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Has been for many years popular among the people spring block “Bonnell”. What is it? This device is used in the manufacture of mattresses. Details about this keep reading!

Spring units of mattresses: types

mattress with independent spring blockThere are two groups of springs working in tension and compression. In mattress production using the latest type. They are made from steel rod of various lengths and various profiles.

In the production of mattresses used one of two types of spring unit

  • Independent;
  • Dependent.

And one, and the second has its disadvantages and advantages. Experts suggest that the quality of sleep and maximum comfort it is better to buy mattresses with the spring block, independent. But unfortunately, they are not expensive.

Spring block “Bonnell” - what is it?

spring block Bonnell itMillions of customers around the world for many years choose sofas and beds with the above mentioned block. Mattresses with a dependent spring block first began to use in the distant 1885. Since this product is very popular among consumers.

- “Bonnell” - what is it? In fact, he is a regular spring mattress, which is good enough is already known to the public. But, it turns out, is not so simple.

Experts please do not confuse the former with spring mattresses “bonnelame”. First soon sags, and the springs jumped out. A very different technology features a spring-loaded block “Bonnell”. What is it? It turns out, there is used a method of clamping the springs.


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The Technology of production of spring unit “Bonnell”

the Bonnell spring unit reviewsSpring specifically designed for this purpose, is continuously woven in a particular sequence. The weaving takes place according to this method, which does not provide their contact, they do not creak and do not RUB. Special spring beconase, which is the whole of the above block, with the help of steel wire are attached to each other.

The basis of the orthopedic mattress can be Palevikova or chetyrehmetrovy spring beconase. If you use the first type, the mattress will be slightly higher and be more expensive.

On the coils the end coils of the spring unit “Bonnell” has a special “locks”. They prevent accidental twisting of the spirals.

Key features of the spring block “Bonnell”

The Above block has the following features:

  • Block spring, dependent (all its elements are firmly connected through the metal frame to each other);
  • Used in cheap mattresses;
  • Produces an orthopedic effect;
  • Adapts to the anatomical shape of the human body.

It Should be noted that the above spring unit, which reviews a wide variety, used for production of mattresses with double-sided and double-sided surface.

The First are exceptionally good economic-variant. Buy them mostly for the cottages. In addition, they are great for different kinds of hotels and resorts, health centers.

Mattresses with a dependent spring block with two-sided surface are of high quality and durability.

Mattress with independent spring block

sofas with independent spring blockThe Above unit is already on a completely different technology. Each spring is placed in a separate pocket. Then bonding occurs between these pockets.

Number of springs in the unit directly depends on their diameter. The comfort level of sleep will be the best orthopedic properties of the mattress higher, if used as much as possible springs.

Last have several options:

  • One by one in a row;
  • Staggered (one) – this affects the rigidity of the mattress, it will be better;
  • Small spring in big spring;
  • According to the hardness zones (back, head, shoulders, pelvis, feet, calf, thigh).

It Should be noted that pelvic block spring has the largest rigidity.

Sofas pocket sprung are wonderful quality, high anatomically, comfort and convenience. The main disadvantages of it – it is only the high price. Sometimes a mattress with independent spring block called tough enough. Therefore, some experts do not recommend using them for children.

This block proved to be a great double mattresses. The main feature of it is that each side works independently. That is, if your significant other is often turned to you it will be quite imperceptible.

Sofas pocket sprung are made using the latest technologies and meet all the necessary requirements. Their anatomical properties they are able to maintain for many years, as have relatively high longevity (over 10 years).

Spring block “Bonnell” reviews:

spring block reviewsMattresses with the above unit, according to the responses differ reasonable price and good quality. Of course, they cannot be compared with independent spring blocks. But the latter is quite expensive and in most cases can not afford the family with average income.

People who use the mattress spring unit is dependent noted good anatomical ability. Sleep on it comfortably.

The Disadvantages of this mattress, according to buyers, is that if one flips, the other half good it feels.

Mattress with spring block “Bonnell” accessible and affordable, a true masterpiece of modern microsoftvista.


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