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Here until recently the house was filled with great happiness – the birth of a child. Carrying the baby in the womb is like waiting for a miracle. Woman in this period is transformed and acquires a new look at the reality of the environment. After birth the baby almost all the time asleep, occasionally waking up to eat. Over time, however, this picture changes.

dream of a child in 9 months

The Baby, although still dependent on his mother, but tries to show his individual character. The dream of a child in 9 months is changing. He does not seem to parents is endless. A happy mommy when she finds free time in order to perform all the household chores for a while and sit down over a Cup of coffee. Sleep baby in 9 months begins to approach the graphics, reminiscent of the schedule one year old baby. Let us consider this question. What is the sleep of a child in 9 months?


They are fairly conventional for the reason that every family has its own rituals of falling asleep and time of awakening. There are, however, approximate rules, which you have to follow with the intention to establish a healthy routine. The dream of the child of 9 months and consists of several periods. They should all be respected. Otherwise it's impossible to form a healthy emotional sphere.

Early awakening

As a rule, young children do not sleep for a long time, like adults. Often they are called small "roosters", because they raise an entire family on its feet as soon as the sun rises. All because they have no more need to relax from life, which gives too much trouble and worries. Few of the babies wakes parents to their militant cry after seven o'clock in the morning.


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sleep baby 9 months

Such cases are the exception rather than the rule. Some kids manage to sleep only till five or six o'clock in the morning, it is not giving happy mommy any time to rest.

First day dream

The Sleep of a child in 9 months is that takes an average of fourteen hours a day. The day the baby is divided into several intervals. Wakefulness alternating with sleep so that the baby has time to recover for the active cognition of the surrounding world. Day sleep baby in 9 months starts around ten in the morning. This time is enough to feel good. So, on average, a baby will need again to go to bed four hours after you Wake up from a night's sleep.

child 9 months crying in my sleep

It Continues to stay in the realm of Morpheus until about noon. Then the beloved child again in full force for intensive surveys all over the apartment. Usually by this age, babies are beginning to crawl and move quickly in space.

Day dream

It usually occurs within two to three hours after the main lunch. In this period think that baby is sleeping tight. The second NAP begins about sixteen hours of the day and lasts up to eighteen in the evening. As a rule, a sugar Mama has time for this time to prepare the child to eat, to wash wet sliders, even to clean up the apartment. The second day the baby sleep comes at a time when some women themselves want to take a NAP.

day sleep baby in 9 months

In fact, it is the right of every mother, like any normal person. If the person is in such need, especially a woman who is tired for chores, there is nothing wrong. In the second dream the child sleeps usually at least two to three hours.

Night sleep

It is the longest time. This is a crucial moment, which determines how it will feel the baby in General, throughout the next day. Usually, the dream child at 9-10 months of continued not less than ten or eleven. During this time, the body crumbs have time to fully recover and once again ready for active movements. Some babies night time sleep peacefully, never to Wake up and not disturb the parents cry. This is the ideal to which everyone wants to strive for.

dream of a child in 9 months 10

Other kids are constantly worried, looking for something or aggressively demanding food. Such behavior does not indicate any pathology, just a child persistently wants to draw attention to themselves. Will the child sleep and sleep, largely depends on the habits of adults. You should remember that the child always reflects the fears and doubts of adults. If she does not taught their child to eat at night, the child will sleep quietly until the morning. With the exception of cases when the baby is sick. A sharp deterioration in the physical state entails the emergence of irritability, moodiness. Poor health interferes with normal sleep patterns and happy sense of self. There are already any normal parent is not up to their own daily activities. The baby cries because it is difficult to endure the pain, fever, high temperature. Adult feels the need to help, to do all that lies in his power.

Potential problems

Despite its apparent simplicity, can be some difficulties withorganization sleep with either child's behavior. In addition, young mom and dad because of their inexperience do not always understand how should do. They have to start to learn parenting from our own mistakes. So accumulating individual experience. Let us consider what difficulties may arise.


This feature belongs more to the personality of the baby than the parents. If the child has a strong mobility, to put him to bed can be a daunting task. Even if all conditions for the organization of healthy sleep will be strictly adhered to, the baby still need to be set to rest. He won't sleep by itself, only because it was time. It is best in this case to try to avoid physical activity before bedtime. This can only hurt. It is not recommended to play it at the time, when preparing the bed, straightened the bed. Otherwise, put it will be very difficult. In some cases young parents even have to resort to the help of grandparents. Of course, their experience will never be superfluous.

A Constant change mode

If the baby is absent of any schedule of sleep and wakefulness, he can become extremely Moody and whiny. The constant change of the regime do not Bode well. The child becomes accustomed to the confusion that you can sleep to go when hit, and to just get up regardless of time. Such behavior greatly interferes with the character building, helps to ensure that there is an emotionally unstable personality.

child 9 months of shivering in a dream

In the future parents, as a rule, suddenly, they realize they have made a mistake. However, to teach a child three or four years to comply with the regime when it resisted, very difficult. That is why it is important to instill in your own child's desire for order. It will be easier for everyone. Still mode – a great thing. It provides an opportunity to develop a specific schedule and over a long period to stick with it.

The Habit of falling asleep with a parent

Sometimes mom takes baby to bed with me. Just because it's more convenient: no need to worry and every minute to follow Chad. To do it categorically it is not recommended. If the child is 9 months and cries in her sleep, adults and all have to be on duty by his cradle. Then it turns out to be such a bad situation that the baby does not want to fall asleep without the presence of his beloved mother. He may throw tantrums or cry for long periods alone. Both are extremely unwholesome mental health. Pruchase from infancy to repress emotion, he can not continue to Express them. If the child is 9 months and flinches in her sleep, in all probability, it is experiencing negative feelings. Perhaps he was concerned at the uncontrolled fears or anxiety. This is possible if the baby used to sleep in the arms of mom and then put it to bed one.

Incorrect feeding

Night dream of the child in 9 months is largely dependent on how well seasoned when making food. It is known that in any case do not overfeed the baby before you go in the crib. Small portions are threatened by the fact that the baby will be constantly worrying and whining, demanding food. Improper feeding actually can lead to the fact that the child will become anxious and irritable. The process of digestion should not interfere with recreation. That's why parents should take care in advance that the kid did not hurt. Only in this case we can speak about healthy sleep.

night sleep baby in 9 months

Thus, the norms of sleep for baby at 9 months showing how long a baby should ideally hold in his crib. If for some reason the straying mode, the result suffers the baby. Parents need to try to follow a rough schedule in advance to plan all the things so that they do not affect the health of the child. Of course, it would be absurd to follow a schedule with up to the minute. Excessive fanaticism is entirely unnecessary. It is important to adhere to the master schedule and try not to break it. Then the child gets used to a certain rhythm of life, and parents will be easier to plan your own time.

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