to cope with disease, that the animal has formed lifelong immunity to viral hepatitis.

 infectious hepatitis dog

Two stages of the disease

A Viral infectious hepatitis dog in its flow usually has two stages. The high level of mortality occurs in young puppies (under 1 year). If the animal is going through these two stages, it is likely that the outcome will be prosperous. The first signs of recovery already suggests that the dog will be fine.

- 1 stage. The acute form of the disease. Fulminant signs of illness a day after the infection. After that there is a decrease in the activity of the virus.

- 2 stage. The acute form. The second peak activity of the adenovirus, develops 3-5 days of infection. The stage is very heavy, few animals survive. Treatment outside the veterinary clinic gives you the opportunity to survive, only 10% in 90% of cases, comes death.

Today, the acute form of the virus is much rarer than in the last century. This is explained by the across-the inculcation of the young. Possibly, adenovirus managed to weaken. On the other hand, veterinarians predict the emergence of more formidable of the virus in nature.


The First signs of hepatitis in dogs begin to appear in about a week from the moment of infection (minimum 3, maximum 12 days). The following picture:

  • The Dog lost appetite.
  • General lethargy, more lies, not playing.
  • A day after lethargy have diarrhea and vomiting yellow.
  • If we examine the throat, you may notice swelling of the tonsils-tonsillitis.
  • In severe form of disease flowing transparent liquid from the nasal and oral cavities.

signs of hepatitis in dogs

Hepatitis in dogs. The symptoms and treatment

About four days after the occurrence of these symptoms begin to show secondary characteristics. Very clearly they are expressed during exacerbations of:

  • Temperature Rise to 41 degrees.
  • Frequent shortness of breath, shallow breathing.
  • Disturbances of the heartbeat, weak pulse.
  • Vomiting yellow bile and diarrhea.
  • Brown Urine, dark color.
  • Icteric mucous membranes.
  • Breathing becomes smelly ammonia smell.
  • In the chest swelling.
  • Animal often sits with her head bowed, legs spread widely.
  • Possible seizures, paralysis, loss of movement coordination.
  • Dehydration, severe emaciation.

Thus manifested viral hepatitis in dogs. The symptoms and treatment should be known to all breeders, it will help to save your pet. Just note that care should be provided by specialists in veterinary clinics. Treatment requires complex circuits, the use of drugs, as the virus affected almost all the internal organs.

hepatitis in dogs symptoms and treatment

Specifications and schema therapy

Viral hepatitis of dogs has specific treatment. It is relevant only in this disease. Used hyperimmune serum against adenovirus hepatitis. The medicine is prepared from the blood of convalescents viral hepatitis of dogs. The only way to obtain antibodies to the virus. If you are in the early stages found hepatitis in dogs, treatment should be started immediately. Turning to the vet, you will receive a chance to save your pet.

After the appointment of therapy in the complex scheme will also recommend:

  • Herbal.
  • Medications for liver protection.
  • A Variety of vitamins, especially group B. vodorastvorimykh
  • Tools for recovery of water-salt balance. Glucose, glutamic acid.
  • Swelling – diuretic.
  • To prevent bacterial infections – antibiotics.
  • Anti-diarrhoeal and antiemetic drugs.
  • In a dog's diet should be included more vitamins, carbohydrates, trace elements. Excluded proteins.


Hepatitis in dogs, symptoms of which are very heavy – a dangerous disease that threatens the lives of Pets. That is why all breeders should be aware of the timely vaccination of animals. In veterinary clinics and pharmacies vaccines available for everyone to buy them is not difficult. One bottle can protect the dog from several viruses. Varieties of the drug are many, consult your veterinarian what is better to buy.

Age instilling in basically two months, that's when puppies have lost the immunity they receive mother's milk.

If your area discovered viral hepatitis in dogs, prevention is possible to inject the healing serum. Even if an animal gets sick, the illness will be more mild.

When walking, avoid contact with the feces of other dogs. The virus is not transmitted.

In the case if your house killed the dog from viral hepatitis, thoroughly disinfect all surfaces.

 hepatitis in dogs symptoms

Chronic hepatitis in dogs

In addition to the virus the animal can also develop other forms of hepatitis...

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